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Methods on How to Fix YouTube Videos Not Playing Online

Last updated on March 1, 2019 by Mary

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Methods on How to Fix YouTube Videos Not Playing Online

YouTube is the largest video hosting website that has been visited by over 30 million users on a daily basis. In fact, watching videos on YouTube has become a necessary part for most visitors. However, there are some instances where YouTube videos won’t play on your Firefox, Chrome, Safari or IE. Can you imagine that how awful it will be when YouTube videos won’t play at all? Fortunately, on most cases you only need the necessary troubleshooting steps to fix the YouTube not working problem. Below are some identified possible issues along with steps to solve fix YouTube video not playing.

Update Your Computer Browser

In most cases, problems with playing videos on YouTube lies on the browser that you are using, most especially if the browser that you are using is outdated. You have to make sure that the browser that you are using is always up to date. All you have to do is check for available updates of your browser online and update if there is. In any case, its updated, proceed with the next solution.

update your browser

Clear Cache and Cookies

Another factor that may affect your videos is too many temporary files on your browser. So it is also essential to clear, the cache and the cookies. Though the procedure may vary, the steps depend on the browser that you are currently using. If you do not know how to clear temporary files on your browser, crawl on the web or visit the official site of the browser. For the meantime, here is a guide from one of the most commonly used browsers which are Chrome from Google, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

clear temporary files

Google Chrome:

Step1 Locate the Browser settings

First, open Google Chrome. Then look at the upper right-hand side of the web page. Beside the address bar, there are three dots (Ellipsis). Then hover your mouse to “More Tools.” Next, choose “Clear Browsing data.”

find settings

Step2 Start clearing data

Next, make sure the “Time Range” is “All time” to delete all files from the very beginning. Then put a check mark on browsing history, download history, Cookies, and other more temporary files. Then to start the process, click “Clear Data.”

clear data

Step3 Use Shortcut keys

You can also use some shortcut keys of your computer keyboard. Simultaneously hold, “ctrl+shift+del” .to directly open the clear browsing page.

Shortcut keys

Internet Explorer:

Step1 Locate the settings

Open Internet Explorer and click the “gear icon” located at the upper right-hand side of the main webpage open. That’s beside the end of the address bar. Then hover your mouse to “Safety.”

locate settings

Step2 Start deleting

From there click on “Delete browsing history.” Now put a check mark on the section that you want to delete. Once decided, click the “Delete” button.

start delete

Mozilla Firefox:

Step1 Locate the settings

First, launch the Firefox browser and click the three lateral bars located at the upper right side of the main page. Then choose “Options.”

locate settings

Step2 Locate Privacy and Security

Next, from the page given, click “Privacy and Security,” scroll a little, then under “Cookies and Site Data” click on “Clear Data.” To erase the temporary files click on “clear.”

clear data

Update Adobe Flash Player

To get the Flash Player updated, click this link and follow the detailed instruction. Don’t miss any instructions for the proper updates. Then try playing a video from YouTube again. If it still not working, then check the succeeding steps.

Update Adobe Flash Player

Uninstall and Reinstall the Adobe Flash Player

For many, this solution works. Some jump into this step without doing the first two. Most especially if the problem lies on the Flash Player, when YouTube started to use HTML5, it requires more updates on your browser to maximize the website entirely. In any case, you do not have Adobe Flash Player, that might be the cause. However, if you have one, then you probably need to uninstall and install the latest version.

reinstall the app

Reset Connection Settings

This is one of the most common reasons why videos won’t play on YouTube. As we all know we need a reliable internet to be able to watch videos or movies. If the internet is too slow, then you cannot have a single video played on your PC. You must reset the connection by going to:

Step1 Locate Control Panel

The search panel, type “Control Panel.” From there click “Internet Option.”

control panel

Step2 Begin the Reset

Then from the pop-up window, click on “advanced” and finally click on “restore advanced settings” and “Reset.”
start the reset

Resetting your Browser Settings

You can follow the steps below to change the browser settings.

Step1 Locate settings

First, open Chrome and choose the ellipsis or three dots by the end of the address bar.

look for settings

Step2 Advance settings

Next, click on “Show advanced settings” then choose ” Reset settings.” Finally, another box will appear then click “Reset.”

advance settings

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