Best 5 YouTube Video Downloader for Mac

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Best 5 YouTube Video Downloader for Mac

Tagged as the 2nd most visited site all around the globe, YouTube continuously surpasses other video streaming sites. For a decade this has been a platform regarded as the number one choice when it comes to watching video content in any genre. The site has more than 7 million visitors every day and counting. People in this community call their pages as “Channel.” A person subscribes to the site can upload, share, and watch freely without paying for it. Also, the more subscribers you get, the more opportunity for you to earn. You can now view and earn at the same time. On the other hand, not all the time the internet connection can be available, better to save the videos you watch for offline viewing. As we all know, you can keep videos for offline viewing through the app itself. However, you will only be limited. The fact that Mac supports limited apps for downloading makes it even more difficult. That is why we listed some of the apps that can help you get videos straight right on your PC.

Review of Apps

AceThinker Video Keeper

The first Mac downloader on the list is Video Keeper. It is professional software that works perfectly with Mac and Windows PC. Through this innovative downloader, you can get videos by merely using the direct URL of the video. Also, the tool incorporated a new feature where you can directly visit the video platform, and use the auto detection feature to easily fetch the video. Being that said, that ability allows download multiple videos at the same time. The tool has more to offer, you can know more about the tools by checking the official website of the tool. For the meantime here is a guide that you can follow to better understand how the tool works.

Step1 Download and Install the app

You are supposed to visit Acethinker’s Official Website to download the application. However, since you are in this page reading about his, you get to click the download buttons below to save the installer on your PC directly. Do not forget to diligently follow the setup wizard when installing. Choose the Mac from the buttons below.

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Step2 Download videos via URL

Downloading videos by getting the direct link of the video is now possible by use of the manual downloader of the tool. All you have to do is stream a video from YouTube and copy the direct link from the address bar. Then, go to Video Keeper and click the “Paste URL” blue button. All you have to do now is to wait until the video is downloaded.


NOTE: Another and much easier way to get videos is by using the auto detector built-in on the tool. Along with that is a browser where you can directly stream for the video. From the main interface of the tool, go to “Detect”. From there, search for YouTube. Play the video chosen and turn on the detector. It is located at the bottom left side of the interface of the tool. Click the “Enable Detector” to turn it on. The video then will be downloaded in no time. Remember that the speed of the download depend on the speed of your internet.

Step3 Check the acquired file

Lastly, all videos downloaded from the tool are saved under “Download” then “Completed” located at the left panel. From there you will see the list of each videos downloaded from both “Download” and “Detect” tab. To play the video, just use your computer mouse and double click the file name. See picture below for exact location.



Youtube Downloader is a Web-based downloader that works both for Mac and Windows devices developed by GreenTree Application. If you are looking for an easy to use the app to download videos from YouTube, this is the perfect tool for you since it is built for this function. At first, peek of the tool it may look like the ordinary downloader but if you will get to try the tool it has more to offer. Aside from downloading, it can also be a converter that can change the video format to the most commonly used by many. When it comes to getting videos online YTD popular because it is for free being that said you have to bear with several advertisements because it runs with the support of Ads. So, if you want to fully maximize the tool to its maximum feature register for a premium version.

Steps on using YTDownloader:

  • Visit YTD official website to download the application. Simply follow the set-up wizard to install the application.
  • Launch the application and go to your favorite website, copy the link of the video that you wish to download. Make sure to be on the “Download” Tab to see the URL box.
  • You will see the status of the download right away. Once done, just double-click the file to play.
  • Once the download is complete, you can switch convert the video that you just downloaded to match the device that you are using.
  • You can now transfer any downloaded video to any device that you prefer. To convert simply switch tabs from “Download” to “Convert” then choose the blue folder button to get the file that you want to convert.
  • For the final touch click the “Convert” button.
MacX Youtube Downloader

MacX Youtube Downloader is another tool for Mac users to download videos online. This supports download from different community sites and other video and audio sites like Liveleak, Linda, Instagram, Vimeo etc. What is good about this app is that it supports high-resolution video download from 8k, 4k, and 2k down to 1080 and 720p screen resolution. Just like Video Keeper who incorporated “Detect” feature, MacXYoutube Downloader also contains this feature that detects the video automatically via the opened browser. Another feature that you have to look forward with this tool is that when you add or download videos using this tool, all audios are added directly on iTunes. Here is a Simple guide on how to download videos using this tool.


Quick guide on using MacX Youtube Downloader

  • Visit the official website of MacXYoutube downloader and follow the step by step procedure provided.
  • Copy the link of the video that you want to download and paste it to the URL bar by pressing the “blue button” that says “Paste and Analyze.”
  • Once the video is recognized, the tool will give you list of file format.
  • Once you are decided simply put a “Checkmark” beside the file format. Next, another window pop-ups at the bottom right-hand side of the interface.
  • For the final touch click the blue button that says “Download” to initiate the download.

5KPlayer Second to the last tool to download videos is 5KPlayer. This too works the same with the previous tools mentioned above. You can also download videos using this tool on YouTube, DailyMotion and more sites. What is interesting about this tool is that you can directly send downloaded videos on your TV via Airplay. Moreover, the interface has built-in equalizer and tuner that you can use to personalize audios. Aside from that, it can also convert downloaded videos easily.


IGetter Downloads

Another Mac downloader that you can use it IGetter Download by Presenta. It is a software that can download videos and accelerate the speed of the download. Aside from that it can resume a broken download and can filter the queue according to criteria. Also, you can manage your downloads according to which is essential or priority by pausing and resuming the download. This way you can prioritize which needs to be downloaded first. As mentioned above, this tool can accelerate the speed of the download by Segmented Download. By making various connections to the server, the speed of the download will improve. Lastly, you can schedule a download if the queue is full to do the download.


When choosing a YouTube video downloader, there are several criteria to look at before diving right into it. Criteria you should take into consideration before choosing a video downloader are performance, processing speed, output file format, output quality, etc. The above mentioned tools are all great for downloading YouTube videos on Mac and you just simply have to find the one that best suits your needs. In our opinion, AceThinker’s Video Keeper is the one that even stands out among the above listed 5 highly efficient tools due to its intuitive interface and versatile set of functions.

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