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How to Download Multiple YouTube Videos

Last updated on January 23, 2019 by Mary

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How to Download Multiple YouTube Videos

These days streaming videos on YouTube became a trend. Since this site allows users to share and see other people’s contents. Most people group their favorite music videos or movies on into a Playlist. That way it is easier for everybody to find videos they always wanted to watch. Furthermore, a lot of people tend to download videos here. However, not all video downloader can fetch videos from a YouTube Playlist. Only a few of them can support download in bulk. That is why we have listed some of the best tools that you can use to download multiple YouTube clips.

Video Keeper

One of them is Video Keeper. It is a professional tool that can download videos from hundreds of video sharing sites. This tool has the ability to get multiple videos at the same time. To be more specific, a maximum of 20 videos being downloaded simultaneously. In the same way, downloading a playlist from YouTube is possible and easy for the tool. Though downloading videos online is the tool’s specialty, a screen recording capability, and a converter was also infused to meet your every need. Moreover, if you want to try the credibility of the tool, you can use the download buttons below to get the app and start your free trial.

Try It Free

After downloading the app, follow the installation process until the app is launched. Although you can access the tool without registering an account, it is still recommended to register an active email address to start your free trial. That way you can fully maximize it. For the meantime, follow the guide written below for best downloading experience.

Step1 Download a Playlist

Download a playlist by copying and pasting the video link of the target Playlist from YouTube. All you have to do is open YouTube on your browser and copy the link of your playlist. Next, go back to Video Keeper. Under the “Download” tab, hover your computer mouse to “Paste URL” button and click it. Another window will then pop confirming the videos you want to get. Click “Select all” to download the entire playlist. Just wait until the video is downloaded.

download a playlist

Step2 Download a Single Video

To download a single video, you just need to copy the link of the target video, and then click the “Paste URL” button. The video then is added to the download queue.

paste video link

You can also use the alternative Playlist downloader under the same tab. Beside the “Paste URL” button, there is another download spot where you paste links in batch. This “add batch URL” button.

Step3 Download videos using the auto-detector

The other way is known to be “automatic download”. That is because the tool does all for you. You just need to go the “Detect” tab of the tool and use the built-in browser to directly visit YouTube. From there, play the video and the tool will detect and download the video for you. You also have the option to click the “Download” button at the bottom right side of the video being played.

download using auto detector

Step4 Check acquired videos

All videos downloaded by the too are compiled under “Download” tab then look for “Completed”. If you want to play the video directly for preview, just double click the file name and the built-in player will play the video.

check downloaded file

4K downloader

The other tool that you can use to download YouTube playlist is 4K downloader. This tool established a good reputation when it comes to downloading software. It is one of the most reliable tools there is. Aside from the user-friendly interface of the tool, it can produce high-quality videos. Similarly, it can download Playlist on YouTube. However, compared to Video Keeper this has lesser feature offered. It is basically a downloader. Yet it is a good alternative for this need. To know how to use the tool, follow the guide below.

Step1 Visit the Official Site

First visit the official site of the tool and download the App. Afterward, install the app and launch it.

official  site of 4K

Step2 Copy and paste the video link

Next go to YouTube and find the playlist you want to download. Next, go to 4K Downloader and look for “Paste link” button.

paste the video

Step3 Parse the video

A notification bar with then appear, click the “Download Playlist” to parse each video. Just wait until they are ready to be downloaded.


Step4 Download the video

Once each video is detected, choose the format and quality of the video. Finally, click “Download” to acquire all videos.

download the video

Gihosoft TubeGet

Last on the list is Gihosoft TubeGet. This tool also has the capability to download a playlist from YouTube. Compared to 4K downloader, this has wider sites supported. Also, it has the ability to provide download links in different formats and quality. The process of the download is easier and simpler. Even a first time user won’t have any trouble using the tool. It also acts as a converter because you can download the video in MP3 format. To use the tool simply follow the simple guide below.

Step1 Copy the link of the video

First go to YouTube and look for the playlist you have created or someone else’s playlist. Next, copy the link of the video from the address bar.

copy the link

Step2 Paste and Download

Another window then will pop where you can choose the format of the video and browse where to save the file. Once decided, click the “Download” button to fetch the video.

Download the video


All tools mentioned above are all premium downloaders. That means you have to pay for a reasonable amount. But you can try the free trial to see which one will suit you the most. On the other hand, if you are going to compare all of them, Video Keeper offers more features compared to the other tools. If you have comments and suggestions regarding the tools or process please leave us a comment below.

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