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Top 10 Youtube Converter for Mac

youtube converter for macNowadays more and more people have started to use YouTube for their daily activities, where many people give tips and tricks and educational podcasts and videos regarding many sorts of activities about their daily life, as well as people can learn cooking and do other things, or show their gameplay and achievements. In either way you can stumble upon occasions when you would rather capture and eventually convert the video so you can download it in the quality and compatibility that you personally desire, and save it for yourself for later offline viewing. In either way, luckily nowadays many solutions are available for this issue, the 10 of which are mentioned in this article.

Download and convert YouTube videos with Video Keeper

When it comes to downloading and personalizing the content from YouTube to have it offline according to your desire, then AceThinker Video Keeper is a well-rounded solution with many useful and comprehensive features that overall contribute to a great video taking experience. This tool is able to give you a batch downloading feature that makes it possible to have multiple downloading at the same time, while the conversion of downloaded videos into popular and widely used formats for better watching experience are also available so you can have all your relevant videos, tutorial episodes or movie parts downloaded simultaneously that will surely enhance your downloading experience.
To start utilizing this program, just try checking out this guideline below:

Step1 Download the tool

Frist and foremost it is possible that you download the tool from those buttons that are accessible below this step. After the activation of the tool, locate the videos that you wish to be downloaded.

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Step2 Do the detecting of your video

When the interface is opened after successful installation, the download of your favorite video can be done via its URL in a simply manner, as the URL shall be copied and pasted into the highlighted field directly on the program’s interface after pressing the Paste URL button, so the downloading will automatically start.

Step3 Manage the downloaded video

Once the video is downloaded, you can easily access it in the Completed side menu on the side of the interface for its management. Here you can go into the editorial section to enhance the video, or you can have a good overview about which are the ones that are downloaded and the ones that are in progress.

Step4 View our video

After the successful termination of the downloading, you can select your favorite downloaded video clip and choose the Add to and afterwards the Convert options that are accessible with the right mouse button to have them be placed into the conversion tab.

Step5 Have the convert of the video

As most videos are generally in FLV format, in case you are planning to transfer them into different devices such as mobile, there is a chance that the device is not compatible with the downloaded format so the video needs to be converted into a more compatible output. Once the conversion is ready just see your content in the Converted menu on the left side, where you can easily navigate among them.
video keeper convert video


savetube interface
Similarly to KeepVid, the SaveTube website is designed to offer great comprehensive downloading service to those who are wishing to download YouTube videos in a flexible manner where they are offered their FLV video version within no time once they start inputting their video onto the website. While the conversion supports the downloading of FLV YouTube videos, it is also possible to choose the YouTube video to be also sequentially converted into a more compatible video format such as the widely utilized AVI. Therefore the tool is very convenient to be used, however the downloading of these videos first require that you have a browser add-on installed in the first place.
In case you like the idea of using this tool, just follow these steps:

Step1 Insert URL to search bar

As the first step, whenever you visit the official page to set up the process, you have the chance to insert your beloved video’s URL directly into the search bar that is presented on the website, so that afterwards the tool will analyze the referring site and in case you set a right link, and automatically redirect you to the downloading of the clip. Afterwards, you can open the official page where you can directly insert the URL of your HD video which will be analyzed and downloaded later on via the program.

Step2 Convert as well as download the video of your choice

When you are all set with the identification of the video’s URL, on the website you can request the video based on its URL to be analyzed that will make it possible for the program to extract the link through which you can download it in high quality. Then when you have it on your PC just check the Convert button so that your video is going to be prepared and saved on your hard drive.

Save Vid

savevid online
When it comes to Save Vid it is another mentionable alternative that can be put on the list of top YouTube downloaders and converters since it is an universally applicable tool that can be accessed from any computer just by visiting its official website. The tool offers a quick service in downloading the requested video after you simply put in the video of your wish with its general URL and then select the most suitable quality you wish it to be downloaded in. Afterwards just save your video locally.
In case this tool seems to be suitable, here are the steps to follow.

Step1 Paste the desired video link

First you need to find and copy the URL of the video that you wish to pick and download directly to the Save Vid site. There just paste it in and press the Download button.

