Six Simple Tools to Record 4K Sceen Resolution

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Six Simple Tools to Record 4K Sceen Resolution

4K is a type of screen resolution that has about 4,000 pixels. This is two times more, than the regular 1080p resolution which is considered as Ultra High-Definition. In the past, 4K resolution device are not common because they are too expensive. A few years later, more and more device are being equipped with 4K resolution causing the price to drop significantly. Now, the price of UHD and 4K screen are almost the same. This caused an upsurge in sales of 4K screens across the world, and made it the new standard of the term “High-Definition.” In essence, 4K resolution gives the viewers more vivid colors and a more immersive viewing experience. This is a great factor for people, especially those who likes to record their screen activities because it adds up to the clarity of the video. However, some screen recorders are limited to the usual 1080p resolution and cant capture the screen in 4K. Luckily, there are some tools that are able to capture screen activities with the same quality as with the source. Follow the list below to learn about some of the best 4K screen recorder around.

Screen Grabber Pro

One of the most effective 4K screen recorders is Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro. The tool is able to record the same resolution of the screen where it is being used. What makes this tool special is its ability to record video and audio simultaneously. Another feature it possess is it allows the user to edit the video real-time, meaning that they can enhance the video while recording is in progress. The tool have various applications to different fields, one example is for games. There are games that run in 4K quality. It is not an easy task to record a high resolution game without the right tool. That is when Screen Grabber Pro comes in, because with this tool you will be able to stream your game in 4K resolution. To learn how to install and use Screen Grabber Pro to record 4K screen in 4K resolution, follow these steps.

Step1 Download and install Screen Grabber Pro

For starters, download the installer of Screen Grabber Pro by clicking one of the buttons below. Then run the installer on your PC after download, and follow the instructions of the installation wizard.

Try it for Free

Step2 Launch the tool and select the recording mode to use

After the successful installation, run the tool to reach the main interface. From the main screen, click the drop-down button and select from the available recording modes to use. “Region” is used to select specific parts of the screen that must be included to the recording. On the other hand, “Full Screen” mode covers the entire screen area for recording.

select recording mode

Step3 Start the recording process

Once the initial setup is done, you can now start the actual recording process. By clicking the “Record” button, a three seconds countdown will begin and recording will commence once the countdown is done.

start the recording

Step4 Add annotation while recording

While recording is on-going, you can add annotations to the recording by clicking the “Pen” icon from the floating toolbar. A panel with different options will appear and from there, you can choose which enhancement to use.

add annotations

Step5 End the recording to save the video

Once you are done recording, you can save the video by clicking the “Stop” button from the same toolbar.

end the recording

Step6 Watch the recorded video

After clicking the “Stop” button, the video will appear on the “Preview Panel” and you can watch it from there. On the contrary, if you want to directly locate the saved file, click the “Open folder” button.

play the video


Next tool that is able to record in 4K screen resolution is Snagit. This is a lightweight tool that does not eat too much disk space but can perform heavy duty tasks, like recording 4K screen resolution. The tool also has a screen shot function that takes images in high-quality as well. However, the tool is not totally free to use because you would have to purchase the licensed version for unlimited access. Though only for a short-time, you can still the enjoy the full functions of the tool by using the free trial version which last for 15 days. To learn how to use and maximize the time that you can use the tool, follow the steps below.

Step1 Download the installer

To get the installer of Snagit, click the link above to open its official website on a new tab. From there, click the “Download” button and run it on your PC.

snagit homepage

Step2 Start Snagit and capture the video

After installation, start up the tool and the small toolbar will appear. From there, click the “Video Camera” icon to switch to the screen recorder. Set the right options that you want for the video from the same toolbar. Once all preliminary settings are done, click the “Capture” button.

launch the tool

Step3 Select the parts of the screen to record

After clicking the “Capture” button, the “Zoom in” cursor will appear. You will have to drag the cursor across the screen, to cover the specific parts that you want to include to the recording.

select the parts to record

Step4 Start recording the screen

When the recording area appears, click the “Record” button from the toolbar and the recording process will commence.

start recording

Step5 End the recording

Once satisfied with what you recorded, click the “Stop” button and the recording process will end.

stop the recording

Step6 Edit and save the video

After clicking the “Stop” button, the video will be transferred to the editing window. From the new window, you can watch the preview of the video and add notes if you want. To save the video, click the “File” tab and select “Save” and the video will be saved to a specific folder.

edit and save the video

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is an open source screen recorder with lots of features. Being an open source software, OBS Studio is subject to changes every now and then because users can freely make changes to the tool. OBS Studio is free to download and use, making it one of the most popular choice among screen recorders. However, the tool interface itself is not user-friendly because of the different buttons present. The tool is not advisable for beginners because they might get confused with the tool itself. Fortunately, the steps below will teach you how to perform basic 4k screen recording with OBS Studio.

Step1 Install OBS Studio

By clicking the link above, the official website of OBS Studio will open in a different tab. From the homepage of the website, click the download button for OBS Studio and install it on your PC.

download the tool

Step2 Run OBS Studio and add a scene

After installation, launch OBS Studio and from the main interface, click the “Add” button from the “Scene” column and enter a scene name.

add scenes box

Step3 Add the video source

Next step is to click the “Add” button under the “Source” column. From the list of available options select “Display Capture” to set the 4K screen as the video source.

select gameplay capture

Step4 Start recording in 4K screen resolution

Once the desktop screen appears on the preview panel of the tool, click the “Start recording” button to begin.

start recording process

Step5 Stop the recording

If satisfied with what you recorded, then end the recording by clicking the “Stop recording” button from the toolbar. The video will be saved to the specific folder assigned by the tool.

end the recording


Action Screen Recorder is another great tool that can record 4K screen resolution. The tool has a highly intuitive interface, allowing users to explore all the available functions that the tool can offer. The tool was built primarily to support 4K quality games and be able to stream the gaming session real-time. Similarly, it can also be used to record 4K screen resolution and be able to watch it on later date. The tool also allows direct upload of recorded videos to the web with its upload feature. To learn how to use Action Screen Recorders, follow the steps below.

