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10 ListenToYouTube Alternatives to Convert Video to Audio

Last updated on April 16, 2019 by Mary

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10 ListenToYouTube Alternatives to Convert Video to Audio

ListenToYouTube is a one-stop free online video converter that lets you download and convert YouTube video to MP3 audio and several more formats. You can download the video from different formats. As long as you have an internet connection available you will be able to use it to get your task completed by following the simple and straightforward interface. However, many people have encountered some problems when using ListenToYouTube at times and fail to extract MP3 from YouTube video. That’s why many people are looking for ListenToYouTube alternatives. Being that said, here are 5 of the best sites like ListenToYouTube you can try to extract audio from video online.

Free Online Downloader

If you are looking for a practical way on how to acquire videos online without spending a dime, Free Online Downloader from Acethinker is the suitable for this kind of job. It is a web-based app that can be accessed anywhere as long as you have an internet connection available. This online tool can produce several download links on different formats like WebM, MP3 and MP4. It also acts like a video converter because it can extract audios out of a video. To show the reliability of the tool, here is a simple guide on how to use the tool.

Step1 Copy and paste video link

First, go to any video streaming site and play any video you might like. This site supports hundreds of website including YouTube, Vimeo and a lot more. Then copy the URL from the address bar and use the shortcut download bar below. Supposedly you have to visit the official site to use it; since you are in this page you can maximize the shortcut tool for your convenience. To initiate the process, click the “Download” button .

Step2 Choose a format

Once the video is detected, another window will pop containing the download links in different formats. Choose the one that you need and use your computer mouse to hover and select.

Detect the video

Step3 Download the video

Hover the mouse pointer on top of the “Download” button of your preferred video format and right-click on it. From the menu that will appear, click the “Save link as” option, and the download will start.

choose a format

Step4 Convert the video into MP3

When the download is complete, turn the video into an audio file by using Acethinker Free Video Converter. Just click the button below to launch the application.

Select files to start

Step5 Save the changes

Once the video is uploaded to the tool, select the format that you want, in this case select MP3, and click the “Convert” button and select where to save the file.

convert the video

Video Keeper

main interface If those online converter does not suit you well and you are looking for more, there are several independent downloaders that can also do those for you. One of which is Video Keeper. It is one of the most flexible tools available. Everything you might need is here. It is a video downloader and a converter at the same time. It can download videos almost on all websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and other video sharing sites. All videos downloaded can also be converted into different formats by the use of the built-in converter. On top of that, the tool has the screen recording capability just in case the sites are really restrictive for downloads. To use it is very simple, follow the steps below to start using it. You can also use the download button below to start your free trial.

Try It Free

Step1 Download the video manually

You can download the video in two ways. The first one is by manually getting the link of the video from YouTube. After copying the link go to Video Keeper. Head up to “Download” tab then click the “Paste URL” button to add the video to the download queue. The video will then be downloaded.
download via URL

Step2 Download the video using automatic detection

The other way is by automatically downloading it. Through the use of the built-in browser, stream YouTube and choose the video you want to get. Make sure to play the video for the tool be able to recognize and download it. If it is not detected make sure “Enable Detector” is “On”. See photo below to locate the detector.
download using auto detect

Step3 View the download progress

Once download is in queue, check the status and progress by switching to the “Download” tab. Wait for the download to reach one hundred percent.

track the download progress

Step4 Check acquired file

To check the downloaded file, switch tabs from “Detect” into “Download”. From there look for “Completed” then look for the file that you just downloaded. To play the video double click the file.

check downloaded videos

Step5 Convert the video

Lastly, convert the video by adding the file under “Convert” tab. Click on “Profile” choose “Audio” click on “MP3” under then choose the quality of the audio. Finally, click the “Convert” button to finish the task.

convert the downloaded video

Acethinker Audio Recorder Online

First on the list is Acethinker Audio Recorder Online. As the name suggest, this is a web-based application that you can use to record audio on your PC. The tool does not need to be installed to any PC, as long as you are connected to the internet, you can use the tool. Unlike most recorders, this tool can provide high quality recording because there is no background noise be wary of. That is why it makes a great ListentoYoutube alternative. To learn how to use the tool, follow the steps below.

