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Reviews of Alternatives to YouTube By Click for Mac

Last updated on August 9, 2018 by Cindy Smith

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Reviews of Alternatives to YouTube By Click for Mac

youtube by click macYouTube by Click is a great application if you want to download YouTube videos and convert them very often. The results can really pay off and it all comes down to you to get the best possible experience. Nevertheless, this program is only available for Windows and there is no YouTube by Click Mac version. Actually, it can be very hard to find a similar solution that delivers a great experience and interesting results all around. With that in mind, we have created a list which gives you the YouTube by Click Mac alternatives that you might want to use right now. Some of the apps are online based and others are downloadable. Just check and find the best one you prefer.

Video Keeper for Mac - Best YouTube by Click Alternative

This is a dedicated application that delivers the ultimate YouTube to MP3 and MP4 without any problem. Not only is it designed in order to offer a very reliable way to find, download and then convert the videos you want without any restrictions. The app is also designed in order to offer you complete support for multiple file types and the conversion process as well as the downloading side are very fast, which is what matters the most.

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With this tool you can also play videos and see their quality before you convert them and you can actually transfer wirelessly without any problem, this is how dedicated the entire experience really is. The app comes with a small download, complete support for extracting audio and it can even allow you to convert between multiple formats, which is what matters the most.

Pros: Very easy to use, great interface and supports dozens of formats.

Cons: It can be a little hard to get used to all features that it offers.

YouTube in MP3 Online

youtube in mp3

YouTube in MP3 is found only online and it allows you to immediately download your videos to MP3in a matter of seconds. It features a very fast API and a simplistic interface so you just need to choose the link, paste it here and then press Download, then wait until everything is done. It might take a while to do so but the results can be more than impressive. The simplicity of this app makes it an interesting choice, but keep in mind that it does not feature any downloadable version and it’s pretty limited when it comes to the stuff you can do with it. If you do want something simple and easy to use, this is surely a great app to check out.

Pros: You can use it online without any hassle.

Cons: Lacks a downloadable client, doesn’t have any special features, can give errors.

4K Video Downloader

4k video downloader

4K Video Downloader is a really cool video download application that allows you to download a wide range of YouTube files, including channels, playlist and other important stuff to MP4 and many other formats. You also have the ability to acquire the subtitles, download videos in complete HD and you have a smart mode that allows you to modify or change download settings as you see fit, which is what matters the most!

Pros: Very easy to use and customize, HD and 4K support.

Cons: Basic and without many customization options.



Another online downloader,TubeGet requires you to choose the YouTube link and then you can select the output file which can be either video or audio, depending on your needs. The download speed is good and they even support a multitude of service providers which is a major plus. If you are interested in having a good download experience with an online tool, this is actually a good choice. It does come with a wide range of interesting mechanics and plenty of benefits, so you should totally give it a shot as fast as possible!

Pros: Simplistic and straightforward HD download.

Cons: Lacks any dedicated customization options.



Grab Tube allows you to easily download videos and audio from YouTube without any problem. It’s a good service that delivers quite an interesting set of tools, but it does come with some limitations such as the fact that you can’t download a file larger than 40 MB, so you should keep this in mind!

Pros: Online client and no download required

Cons: Limited file size, interface requires a little of getting used to

YouTube By Click for Android

video downloader android

YouTube By Click is not supposed to support Android, but if you prefer to download videos on your mobile, then you may check into alternative solutions. The Video Downloader for Android is a well-rated app on Google Play Store and can fulfill your needs on grabbing videos on mobile. Once installed, run this app on your Android and you can access its built-in browser. From here you can stream any video clip on YouTube or other sites. Moreover, you will see download option available on every video when using the inner browser. You’re empowered to add many videos into download and also check for the progress within the app’s task list.


In conclusion, there are plenty of YouTube byClick alternatives for Mac, it all comes down to choose the one that suits your needs, rest assured that the experience will be well worth it. Remember that getting a good downloader is a good investment, so even if you opt for a downloadable tool or an online one, either way you need to get access to the features you need!

February 23, 2017
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