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Best 3 Tools to Record Minecraft Gameplay without Lags

Last updated on October 7, 2018 by Trafalgar Law

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Best 3 Tools to Record Minecraft Gameplay without Lags

When playing Minecraft video games, sometimes you probably want to record the gameplay either to simply keep a copy or to share your experience. In this article, you will learn how to record Minecraft videos on both PC and mobile devices. You can get a free trial version of the Minecraft recorder for Windows/Mac below.

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record minecraftMinecraft can be considered as a so-called sandbox game which means that in this game you can build from the available blocks anywhere, which made it very popular among the users. While you are creating your creation, you may come to the need to record Minecraft as you wish to share your creation and the way you did it with your friends. This has already been done to YouTube millions of times by the current players, who wanted to show their best practice in building. In case you want to have the same sharing, you must have at first a Minecraft screen recorder which can record all your building activity into the form of a video via capturing your screen. In this article we reviewed the best Minecraft screen recorders for you to have an easy way of overview to find the best for yourself.

Record Minecraft with Screen Grabber Pro on Windows/Mac

In case you were wondering about the best Minecraft screen recorder, you don’t need to look no further anymore than AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro. It’s the top Minecraft recorder that can capture Minecraft video with no lags. Recording in high definition is well supported so you can create clear Minecraft video for a better demonstration. Equipped with an intuitive interface, this program is quite easy to use and you can set up and start recording anything on your screen in a few clicks even if you have no experience in screen recordings.

With it, you can record Minecraft gameplay video along with voice from the system, your microphone or even both. Moreover, it lets you record any area of the Minecraft game as you can choose to record the full screen or only a specific part. Multiple output formats like AVI, WMV, MP4, FLV, MPEG and more are supported so you can save and share Minecraft easily over the internet or play on your portable devices on the go. And lastly, you can upload the video to YouTube or FTP server immediately when the recording is done. Both the Windows and Mac versions are available. Now just download the right version below and follow the easy steps to record Minecraft.

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How to Record Minecraft on PC with Screen Grabber Pro

Step1 Set the Minecraft Recording Parameters

Download and install the Minecraft recorder on your computer and then launch it. Before starting to record video from Minecraft gameplay, you can first choose the capturing mode, audio input source, output format, save directory, etc. as you wish.

starter interface of screen grabber pro

Step2 Start Minecraft and Record Minecraft Screencast

Now you can start the game Minecraft and click the Start button on the top left of the interface to start recording the gameplay video. Just play the game as usual and Screen Grabber Pro will capture all the sequences.

recording screen

Some basic editing features are provided for you to edit in real time to make high quality gameplay video. You can click the pen icon to expand the editing functions, including adding lines, circles, arrows, highlights and man more.

Step3 Finish and Save Minecraft Gameplay Video

If you want to end recording the video, you can exit from Minecraft and click the Stop button to finish the recording and save your Minecraft video. Once the video has been published, it will be save to the destination folder and will be loaded to the task list on the main interface.

finish recording screen

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Capture Minecraft Video Using Bandicam

Another recommended screen recorder for Minecraft is Bandicam, which is widely used as a gameplay recorder for its game recording mode. For the capturing options, you can either record your whole screen or just a specific area. The sounds from the Minecraft gameplay will be recorded and synced simultaneously. It allows you to save the recording as AVI and MP4 files with excellent quality. While recording games, Bandicam will display the FPS number in the order of the screen and you can adjust it if necessary. In addition, it supports a real-time drawing function that allows you to freely add lines or highlights during the recording process. After the Minecraft video has been recorded, you can upload and share it to YouTube without converting as there is a YouTube-friendly preset. There is also an option for you to take screenshots from screen so you can save the Minecraft gameplay moment as pictures. But there are some reviews from users saying that there are lags appearing in the video.

In case this solution seems to be good for your recording needs, refer to the guideline below for usage.

Step1 Download and install Bandicam Screen Recorder

First of all, visit the official website of Bandicam and download it to your computer. After that, double-click the setup file and follow the wizard to install it for the video recording task. After successful installation, run it and proceed to configure the settings as illustrated.

Step2 Configure the sound source

Next, it’s time to choose the sound source that you want to include in the recording. You can get access to the Sound tab by clicking Video > Settings to make sure that Record sound is enabled and then select the primary sound device, secondary sound device, etc. to your specific needs. You can even click Settings to select more details for the sound device.

bandicam record video

Step3 Set the video options

You can also change the video settings in order to get satisfied output video quality. To do that, click the Video tab on the main interface and then click Settings in the Format part to open the Format settings window, where you can select the video format, FPS, codec, resolution, quality, etc.

bandicam settings

Step4 Choose the area for the Minecraft game recording

Once all the settings have been set to your needs, you can then select the area that you wish to be included in your recording. There are many recording modes like Full Screen, Rectangle Area, Around Mouse, etc. You can just navigate to the tabs on the main window to choose the corresponding one. If you select to record a particular area, you will be asked to click and drag to draw that recording window.

bandicam recording area

Step5 Start the Minecraft recording

Finally, click the red REC button to start the Minecraft video recording. When the recording starts, the border will change to red. When then recording is OK, click the Stop button to end it and save it to the designated output folder instantly.

bandicam recording

Record Minecraft Gameplay with EzVid

ezid free recorder

EzVid is also a wonderful Minecraft video recorder that lets you capture Minecraft gameplay videos on your computer with ease. It’s a renowned free screen recorder for Windows. By simply clicking the Screen Capture button, you can record the Minecraft gameplay to create high quality videos instantly. What’s more, it enables you to edit your recording, insert slides, change the video speed, draw on screen and upload the video to YouTube. If you want to make a Minecraft video to share on YouTube, Ezvid will be a perfect one as it automatically creates videos with optimized settings for displaying on YouTube. This Minecraft screeb recorder also supports webcam recording so you can include yourself in the video. The drawbacks of EzVid is that it only allows recording videos up to 45 minutes and while recording the screen, you can’t customize the recording settings.