Step1 Launch the tool

To launch the tool, simply click the button below. For first time users, you will be required to install a web launcher for the tool. The launcher is small in size and won’t take a couple of minutes to install.


Step2 Record the audio

Once the tool is launched, switch tab, and play the video that you want to record as audio. Switch back to the tool, you can toggle the volume by clicking the “Volume” icon at the left side of the screen. The “Preview Panel” button is located on the right side of the screen. This is the button that you click when you want to see all the recorded audio on the tool. When all is set, click the “Record” button to start.start recording

Step3 End the audio recording

Once the video stops playing, click the “Stop” button to end the recording process. The audio file is available to listen to from the “Preview Panel” of the tool.stop the recording

YouTubetoMP3 by Telecharger

YouTubetoMP3 is very easy to use tool to convert videos to mp3 format. Aside from the fact that it is for free, it is also compatible with all PC platforms. All you need to do is to access the website using your browser on your Laptop, Tablet and Mobile Device provided that you installed a browser on them. The tool works a little different from the other tools mentioned, each click adds a new tab so, and you have to make sure that you are looking at the right site. To start using it, here is a simple guideline on how to use the website.

Step1 Visit the official site

Visit the website to start using it. Prior to it, make sure that you already copied the link of the video that you wish to convert.

copy the link of the video

Step2 Search for the video

Then, paste the video link into the URL bar. To initiate the download, first, click the “Search Button”.

paste the video link

Step3 Choose the file and download

Choose the file that is supported by your phone and click the download button to get the file.

download the video


Convert2MP3 is another reliable tool when it comes to converting videos to MP3 format like ListenToYouTube. You can use this site without worrying about malware that will affect your computer. Moreover, you can download videos not only from YouTube also, but Dailymotion and other video sharing sites are also supported. The tool has a very smooth process even none tech savvy can follow through it. You can give lit try by following the following steps below.

Step1 Visit the official website

Go to the Convert2MP3 website and copy and paste the video link that you wish to convert.


Step2 Choose format and convert

Choose a format by setting the format to ” MP3″ and click “Convert” to initiate the process.


Step3 Download the video

Once the process of converting is done simply click the “Download Button” as shown in the picture.

get the converted file

Free Online Converter by Amoyshare

The ListenToYouTube alternative on the list is Amoyshare Online Converter . It is also easy to use tool to convert files in no time. The tool has a free version which is the web version and a pro version that you need to download on your PC. Well, the fact that the pro version is paid that means you will get more features compared to the free one. However, if you are looking for a practical way to convert videos to audio you can use their free web-based tool. Just like the previous tool mentioned, you have to get the URL of the video to get it converted. Not only it can convert a single video, it can also convert multiple videos at the same time. A good example there is a playlist from YouTube. Here is a simple guide to help you with its usage.

Step1 Paste the video link

Go to its official site then, paste the link of the video you want to convert. Click the “Search” icon represented by a magnifying glass to initiate the conversion.

Step2 Download the video

Once the conversion is done it will give you two options below that will give you the option to “Download” or “Play” the converted file.

convert start

Youtube to Audio

YouTubetoAudio is another alternative to ListenToYouTube to convert videos to mp3.It is one of the fastest online converter services that most people use. As the name implies, you can just simply use the URL link from YouTube to get the video that you want to download. Just like the previous tool mentioned, the audio quality produced by this downloader is also good. On the other hand, you may find that some links won’t work because of its limitations. As the website promised it will keep updating and expand the service in time.

