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How to download a YouTube Video from your Windows Smartphone

Last updated on December 29, 2018 by Trafalgar Law

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How to download a YouTube Video from your Windows Smartphone

There are many people today that love to play YouTube videos via their Android or iOS smartphones. They can be downloaded through a wide range of YT downloading tools on their respective stores. However, Windows devices like the Lumia 520 may encounter compatibility problems when trying to use YT downloading tools. Fortunately, there are tools that are compatible with Windows smartphones, which we are about to mention below.

YouTube Downloading App in the Windows App Store

Microsoft reappeared on the scene to offer a solid YouTube downloading the app that features several options for Windows smartphones. However, the app was quickly terminated by Google. In this report, we have chosen TubePro as the top alternative choice for downloading a YT video. You can get it from the Windows app store online. TubePro is becoming a favorite choice of many Windows smartphone users as it gives them the chance to view their channel subs and navigate through a playlist of their favorite video clips. Additionally, it lets the users download videos and keep them for future offline use. Another factor that makes us consider this as the top YouTube downloading tool for Windows smartphones, is that it’s free of charge and you don’t have to risk anything, in case Google blocks its use, as in the case of the former Microsoft’s YouTube downloading app.

TubePro tool lets you play YT video clips of high-quality and high-definition through 3G web connection or Wi-Fi signal and download free videos on your Windows phone. Therefore, pay attention to your smartphone traffic.

Download YT videos via I.E (Internet Explorer)

In case you have previously upgraded your Windows Smartphone to 8.1 version, you can then download or store YouTube videos using MS Internet Explorer. The good thing about using Internet Explorer to download YouTube videos in your Windows Phone is that you have the option to choose the quality of video you wish to download.

Step1 Go to

Go to through Internet Explorer and play the video that you want to download. Next, go to the address field and copy the URL of the chosen YouTube video. Lastly, Go to, paste there the URL of the video in its respective box and hit “Download.” Then, Wait a few moments until a download link pops up on the right tab of the video preview and data.

Step2 Choose the resolution and save

Choose the resolution and click “Save” when a dialog window appears requesting a download from you. You are all set! Once the YouTube Video has finished downloading, you can then locate it in your system’s memory or phone memory card.

Note: This method is only compatible with Windows smartphones of 8.1 version.

A single way to download YouTube Videos From Windows Phones

If you can’t download apps on your smartphone or spare a great deal of traffic to download YT videos, it is recommended that you store the videos on your computer first and then forward them to your Windows phone. Even though this sounds a bit time-consuming, if we bear in mind the requirements for downloading entire T.V episodes, this method is a good idea.

How to Download YT on Your Computer

Google will offer you several options to download YouTube video clips–but what we are looking for is something that goes beyond your typical video downloader. We also seek a video converting tool that covers the limited video formats that are compatible with a Windows phone e.g. MP4, WMV, 3GP, etc. Any incompatible file formats will simply fail to download. Still, there is a solution to this problem called: Video Grabber. This program can effectively download videos from any famous video platform and convert their format so they can be played on different devices.

Step1 Go to Videograbber and paste the URL of your chosen video

Go to the YouTube video page and enter in the field of your browser. Next, copy the video link and paste it later into the URL field of the online app. Click “Download” and this will save your chosen videos.

copy and paste the url and download

In case the video you have downloaded is not in a suitable format, press on “Convert Video” field to convert it. Here are the steps of conversion: Click on “Browse” to upload the YT video you have just downloaded. Select the output video format e.g MP4.

How To Forward a YT Video To A Windows Smartphone

The final step to download a YT in your Windows smartphone is to forward it to the smartphone. You can use ApowerManager to do this. This will let you transfer movie clips, music tracks, audio files, calls and other kinds of files from your Computer to your Windows smartphone. If you wish to learn more about the process, check the following steps:

Step1 Download and Set-Up the App on your computer

Download and set-up the app on your Computer. Then, click on it and link your Windows smartphone through a USB cable. Once these are connected, press on the “Videos” icon on top of the app’s screen. Click “Import” and transfer the videos from your Computer to your Windows smartphone.

connect your phone to your computer


These are all the available options you have to download YT videos on your Windows Smartphone. All their advantages and drawbacks are already mentioned in this report. Therefore, you can choose the one that suits you best.

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