Best 7 4K Screen Recorders to Record 4K Video in High Quality

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Best 7 4K Screen Recorders to Record 4K Video in High Quality

Technology has undoubtedly brought dynamic changes across the board over the last couple of decades. The use of 4K recording equipment is on an upward spiral, and it comes as no surprise given the spectacular resolution features and high-quality capabilities of 4K screen recorders. However, given the plethora of options available, zeroing in on the best 4K video recorder for your capturing needs can be a herculean task. You want a durable, reliable and efficient system, and thankfully, we’ve compiled a worthy list of some of the best you can find anywhere. In no specific order, consider these options if you are looking to cash in on a 4K screen capture program today.


solution-bandicamA Bandisoft Company product, Bandicam is one of many 4K screen capture software leading the pack for high-resolution video recording. The simple user interface makes it easy to control your records and make adjustments as desired. The software comes with the following key features.

  • Fast recording speeds and good compression rates
  • Provides 4K video quality screen recordings
  • Efficient OpenGL/DirectX gameplay and allows selection of YouTube presets for unique and high-resolution 4K YouTube videos
  • Simple user settings to control and record high definition 4K videos


snagit recorderIf Bandicam doesn’t fit the bill, consider an equally robust and efficient 4K screen recorder in Snagit. The software comes with built-in advanced editing options to make all the changes you want and also allows you to output videos in various formats. Here are more features of Snagit:

  • Save and export high-quality 4K videos and images
  • Record Skype videos or audios and Google Hangout videos in high definition 4K quality
  • Works on both Mac and Windows computers


ShadowPlayEnter ShadowPlay and take your high-quality 4K recording to another level. The software from NVIDIA GeForce allows you to stream videos over Twitch. But that’s not all. The software also comes with an additional plus; you don’t have to sacrifice your recording even when running in the background. However, you’ll want to get GTX 600 up and running before using ShadowPlay on your PC. With a decent speed and frame recording rate, ShadowPlay is surely a great option for your video recording needs.

  • Features two 4K recording options; “Shadow mode” and “Manual mode”. Manual mode recording allows you to record high-quality 4K videos for an unlimited timeframe. In contrast, Shadow mode only provides a maximum of 20 minutes of video recordings and automatically deletes older recordings.
  • Lightning 130mbps speed 4K video recording
  • Record 4K gameplay at 60 frames per second
  • Allows 4K quality screenshot capturing and upload to Facebook or Google via GeForce Experience

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

Open Broadcaster SoftwareAnother top pick for high-quality 4K recording is Open Broadcaster Software – OBS. Although the platform presents a considerably simple interface, you won’t be sacrificing key features needed to get the best recording experience. Open Broadcaster Software comes with the following features and benefits:

  • Supports 4K video recording across Mac, Windows and Linux computers
  • Provides high-performance video recording with minimal load on your computer CPU
  • Provides nimble and efficient editing process with built-in effect filters
  • Suppress noise and external interference with audio filters


4k screen recorderThis software provides yet another option for reliable high-quality 4K screen capture. However, Action is only available for Windows Operating System users, so you want to consider other options on this list if you run a Mac computer. Action is not limited to 4K quality recording as the software can take you all the way to 8K high quality resolutions. Some other features to expect from Action are given below.

  • Game capture in HD while showing FPS status during gameplay
  • Remove 4K video background during recording
  • Multiple high resolutions from 2K up to 8K
  • Slow-motion effects with high quality for enhanced 4K gameplay experience


ReadygoReadygo offers high-performance video capturing experience with user-friendly features and is considered as one the best 4K recorders. The software allows you to set up a desired recording time and lets you get things done in a fluid and efficient manner. Other features of Readygo include:

  • Free trial version that offers same high-quality 4K video
  • Start 4K recording at a specified time
  • Records multiple media; image, 4K videos and audio


DxtoryIf you are a Windows user looking for an even more versatile 4K screen capturing software, Dxtory may just be the ideal choice. In addition to getting high-quality 4K video functionalities, Dxtory comes with a feature that allows you to record multiple audio sources and make individual edits afterwards without losing the video quality, making it a reliable and time-saving option. Surely what you want if you an avid recorder. 4K video quality is matched with a frames rate of up to 120 Frames per second, ensuring you save time without losing efficiency. If you’re still looking to get started on Dxtory, here are more features to look forward to:

  • Save high-quality screenshots in multiple formats including AVI
  • Record videos without losing touch of original quality
  • Efficiently record videos with a speed of 120 Frames per second


Although not an exhaustive list, there you go on some of the best 4K video recorders around. Consider one of these and you should be all set for an exhilarating video recording experience. Whichever option you decide to go with, however, a high configuration device is key. Running on low configuration device may not allow recording in 4K, and in the unlikely event that you are able to record, the final output will be way below par to be viewed properly. So, for a smooth and worthwhile recording experience, get a matching device and get ready to have a crystal clear video recording experience using these recorders.

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