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YouTube by Click is a great application if you want to download YouTube videos and convert them very often. The results can really pay off and it all comes down to you to get the best possible experience. Nevertheless, this program is only available for Windows and there is no YouTube by Click Mac version. Actually, it can be very hard to find a similar solution that delivers a great experience and interesting results all around. With that in mind, we have created a list which gives you the YouTube by Click Mac alternatives that you might want to use right now. Some of the apps are online based and others are downloadable. Just check and find the best one you prefer.

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AceThinker Video Keeper for Mac

AceThinker Video Keeper is a dedicated application that delivers the ultimate YouTube to MP3 and MP4 without any problem. Not only is it designed in order to offer a very reliable way to find, download and then convert the videos you want without any restrictions. The app is also designed in order to offer you complete support for multiple file types and the conversion process as well as the downloading side are very fast, which is what matters the most.

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With this tool, you can also play videos and see their quality before you convert them and you can actually transfer wirelessly without any problem, this is how dedicated the entire experience really is. The app comes with a small download, complete support for extracting audio and it can even allow you to convert between multiple formats, which is what matters the most. To use the tool efficiently, follow the guide written below for the tool’s best performance.

User Guide

  • Download Videos Using Two Features: There are two ways on how to download videos using this tool. The first one is by manually copying the link of the video. It is downloading via URL. All you have to do is to stream for the video you wish to download, play it and copy the link from the address bar. Then go to Video Keeper, by default the tool is under the “Download” tab, from there click the “Paste URL” button. The tool then will add the video to the download queue. On the other hand, the second way holds a different approach. The tool integrated an auto-detection capability wherein you can use the built-in browser of the tool to directly stream for the video you wish to download and play it. From the interface click on “Detect”. From there you will see the browser so you can just stream and watch.
  • download by detecting

    Tip: Upon installation the auto-detection feature of the tool is enabled, just in case the video is not detected by the tool, check if it is on. It is located at the bottom left side of the interface. You will know if it is on when you see “Disable Detector”. When you see “Enable Detector” then it is off. Simply click it to turn it on.

  • Check Acquired Videos: All videos acquired from both method are saved under the same tab. Just go back to download and click “Completed”. From there you can choose the file you want to preview. The tool has its own player. To see watch the video directly simply use your mouse to double click on the file name.
  • check the downloaded video

  • Convert (Optional): Also, if you want to match the format of the video to different devices when you transfer them, you can use the built-in converter of the tool to do so. You can use it to extract audio out of videos or change the format of a certain file, to match your phone or other devices. Let’s say you want to get the audio alone, just go to “Profile,” “Audio,” choose the format and quality you prefer then click “Convert” for the final touch.
  • convert the video


  • Very easy to use
  • Simple interface
  • supports dozens of formats


  • It can be a little hard to get used to all features that it offers.
online downloader


Online Video Downloader

If downloading an independent app does not suit you. Then you might be looking for a more practical way to get videos online. There are several online downloaders out there, yet not all of them can get be reliable enough. Acethinker’s Online Video Downloader was developed to meet the needs of those who are looking for a free way to download videos online. All you need is a working internet and a browser supported by the site to start using it. This tool also provides several download links to choose from. That makes it act like a converter at the same time. To start using it follow the guide below.

User Guide

  • Copy and Paste the URL: First off, you have to visit the main site to use the tool. Stream any video from any site supported by the tool and copy its link. Next, paste the link into the URL field and click the download button to initiate the process.
  • analyze video link

  • Choose a Format: Next, the tool then will show several formats that you can choose from. From there choose the one that matches your need. If you are looking for the format that is compatible with most devices then choose MP4.
  • format options for online downloader

  • Download the Video: Finally, to download the video, use your mouse to hover to the blue download button, right-click then choose “Save link as”. Select the folder where you can easily locate the downloaded videos.
  • get the video

Video Downloader for Android


Video Downloader for Android

Video Downloader by Inshot is a downloader for Android devices. We understand that not everybody can have a computer with them. So we reviewed one of the best video downloaders on your device. Video downloader has a similar concept of auto-detection of Video Keeper. It has a built-in browser to directly search for the video. It even works for those articles with videos. To get the app simply go to your Playstore and search for Video Downloader by Inshot. If you only search Video Downloader it will give you apps relevant to the name and there are a lot. Then follow the steps to be guided on how to use it.

download the video

User Guide

  • First, open the your Play Store and search for Video Downloader using the search bar. Install and launch the program.
  • Next, open any video streaming website using the built-in web browser.
  • Once the video is detected, you will see that the download button floating on the screen will become red. That means the video is detected and ready to be downloaded. If you see that it remains to be in gray color, then it is not supported to be downloaded.
  • Then click the download button to see the download link. From there click the arrow down icon to save the video on your phone.
  • Just wait until the video is finished. To check the downloaded file click on the “Finished” folder.
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Downloader Pro for iOS

Downloader Pro is another great alternative to YoutubeByClick, especially on iOS because it is available from the Apple App Store. Downloader Pro is a pretty straightforward tool because once it is installed, users can start downloading videos right away. To do so, install Downloader Pro by launching the Apple App Store and then tapping the “Get” button from the app page. Wait for the download to finish and then launch Downloader Pro once done. From the home-screen, visit a video sharing site like Youtube using the built-in browser of the tool. Select the video and then from the upper-right corner of the screen, tap the “Ellipsis” icon and the tap “Download.” The video will be added to the download queue and wait for it finish to watch the video using the same tool where it was downloaded.

check download


In conclusion, there are plenty of YouTube byClick alternatives for Mac, it all comes down to choose the one that suits your needs, rest assured that the experience will be well worth it. Remember that getting a good downloader is a good investment, so even if you opt for a downloadable tool or an online one, either way you need to get access to the features you need!

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