Step1 Install Action Screen Recorder

Action Screen Recorder is downloadable from its official website. For faster download, click the link above and the download page of Action Screen Recorder will open on a new tab.

downloadl the tool

Step2 Start using Action Screen Recorder

Immediately open Action Screen Recorder after installation to reach the main interface. From the home screen, you can start by selecting the “Capture Mode” that suits your needs. Next, click the “Record” button to commence the actual recording process.

start recording

Step3 Edit while recording

Like other tools on the list, Action Screen Recorder also allows real-time editing of the video. By clicking the “Draw” button from the toolbar, you will be able to select the options that you want to add to the recording.

edit the video

Step4 Save the video

Click the “Stop” button from the recording toolbar to end the recording process. Next, close the screen recorder and the video will be saved on the PC.

end the recording

Step5 Preview the video

From the preview panel of Action Screen Recorder, you can directly watch the newly recorded video. Choose among the list of videos and click the “Play” button.

watch the video

Icecream Screen Recorder

Last on the list, is Icecream Screen Recorder that can also capture 4K screen. Whats good about the tool, is its ability to capture a screenshot record the screen activities. You literally get two tools in the form of one Icecream Screen Recorder. The downside of the tool, is it’s not entirely free, and requires the licensed version to be purchased to use it full functions. However, you can still use the tool because it has a free trial version. Under the free trial, the videos that you record will have a watermark which is kind of annoying because it is too distracting. Other than that, the tool still live up to its reputation of being a great 4k screen recorder. To know how you can record your screen with this tool, do the steps below.

Step1 Install Icecream Screen Recorder

To get the installer of the tool, click the link above and its official website will open on a new tab. From the product page, click the download button. Wait for the download to finish and run the installer on your PC.

download the software

Step2 Select the screen recorder

Launch the tool after installation and from the home screen, click “Capture Video” to start the screen recorder.

select the recording mode

Step3 Adjust the frame size

To start, adjust the frame to cover the portions of the screen area that you want to record.

adjust the frame

Step4 Start recording with Icecream Screen Recorder

Once everything is set, and you are ready to record, click the “Record” button.

start the process of recording

Step5 Make notes on the video

The tool also allows the user to edit the video while the recording is in progress. By clicking the “Draw” button, the editing panel will appear.

add annotations

Step6 Stop recording

To end the recording process, you can click the “Stop” button from the toolbar. This way, the video will be saved to the PC and later will be available for preview.

end the recording

Step7 Play the video

To watch the newly recorded video, go to the preview panel of the tool and select the video. Click the “Play” button to watch the video.

play the video


camtasia cover Camtasia is one of the excellent tools that can record any activities on your display screen, so recording 4K resolution movies is an easy task for this tool. However, it requires you to pay to use this tool’s special features fully. Although it needs to be paid, Camtasia has a free trial for you to experience its useful functions. In fact, you can do a lot of things in this tool, like enhancing your recordings by putting annotations, setting a transition, and add video effects with this tool’s built-in video editor. Also, you can save your videos in different formats like MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, and more. On the other hand, below are the steps on how to use this tool.

Step1 Download the Camtasia

First, visit the Camtasia website to get the tool by clicking the “Download” button, then proceed on installing the Camtasia by following the installation guide. After installing, launch the tool and continue recording your screen.

camtasia 4k step 1

Step2 Proceed on recording

Next, once the tool is launched, choose the video output to a full-screen view, or regional mode from the floating toolbar. Since we are recording a movie, let’s move on with the full-screen mode. Then, click on the red “Rec” button to start the recording process.

camtasia 4k step 2

Step3 End the recording

Once you are done recording the movie, you can end it by clicking the “Stop” icon button from the toolbar. You can also remove the recording by choosing the “Delete” button in case you are not satisfied with the video.

camtasia 4k step 3

Step4 Enhance the recorded video

You can also edit the video after the recording. Within the Camtasia video editor, you can see the timeline of the record, and you can cut, trim, and add transition on the video. Also, you can put annotations on the video like drawing shapes and lines, add texts, set animation effects, and more.

camtasia 4k step 4

Step5 Save the video

Finally, when you are done editing the recorded video, you can save it on your PC by clicking the “Share” icon button, located at the upper-right corner of the tool, and select “Local file.” You can also upload the videos in, Vimeo, YouTube, and Google Drive.

camtasia 4k step 5


Learning how to record screen in 4K resolution is not an easy task, since not all screen recorders support 4K. However, there are some that may not be free but can do the task perfectly. Fortunately, the tools mentioned above all pass as great 4K screen recorders and some are easy to use. This is true, especially with Screen Grabber Pro that supports 4K and even higher screen resolution. By using the tool, not only can you have a copy of your screen activities in 4K resolution, but you will be able to watch it over and over again. You can even steam it online and let others know how great 4K resolution is. This is just one way Screen Grabber Pro can be used, on top of its multi-functionality.

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