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The 5 Best Tools for Converting YouTube Playlist to MP3

Last updated on June 19, 2019 by Trafalgar Law

Have you ever wanted to download an entire playlist of music videos or talk show episodes just so you could listen to them offline while travelling? The downside of YouTube is that to be able to play videos you need a decent internet connection all the time, which we know is difficult to achieve when we are on the go. Using your cellular data to stay connected can be quite expensive depending on your data plan, so pre-downloading these videos in MP3 format to your mobile device seems to be a good solution to this issue. With MP3 files you will be able to listen to your content anywhere, anytime. In this article we will introduce the 5 best tools to convert YouTube playlist to MP3 files for download.

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AceThinker Video Keeper

AceThinker Video Keeper is the program we would opt for if flexibility and versatility are important aspect to us when it comes to video downloading. Video Keeper is capable of saving videos from a vast array of streaming sites including YouTube in various formats. And even after downloading a video you can convert your file to a different format anytime using the built-in converter. Apart from being able to download videos, Video Keeper has a full-featured screen recorder included in case you would like to record your on-screen activity. Video Keeper is perfect for converting YouTube playlists to MP3 as it gets the job done in a couple of simple clicks and you only need to copy the URL of the playlist you wish to save. Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can use Video Keeper to save entire playlists in MP3 format.

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Step1 Download and install Video Keeper

Grab a copy of Video Keeper using the link provided above. After downloading the program, install it using the installation wizard. Launch the program and you are ready to go!

Step2 Set up download

In Video Keeper’s main interface, click the “Download” tab in the top menu. Now click the small video icon and set it to “Audio”. This means that whatever content you choose to download will be saved in MP3 audio format.

youtube playlist to MP3 - Video Keeper

Step3 Copy and paste video URL

Open YouTube from your browser, search for the playlist you want to download and start playing the first video in the playlist. Copy the link in the address bar on the top of your screen. Now switch back to Video Keeper and click the blue “Paste URL” button. Your link will be automatically pasted from the clipboard.paste youtube playlist to program - Video Keeper

Step4 Select videos to download

The program will now analyze the videos in the playlist and return you with a list of files that you can download. Tick the ones you want to save and hit “Add to download”. If you want to download them all, tick “Select all” before adding the videos to youtube from playlist - Video Keeper

Step5 Convert youtube playlist to MP3

The program will automatically start downloading the videos and convert them to MP3 format. You can track the progress of your downloads in the “Downloading” menu. Once a download is completed, it will be visible in the “Completed” section from where you can play, rename and convert your file.

converting youtube playlist to MP3 - Video Keeper

YouTube to MP3 Converter Online

YouTube to MP3 Converter Online is a neat little tool for saving YouTube videos and playlists in MP3 format to listen to later. From YouTube convert playlist to mp3 with only a few clicks. The program can be accessed from Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems on desktop computers and on Android and iOS on portable devices. The program provides some basic tools for customizing the audio you want to download. You can adjust the tempo, the bitrate and you can trim the file as well. You can either paste the URL of the playlist you want to download or you can search YouTube directly from the built in search bar. Here is how the tool can be used to convert YouTube playlists to MP3.

Step1 Open the converter

Follow the link in the program description to access the online converter. The main interface should look like the one in the image above.

YouTube MP3 converter app - copy URL

Step2 Copy and paste playlist link

Open YouTube in a new tab and search for the playlist you want to download. Open the playlist and copy the link from your address bar. Now switch back to the converter and paste the copied link into the given field by right-clicking your mouse.

YouTube MP3 converter - paste url to app

Step3 Download youtube playlist mp3

After pasting the link, hit the blue search button. The program will now make the first song of the playlist and the entire playlist available for download. Scroll down to the second download option to download the entire playlist and click the blue “Download playlist” button.

YouTube MP3 converter app - download playlist

YouTube PlayList Downloader

Fast, simple and easy to use are what best describe YouTube PlayList Downloader. The program is lite, taking up only slightly more than 2 MB and installs smoothly. Playlists can be downloaded in various video formats. For downloading playlist videos in high quality MP3 format, you will have to upgrade to a premium account, but if you do not want to spend any money on the process, simply use the tool to save playlists in a video format and then use an external batch converter to simply convert your video files to audio files. Below is a detailed guide on how to use this YouTube to MP3 playlist converter.

