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How to Find and Download YouTube Full Movie

Last updated on November 9, 2018 by Mary

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How to Find and Download YouTube Full Movie

YouTube is by far the leading video sharing site where you can find almost all types of videos, including full length movies. YouTube also added another feature, which is “YouTube Movies”. Here you can find full-length movies available for purchase. However, if you prefer the free ones, simply type the movie name whom you want to watch, and then they will be listed from the answer bag if it is present. Furthermore, you might want to share these movies with your friends or family. Allow us to help you obtain a copy by the use of the most reliable downloaders online. Without further a due, here are several ways on how to download YouTube full movies.

Video Keeper - Download Movies from YouTube and More

video keeperThe first YouTube movie downloader on the list is a desktop downloading software – Video Keeper. It well supports download movies and videos from YouTube and other popular video sharing websites. Moreover, the developer added extra features like screen recording and converting capability. That means everything you might need is all in one tool. This is not your typical downloader, because of the auto-detection feature, downloading videos has never been easier. Can’t wait to try it? Allow us to walk you through on how to use this tool. Below is the step by step procedure.

Step1 Download the Application

Use the download buttons below to get the application then start the setup wizard by clicking the package downloaded. Configure the tool accordingly until the application is launched.

Try It Free

Step2 Copy the Link of the Video

Next, go to YouTube and search for a movie. After that, copy the link from the address bar as shown in the photo below.

copy the video link

Step3 Paste the Link of the Video

Go to Video Keeper next, then click the “Download” tab to see the “Paste URL” button. You have to click it so that the copied link will be pasted. From there the video will be downloaded. You will see the progress of the download from the same tab also.

paste the video link

Step4 Check the Downloaded Video

Finally, to check the acquired video, look for the “Completed” section, click it then look for the file name. To play the video using the built-in player, double-click it using your mouse.

check the downloaded video

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Free Online Downloader - Download YouTube Movies for Free

FOV websiteSecond on the list that you can use to download movies from YouTube is Free Online Downloader by Acethinker. This tool is a browser and internet dependent. That means you don’t have to download any software on your computer. You can use this online downloader for free. Acethinker Online Downloader is like a free version of Video Keeper minus the screen recording feature. The tool can also use links to get videos online just like Video Keeper. Instead of downloading the video ahead, the tool provides video formats to choose from. So, you can have a variety of options prior to the download. To use this tool is simple. Check the instruction below to get started.

Step1 Copy and Paste the Video Link

First, search for a movie by going to YouTube. Search any movies you might think about. Once decided, copy the link from the address bar and paste it to the download bar below. To initiate the download click the “Grab Video” button.

Step2 Choose a Format

Wait until video is recognized. The tool will give you several formats to choose from once it is detected.

Choose a format

Step3 Download the Video

Once decided which format to download, hover your mouse to the “Download button”. Right click on your mouse then choose “save target as” to save the video to your hard drive.

Save the video Link


savido site Savido is similar to Acethinker Online Downloader. It provides the same service, function, and feature. They only differ in speed and sites supported. Compared to this tool, Acethinker Online Downloader can support more sites for download. What is good about this site is that it acts as a video portal, you can also find videos in different genre including Korean Dramas and adult film. However, you may find the pop-up ads annoying. For each click, adds a new tab for the advertisement. But performance wise, its one of the recommended ones.

Step1 Copy the Video Link

Go to YouTube and search for the movie you want to download. Use the shortcut keys on your keyboard to copy (Ctrl+C) the link of the video.

copy the video link

Step2 Paste the Video Link

Paste the copied link into the field given from the website. Then click the download button beside it to initiate the download.

paste the video link

Step3 Choose a Format

Once the video is detected, you will see a list of format available for download. Choose one that suits your needs and device.

choose the video format

Step4 Download the Video

To acquire the video, hover your mouse to the “download” button, right click and find “Save target link as”. Finally, wait until the video is downloaded. To locate the file go to your drive C. Look for the “Downloads” folder to see the file.

download the video


keepdownloading site KeepDownloading is another online free downloader that allows you to download full length movies from YouTube. Download anytime you want as long as you have a browser and internet available. Technically Acethinker Video Downloader and Savido. So if you know how to use the previous tool mentioned then this is just a piece of cake. They have the same procedure and features. Moreover, this tool is best with Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, and other social networking sites. To start using this tool follow the simple steps below.

Step1 Copy Video URL

Just like two previous online downloaders, you need to copy the link of the video you are trying to download.

copy the video link

Step2 Paste URL to Download Video

Next, visit the official website of KeepDownloading and paste the copied video link to the bar given on the website.

paste the video Link

Step2 Select a Video Format

Once the video is detected, choose the format suitable for your device. If you prefer a higher resolution choose for a format that is universal for all types of device like MP4.

choose a format

Step3 Download the Video

After deciding which file to download, use your mouse to hover around. Point your mouse to the format chosen, then right click on your mouse. Finally, pick “save target link as” to get it.

get the video

How to Search for Movies on YouTube

Prior the search, make sure to create an account first. Though it is not necessary because you can browse even without an account. However, there are certain limitations when you did not create an account. Registering is free anyway, so why not take the time and make the most of the site without any restriction. Get started here.

Step1 Search for the Channel Name/ Movie Title

After creating an account start the search by typing the subscriber’s name or search for videos you might be interested in. From the given list, choose the name of the subscriber. You can also use the keywords like typing the name of the movie directly. Notice that results include the paid and free ones. If you want the free one, just keep on scrolling until you find the best one.

search for the movie title

Step2 Browse and Subscribe

To get updates every day, subscribe to the uploader’s channel so you can monitor what are the videos or movies being uploaded. To see all videos uploaded by the channel owner, click the name located at the bottom left side of the video playing. Click the red “Subscribe button” to get daily updates.

browse and subcribe

Equally important to this is the ability to get videos in this site. Lately, copyright issues have been all around the net because of unauthorized downloads, so YouTube decided to restrict some online downloaders to get videos from the site. That means not all work with YouTube anymore. That is why we collected some of the most effective downloaders available.


To sum it up, to find and download full movies on YouTube is easy. Almost all video’s genres are available to view. Though not all downloader works with this site for download, there are still a few that can. All mentioned tools were helpful and safe to use. Most of them are free so, you can just try them as you please. However, if you are looking for a tool that can do more than a download on YouTube, try Video Keeper. It’s always better to have a reliable tool wherever and whenever you need it.

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