Step1 Prepare for the capturing

At the first part of the preparation for capturing your Minecraft gameplay with this tool, after downloading and installing the program, go to the interface and click on the Capture Screen button on the bottom right side which will take you to the capturing screen as the first step.

Ezvid capture screen

Step2 Adjust the capturing settings

Once you clicked on the Capture Screen button, the new window which will appear will grant you the possibility to adjust the setting to be more fine-tuned to the Minecraft gameplay recording. Here all you need to do is adjusting the different options under the Use Advanced Settings button, such as the microphone options, before you are ready to do to capturing.

advanced settings

Step3 Perform the Minecraft recording

Once everything has been set, in case you play Minecraft in a window gameplay and you wish to capture only the window, then you can click on the “select capture area” to refer to this setting, and once you have everything ready, just click on the Start Advanced Capture Now to start the actual recording. Afterwards you can just do your gameplay normally and everything will be captured for you comfortably.

choose capture area

Mobile Solutions

Minecraft PE (Minecraft Pocket Edition) is one of the most popular iOS games over the last few years. It offers as many features as the computer version of it and allows you to play it on the go on your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch. For gamers, there are always some epic moments that need to be saved. While playing the game on iPad, you may want to record Minecraft PE gameplay video sessions either to show off your achievement or share the game tips & tricks on social media websites. Don’t worry about how to record Minecraft PE as it’s extremely simple. Here the practical ways to record Minecraft gameplay video on iPhone, iPad and Android are provided. Just take a look!
So here are the top tools you can use.

1. iPhone Screen Recorder – Record Minecraft PE on Computer

iPhone Screen Recorder is by far the best option that is available when it comes to recording Minecraft PE in the most professional manner that you can. Not only does this Minecraft PE recorder offer vast flexibility, but it is designed to handle games as visually demanding as Minecraft. With this screen recorder, you are able to record your gameplay in the highest quality that is available. The only requirement when using this program is that both the computer you are using and the Apple device that you are playing Minecraft on, are both connected to the same wireless network.

You can first download and install the app on your computer and then take a look at the easy steps below. Note that no jailbreak is needed as this method is to mirror the screen of your iOS devices to computer and then record the gameplay there.

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This following steps will show how you can record your Minecraft using iPhone Screen Recorder:

Step1 Launch the application

Once you have the program loaded up, go ahead and alter the settings that are available to your own preferences. From the settings menu, you will have access to all of the tools that you need to create the best of recordings.

Step2 Connect your iPhone and PC with the same WiFI Connection

Before continuing, it’s important that you ensure both your Apple device and your computer are connected to the same wireless network.

Step3 Open the control center and connect

Next, on your Apple device swipe up from the bottom and tap on the “AirPlay” option. You will then be shown the different connections that are available to your device, select the connection which is labelled with your computers name.

Step4 Set your display

Your Apple device’s display will now be visible on your computer and you will be able to use the iPhone Screen Recorder to record the display.

Step5 Start/Finish the recording

To record, simply click on the red button, and when you have finished recording, click on the “Stop button”.

Once you have successfully recorded what you want to record, the file will be available for viewing from the file location that you had set in your settings before recording. The best part about this program is that you are able to record incredibly smooth videos without jailbreaking your Apple device or having to put up with the irritancy of advertisements! 

2. AZ Screen Recorder – Android Screen Recorder for Minecraft PE

az screen recorder for android
This program is also very capable of capturing Minecraft PE; however, it is limited to Android devices unfortunately. Similar to the iPhone Screen Recorder, the AZ Screen Recorder does not require you to root your Android device. Not only are you able to record smooth videos, but you are able to screenshot too. While this is a program that provides you with all the best recording tools, it can’t read your mind! Before you jump straight into recording, take a few moments to alter the settings that are provided to your preferences. This will ensure that you get a recording you are happy with.

3. Air Shou (iOS App) – Record Minecraft on iPad, iPhone
air shou
Air Shou is an app which is available on Apple devices and is developed for not only recording Minecraft videos on iPad/iPhone, but recording screens in general. Whether you’re looking for a program that you can use to record games, or record Facetime, Air Shou can help you out. All of the settings that Air Shou provides you with are understandably straight forward and provide you with the necessities to put together the best recording possible. Furthermore, when using Air Shou you are able to stream your recordings to Unfortunately, this application isn’t available on the Apple App Store, therefore you must have installed the Emu4ios store in order to get Air Shou. The only downside to Air Shou is that while recording, an unappealing red bar will appear at the top of your device’s display.


All the listed 3 screen recorders for Minecraft have its advantage features compared to others. Every one gives you the ability to record every move on your Minecraft gameplay. If you want more output choices so as to play and share the video anywhere you like, Screen Grabber will be the best choice. If you need free ones, you can have a try on Bandicam and EzVid.

October 6, 2018
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