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10 Best YouTube Podcasts Online

Last updated on April 11, 2019 by Mary

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10 Best YouTube Podcasts Online

Featured ImagePodcast is a new generation of digital audio, video and PDF distribution through the use of the Internet. This way, a certain subscriber gets an update and access directly on his computer. The content of the podcast depends on the broadcaster. Though it is a great way for the listener and the broadcaster to listen and share great contents online for free. These days Podcast is getting popular as it makes it easier for its users to get the latest episodes of their favorite Podcast. That being said you need software that directly downloads each episode and subscribe to get daily updates. There are several popular Podcasts like BBC radio and a lot more. Today we will look at some of the best podcasts on YouTube that you might be interested with.

Meghan Tonjes and Keith Battista's Adventures in Roommating

Meghan Tonjes and Keith Battista are your dating guru and serve as your mom and dad who can give you advice about life, relationship, friendship, and online dating. If you like to hear some up lifting messages and encouraging words about how to live life with no regrets, this is one of the best mentors you can listen to. Both of them are cool and funny. They humorous personalities makes the program really catchy and entertaining. Thus, you will never get bored the entire show. It is like a talk show but an audio version of it. So if you are too busy to sit in front of the television, you can just listen to them while on the go, or while doing other stuffs.

Anna Akana and Brad Gage's Explain Things To Me

anna-akana youtube channel If Meghan Tojnes and Keith Battista’s are your life guru, Anna Akana and Brad Gage are your guides to a successful career hunting. They talk about tips on how to impress the interviewer during the interview. In a way, their motive is to educate people and boost their listeners confidence to take a step forward towards their goal. By providing list of Do’s and Dont’s you will learn how to succeed in the field chosen by you. Furthermore, aside from personal advice about life these two also talks about some educational stuffs like fossils and comic books. Digging the world’s existence and discovering new amazing stuffs about our planet.

The Vlogbrothers' Dear Hank & John

Vblogbrothers Youtube channel Brace yourself for not your typical question and answer portion. When you listen to Dear Hank & John think about all possible questions that you might ask. They do not have specific topics to talk about. They just answer question thrown to them. They do live broadcast and read comments of their viewers who are watching. Just like a regular talk show you see live. However, this is not scripted. Questions are random and unexpected. These two are also persuasive, that you might not have any intention of listening to them, but as you hear them speak you unconsciously drawn to them. These two are hilariously good speakers that will get you really into them.

Mike Falzone and CoffeeGirl (Zoja)'s Welcome To Our Podcast

Mike-Falzone-and-CoffeeGirl youtube channel Mike and Zoja make you want to reminisce the time you spent with your old friends. As you look back at your past and remember those people whom you have shared your memory with. Just by listening to them, you will feel the need of spending time with your friends just like the old time. These two are very persuasive. Their stories about the past are something you can relate with. At first you might not have any intention of listening to them, most especially if your not that sentimental type. But when you started to listen to them, you will surely desire to listen to them again.

Ingrid Nilsen and Patricia's Ladies Who Lunch

Ingrid Nilsen and Patricia’s Ladies Who LunchThese two beautiful ladies Ingrid and Patricia will take Podcast into the next level. You can lay everything on the table, and they fearlessly answer them. Just throw all questions from any aspect or category of life like a relationship, food, and society, they will just go with the flow and answer them. They are fearless women of this generation. Talking about sensitive topics like sex, issues around the globe and more is their specialty. From a woman’s point of view of course. They are like the counterpart of Hank & John.

Pewdiepie's BroKen Podcast

Pewdiepie's BroKen Podcast Youtube Channel This is amusing. This will satisfy your cravings for mysteries of the astronomical features of all the planets and universe itself. If you are curious enough to learn more about astronomy, this is the channel to be. This Podcast is very informative. Aside from the fact that they are good speakers, it is like educating your self on something that you can only get from formal education. So listening to him is like studying for free.

Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig

Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig youtube channel Grace is not your typical girl. If you are not emotionally prepared, then don’t listen to her in public. She literally will talk about anything under the sun. She loves to tell about poop stories. So if you are not strong enough to handle that, this might not be for you. This Podcast is wild and liberated. Most of the time you will hear her say inappropriate words for others to emphasize some words. That is her style of getting her listeners buy-in.

Kingsley and Miles Jai's #deceased

Kingsley-and-Miles-Jai's Youtube channel Say hi to all the Gossipers out there! These two will make you crave for more information about your favored celebrities. Kingsley and Miles Jai’s #deceased will debunk and talk about your preferred celebrity scandal and craziest showbiz news. This podcast is all about your Asian or Western favorite celebrities news scandals and opinions. It is a good form of entertainment most especially to those who wanted to get a doze of entertainment daily.

Jenna Marbles and Julian Solomita's titled Jenna Julien Podcast

Youtube channel Jenna If you are looking for a “By the Book” this one is definitely not the one. These two usually make live broadcast unrated, at times drunk but hilariously funny. It is more of a real talk. Although you might not find that inappropriate, you can still find something really interesting in them. They talk about real stuff without pretensions and words are not sugar coated.

Shane Dawson's Shane & Friends

Youtube Channel  ShaneSimilar to Marbles and Julian Solomita’s, Shane Dawson’s Shane & Friends is probably the most unfiltered broadcast all throughout the entire broadcast. With his co-host Jessie Buttafuoco it will be an endless shockingly bad story.Jenna Julien Podcast us unrated, but this is on a higher level. Yes! Their topics are not ordinary. They are always bold and and unfiltered. So if you have a strong personality this is worth your time. Real talks for real situation.

Download YouTube Podcast on PC

As mentioned a while ago you need software to download episodes of Podcast on your computer. Video Keeper will be a great help. It is a handy YouTube Podcast downloader that you can use to download whatever you need from YouTube and other video sharing websites. This tool is developed to help you download videos from different Podcast Broadcaster where ever site they might be hosting. Most free Podcasts are on YouTube, so that means it’s much easier for this tool to get the latest episodes with no problem. On the other hand, to get started with the tool click the download buttons below and follow through the instruction given below it.

Try It Free

Step1 Download by using the link of the video

After downloading the application, install and follow the installation process until the app is launched. Next, to start the download, copy the link of the Podcast. Then go back to Video Keeper and head up to “Download” tab. Click the “Paste URL” afterward to initiate the download.

Paste the video link

Step2 Download by using auto-detector

The other way and considered the convenient way to download Podcast is by auto-detection. Through the use of the built-in browser of the tool, you can directly search for the Podcast channel, and play the broadcast. The detector is automatically on, that means as soon as the tool detected that there is a media playing, the app then downloads the file in no time. For video sharing sites like Youtube and Rubtube, you need to click the “Download” button below the video to get the video. This is to avoid the tool to download unnecessary videos.

Download using detect

Step3 Check completed download

To check the downloaded video, switch tabs from “Detect” to “Download,” click on “Completed” then find the file name and play it by double-clicking the file. On the other hand, if you are interested in knowing some podcast channels, we reviewed 10 of the most visited ones.

Check the downloaded video


If this the first time you heard about podcast, these channels can be a great starter pack. try listening to them until you find the right one to spend your time with. After that, if you want to have a copy of the audio file, try downloading them on your PC by using Video Keeper. If you have questions or inquiries, feel free to message us by dropping us a message under the comment section.

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