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youtube to imovie

YouTube is one of the best platforms for sharing video resources among unlimited number of users; it can be used for business applications, educational needs as well as for fun and entertainment. We often love to make videos and then share it with friends but for this purpose our major requirement is to have best editing tools so that our video appear effective to viewers. YouTube allows users to have very interactive platform for enjoying video uploads and downloads but most of these videos are in FLV format so some people complaint that it is difficult to import these YouTube videos to edit on platform provided by iMovie. There is no doubt to say that iMovie is one of the best tools to facilitate frequent YouTube users for video editing but for those who are not aware of the needs and process of editing YouTube videos on iMovie, following information will bring a great help.

There are two types of iMovie video editing platforms available in market: the first one is iMovie app and second one is iMovie for Mac. Here we are going to talk about second one as it is one of the best solutions for beginners and it allows you to have easy controls over all aspects of your creation. This video editing tool gives you freedom to create something innovative and unique with the help of highly interactive interface of editor tool and its multiple features.

Download YouTube to MOV or Other iMovie Compatible Formats

Unlimited number of users from different corners of world love to watch videos on YouTube whereas some of these always wish to download their favorite videos and play them on their personal computer, iPad, iPod or other media devices. You can easily export videos from YouTube to MOV or MP4 and they can be well supported by all media devices; while on the other side, these formats are also supported by iMovie platform for editing. Here are few methods of exporting YouTube videos into MOV or MP4 formats:

1. Standalone Downloader App: Video Keeper

The other most preferable tool for exporting YouTube videos into MOV is Video Keeper. It provides an easy way for you to download and convert YouTube videos to iMovie supported video formats. You can simply copy and paste the video link to capture YouTube videos and then use the built-in converter to change the video format to suit your needs. Downloading YouTube playlist and batch downloading are well supported so you can grab many videos at a time. Besides YouTube, it also allows you to download videos from other popular video sharing websites, including Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion and many more.

try it on macfree trial on windows os

First of all, download and install the program on your computer and then launch it. The interface is quite friendly so you know how to save YouTube videos instantly. Just copy the YouTube video URL and click Paste URL to start the downloading.

download youtube to mov

As most of videos on YouTube are present with FLV format that is not supported by iMovie thus you have to choose MP4 or MOV as output format when using this tool. Actually it brings a professional and ultimate solution to all users to make videos compatible with any latest device including iPod, iPad or iPhones.

convert youtube to mov

2. Online Downloader App: Keepvid

If you are interested to go with this simple and effective platform then follow these guidelines:

  • Copy URL of your favorite YouTube videos on to clipboard.
  • Now go to
  • Simply paste your copies URL onto text box appearing on your window and hit submit button.
  • A link will soon appear on your screen asking you for download; click on download with MP4 option.

With these simple steps you will be able to open your files on any device and use quick editing options on iMovie platforms

Extra Tips on Downloading Videos from YouTube

Another professional solution for converting YouTube movies into iMovie supported format is to use “any video converter software”. Once you have downloaded your favourite YouTube movie into your hard drive, the above software can help you to bring these videos to iMovie compatible formats.

Guide for Importing YouTube to iMovie

Below you can find complete step by step procedure for using YouTube Movies in iMovie:

  • Step 1: Identify your favourite video on YouTube.
  • Step 2: Download this video with one of the above solutions. Mind that you need to select iMovie compatible formats which usually include MP4, MOV, etc.
  • Step 3: Once you make selection for file type then start with download process and wait for it completes.
  • Step 4: Now your file will be downloaded to your system, probably into download folder with .mp4/.mov extension. You’re advised to check the video by playing it on your computer.
  • Step 5: Open iMovie on your device and drag your video file into your iMovie project window. If you are working with iMovie 09 then you have to import this file from specified location.
  • Step 6: Add your video to existing or new event as per your requirement and you are all set to edit your video.

import video to imovie

With all these available softwares it becomes much easier to bring YouTube movies into iMovie platform without making additional efforts. We always love to edit videos in order to make them more useful but the difficult part is to have a compatible software platform between available videos and editing softwares. Above information provides complete details for using YouTube movies in iMovie platform with suitable software tools that can be easily accessed over internet. Now you can enjoy your favourite videos on your device anytime with such a healthy platform for conversion and editing.

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