Step1 Download and install the program

You can grab a copy of the program by clicking the link above in the description. Follow the steps in the installation wizard to set up the program. Finally, launch it from your computer.

Step2 Select output format

Use the “Video Quality” drop-down list to select a format and quality for your downloaded files. To download in MP3 format, you have to upgrade your account, which you can find more information about on YouTube PlayList Downloader’s official website.

youtube playlist downloader - quality

Step3 Copy and paste video URL

Open YouTube from your browser and locate the playlist you want to download. Click on the playlist and copy the link from your address bar.

YouTube MP3 converter app - copy URL

Now switch back to the playlist downloader and click the “Paste URL” button in the top-left corner of the interface. You will now be asked whether you want to convert entire YouTube playlist to MP3. Click “Yes”.

Step4 Wait for downloading

The program will now display all the videos in the playlist and start downloading them. Wait for all the videos to download. After the download is finished you will find the output files in the specified folder on your computer.

youtube playlist downloader - paste url


Specifically designed for downloading playlists in MP3 format, MyPlaylist would definitely be the number one choice of playlist to MP3 converters were it not for its limitations. The interface is super easy to use, you can download playlists in only two clicks. Unfortunately through, MyPlaylist limits the number of videos it can download from a playlist to a maximum of 18, but if you have an extra $2 to spend on something, switching to a premium account for this amount is a great investment. Below we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to use MyPlaylist to convert playlist to downloadable MP3 format.

Step1 Open MyPlaylist online

Simply search for MyPlaylist in Google or follow the link provided above to access the tool.

Step2 Copy and paste playlist URL

In a new tab open YouTube and open the playlist you want to download. Copy the playlist link from your address bar. Switch back to the tab with MyPlaylist open and paste the copied link into the given field by right-clicking your mouse and selecting “Paste”. Finally, hit “Convert playlist in MP3”.

myplaylist-paste url

Step3 Download audio files

The program will now display a list of the first 18 videos available for download in MP3 format. Tick the ones you want to download and hit the blue download button in the top-right corner. The MP3 files will be downloaded to your computer automatically.

myplaylist-download video

4K Video Downloader

Just to complete the list, we have another installable software to show you here. 4K Video Downloader is a very well designed tool that takes no time to learn to use thanks to its intuitive and clear interface. You can easily extract the audio from the video with a single button and you can even choose from a wide range of output qualities, depending on your requirements. One limitation however that does come with 4K Video Downloader is that the free version of the program only allows you the downloading of a maximum of 25 videos per playlist, but in most cases that is enough. Here is how the tool works:

Step1 Install software

Grab a copy of 4K Video Downloader using the link provided above in the software description. Install it using the installation wizard which will not take more than about a minute. When done, launch the software.

this is 4K video downloader

Step2 Copy playlist link

In YouTube, search for the playlist you want to download and copy its URL directly from your address bar.


Step3 Paste playlist link

In 4K Video Downloader’s main menu, click the green “Paste Link” button and your copied URL will be inserted automatically.


Step4 Analyzing playlist content

The program will now analyze the videos in the playlist. This can take some time depending on the number of songs in your playlist. Be patient.


Step5 Choose output format and quality

In the options section on the bottom, use the first drop-down menu to select “Extract Audio” and in the second choose “MP3” for the quality. Under that, pick the quality of your choice for your output audio. Finally, hit “Extract” and the converted songs will be saved to the specified destination on your computer.

chooseformat and extract


Downloading entire playlists is a more complex task that not all YouTube converters are capable of but after a couple hours of research and testing we have managed to pick out the best 5 for you. YouTube mp3 converter playlist downloaders presented in the above article come with distinct features despite the fact they essentially all do the same thing. This variety provides you several solutions to try and see which matches your needs the best. Choose the YouTube playlist to MP3 converter online if you prefer carrying out tasks online and do not want to spend time and storage on installable software and pick one of our downloadable software if you are the more traditional type and prefer to have a decent, reliable piece of software at hand all the time.

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The 5 Best Tools for Converting YouTube Playlist to MP3

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