Step1 Go to the official Website

Go to the official website then copy the video that you want to convert.
copy the link of the video

Step2 Start the convert

Paste the link into the URL bar given on the website. Next, choose the audio quality by clicking the dropdown below the URL bar. Once done, click the “Convert to Mp3 button”.

paste the video link

Step3 Download the video

After the video is processed it will give you a download link below to get the video. Look for the hyperlink that says “Download”.

fetch the video


Last on the list of great ListenToYouTube alternatives, is YTMp3. This site offers the basic function of converting YouTube videos into MP3 files, and be able to download them for free. Like other tools mentioned, the quality of the audio depends on the video that you are using. This is an online tool, which means that you don’t need to download and install anything on your PC. The only requirement, is to have internet connectivity since this is an online tool. Follow the steps below to learn how to use YTMp3 to convert YouTube videos to audio files.

Step1 Copy the URL of the video

On a web browser, stream YouTube, and search for the video that you want to convert. Next, copy the URL of the video from the address bar.

copy the link

Step2 Paste the URL to the converter

Open a new tab, and go to the website of YTMp3, or simply click the link above. Now paste the URL on the space provided and click the “Convert” button to start the conversion process. Depending on the file size, the conversion might take sometime.

paste the video link and convert

Step3 Download the converted file

Once the conversion is finished, a download link will appear. Click the said link to download the newly converted audio file on your PC.

download the audio file

Online Video Converter

Mainpage of online converter The free online converter is indeed one of the most helpful tools when it comes to your video converting need. The tool has gained a good reputation in providing free service to people without having to worry about malware. It is a safe, fast and reliable tool that can convert videos on formats you might need. What makes it stand out from other tools is not only it converts videos to MP3, this site also allows you to download videos and screen record your desktop without having to pay a dime for the usage of the tool.So far many visitors and users of the tool give good feedback of the service it provides. However, in spite of the good points this tool posses, some limitations are also present since it is for free. You can only convert videos with a duration of 30-min. long video, more than that the tool won’t be able to convert the video. Still, the tool remains one of the most recommended one. Also, if you want to try the tool you can check t he step by step procedure written for you below.

Step1 Copy the link of the video of the target video

Prior visiting the web page of the tool, you have to copy the link of the video from the target video source that you wish to download. That is if you are going to directly convert a video from the website. If ever the video is downloaded already, you can also convert the video. Continue with the next step by reading below.

copy the video link

Step2 Paste the link of the video

Now, visit the official website of the tool of the tool and choose the necessary option you need. If you will convert a file from Twitch, choose “Convert a video link”. On the other hand if the file is already downloaded, choose “Convert a video file”. Both are converters but we will focus more on the link converter. So this time we will choose “Convert a video link”. Next, paste the copied link to the link field given on the site.

convert the video

Step3 Convert and download the video

This time choose the format necessary, click the drop down, under audio, click on “MP3”. To start the conversion process click on the “Convert” button and wait until the conversion process is done. To save the video on your PC, click the download button. The video will be saved under your “Downloads” folder. Head to the said folder to preview the converted file.

download the video


convertio main website page Convertio is not your typical free online converter. It is one of the most versatile existing on the web. Not a lot of people may know about this site, but it has a greater feature compared to others. This online tool can convert videos to different formats including MP3. Since it is the most common format many people ought to use it. Aside from that, it can also transcribe videos to JPG and Word docs . On top of that, you can convert files coming from your computer or get it directly on your Google Drive. Meanwhile if you want to check out more of the tool, check the following:

Step1 Copy the link of the video of the target video

Just like the previous procedures, you have to go to video streaming site and copy the link of the video.

copy the video link

Step2 Paste the link of the video

Next, go to Convertio, from the red box choose “URL”.

copy the video link

Another window will pop where you can paste the link of the video.
paste the link

Step3 Choose the MP3 format and convert

This time, choose the format needed by clicking the drop down menu beside the link, under the audio section click on “MP3”. Now click on “Convert” and the tool will start t he process.

choose MP3 and convert

Step4 Download the converted file

Once the converting process is done, a download button will appear. Click it to get the MP3 file saved on your PC.

download the video


With the tools mentioned above, there will be no problem whenever you want to record YouTube videos into, audio format. This is true especially if your are using Acethinker Audio Recorder Online, a simple and reliable tool to record audio from your PC. With its high quality recording output, people will think that it is a downloaded audio file. Whenever you need to record something, you can always use the tools above.

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