Step2 Pick the best form to download

After inserting the URL, Save Vid analyzes your input video and offers multiple quality options to download, where you shall pick the most suitable version and directly download it so that you can watch it or convert it afterwards.


download video with videograbby
VideoGrabby is again an other mentionable alternative that can be used as a YouTube converter that can easily detect the URL of any sort of online video that you past into its website, which is therefore also applicable to any sort of video that is originating from the YouTube video hosting website. Furthermore in case you have the video but not the real URL then you can use the tool’s detection feature to look for the video URL and download it afterwards which sometimes can come really handy as an alternative downloading option.
VideGrabby can be used simply by the way below:

Step1 Copy the favorite video URL

First of all the video URL is needed that you wish to have downloaded from YouTube, so just take it from the original video website address bar.

Step2 Paste the video URL for downloading

At this point go to the VideoGrabby page and press the Search or paste link here button to put the link into the page that will analyze it and you will afterwards need to click on Record Video in order to have the pop up window where you can choose where you wish to have the video downloaded.


Collect Youtube is a great video downloading website which already bears its main functionality in its name, more precisely that it has the potential to collect video files from the great and popular video hosting website itself. Although it is a free service that can be used by anybody, it is able to present very handy features such as the bulk download for multiple simultaneous downloading, among others that makes it very popular for many users.
In case you also want to experience these features, see how you can do it here.

Step1 Insert the URL of your looked-after video

First and foremost after you decide that you want to use the service of this tool, just visit the official site where you can direct find the search bar of the tool where you can input the URL of virtually any video from YouTube that you want to be collected. Then just press the Go button for proceeding.

Step2 Set downloading specifics

Once you pressed the Go button, you will experience new settings appearing on the side of your display which are able to be set in order to personalize the specifics for your download, for example the quality you wish to have and the video format in a similar manner. Once done with that, just press the Download button so your video is automatically started to be processed and then the saving will continue on your computer.


In case you want to explore other solutions that are worthy tools that can be used to efficiently download as well as convert YouTube videos without the need afterwards to watch the content which you interested about exclusively online, then you can have a look at ClipGrab, that can be also utilized as a double, sort of combination of a downloader and a video converted that is able to handle the creation of any offline video from the provided online content from YouTube.

4K Video Downloader

4k video downloader
4K Video Downloader is a simple yet very effective downloader for YouTUbe videos which are able to grab any videos of your choice from the popular video hosting site that comes in your interest. This program is special in the sense than apart from the available other tools that are on the market, this one is specifically developed in order to be able to handle downloading 4K or even higher resolution for video quality such as 8K Ultra High Definition videos, that are too massive in their size for most of the downloaders to process them properly, which gives a good competitive advantage to this solution.

Free YouTube Download

Free YouTube Download
Free YouTube Download is a tool that is beloved by many of the people due to its simplicity as well as the possibility to have a recording in a very straightforward and basic manner that can be understood by newbies and those who are not that aware of the most details of advanced video downloading and therefore look for a solution that can be easily grasped in its working logic. Therefore this solution is perfect for you in case you need a tool that can empower you to both be able to download as well as convert videos which are therefore subject to be turned into a wide range of compatible formats.

MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter for Mac

MediaHuman Youtube to Mp3 Converter for Mac is a very impressive tool to convert videos from Youtube into MP3. You can access this tool without the use of internet connection. This is one of the best choice to extract audios from your favorite videos. Aside from that, when using this tool, you can easily download a entire playlist easily and for free.

Bigasoft Video Downloader

Bigasoft Total Video Converter
Bigasoft Video Downloader is a widely useable tool that can handle many different video formats as its input but especially the program is good for YouTube videos both in regard of their downloading as well as their conversion from a wide range of quality levels. It can process even videos which are in 4K ultra high definition from default, that can be very appealing to some users who are wishing to download YouTube videos especially for watching them offline on screens which can handle such high video quality.
This tool gives you a great benefit in case you follow the instructions below.

Step1 Have your URL pasted into the tool

First of all the steps you have to download as well as install the tool on your computer where afterwards you are able to input the video of your wish, the URL of which you previously copied from the address bar. In order for having the link pasted, just click on the Paste URL button.

Step2 Download your YouTube video

After you reach this step, they you can easily proceed with clicking on the Download arrow that serves as the icon to start the downloading process, so that the website will analyze your video and it will be automatically set to the downloading queue by the program that this way does all the steps for you. Then just watch the progress and save your video in the end.


As you can see many solutions are readily here for your comfort that are able to act as a YouTube downloader and converter for any video that you wish to download in the quality and format that is the most suitable to you. However all of these tools differ to each other and you must have a good overview to see which one would bring you the most benefit. In either case we are warmly advising you to try out the AceThinker solution as one of the best of its kind for satisfying all your needs regarding YouTube videos.

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