Top 10 XVID Converters for Mac and Windows

Last updated on April 4, 2019 by Christina Green
xvidIn the modern technological world, you have to be tech-savvy enough to stay updated. Video converters are useful in various ways. If you haven’t use any till now, you should know how beneficial these are to run a particular video on all devices. Maybe you download a video that will run only on Windows while you have an android phone too. A video converter converts it to the universally supported format so that you can enjoy it on any device. Not only that, but an online video converter can also help in editing the video. Along with the basic changes, like changing the file size and all, you can do more if you have an online video converter. You can toggle the audio quality, change the frame rate and bit rate through it. The best XVID video converters allow you to cut parts of the video so that you don’t need to send the unnecessary parts of it. Today, you will get the best XVID video converters which will help you in various ways.

1. Best XVID Video Converter

Are you looking for an all-in-one multimedia solution? Then, Acethinker video converter is the right choice for you. It is quite effective in converting all types of video as well as audio files. Not only that, but this converter is active to convert all types of HD video with minimum quality of loss. Making your own short film by editing the XVID video files is quite easy while you have Acethinker video converter. Not only that, but you can easily download and record any types of video from any online sites. red-download-btn-winbutton mac video master add

2. Free Online XVID Video Converter

If you want an online xvid video converter, then think of Acethinker online video converter. It is definitely one of the biggest names of video converters which support different types of formats like MOV, MP4, AVI, etc. It also allows several editing on your video that includes frame rate, bit rate, resolution and more. Customizing your video will be the easiest while you work on Acethinker online video converter.
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3. VirtualDub(XVID Converter for Windows only)

While talking about the top 10 video converters, this will definitely be on the top of the list. Basically, this is the video processing and captures utility for mainly 332-bit and 64-bit Windows platform. To perform linear operations over videos, this is proven the best of all. To edit your XVID AVI files, VirtualDub is really incredible. While you run your handy cam to take videos, you do it continuously. At the time of editing, you want to maintain synchronization. To make your little movie, VirtualDub assists you. It allows you to convert all AVI files into editable files and then again bring back to its normal state. virtualdub

4. Auto Gordian Knot

To rip the DVDs and create the best quality backups, you can trust Auto Gordian Knot blindly. AutoGK accepts the inputs in the format of DVD, Mpeg2, HDTV, transport stream sources and DVB captures. While, on the other hand, the output is available in AVI, XVID and DIVX format. The powerful tools that are associated with AutoGK are VirtualDubMod, VobSub, AviSynth, DGMPGDec, AviSynth Filters and obviously, XVID. Along with these essential features, AutoGK also comes with an IVTC and automatic deinterlacer which helps in splitting the videos and subtitles into the size of CD. No matter you are a beginner or a pro, using AutoGK is really very simple. Auto Gordian Knot

5. Any Video Converter

This is another incredible online video converter that comes with awesome features. Along with video conversion, this software import audio CD disc and multi-video. It can easily convert the videos to any format you need and for any type of devices. The multi-language system has increased its global popularity. This video converter is capable of converting everything, like from XVID and MPEG4 to VOB and all. Besides, converting video, Any Video Converter can also extract audio files from particular video and convert them into certain formats, like MP3, WAVE, AAC and several others. Along with that, this program can also download and convert the videos from Google and YouTube just by pasting the video link in the download box and clicking certain buttons. any video converter

6. HD Video Converter Factory

Along with converting video, the blue interface of this program is really interesting. The main reason of this special XVID video converter is that it is absolutely free. Along with converting the video formats, it also works on the audio files and converts them too. But, that is not the only specialty of the device. It is capable of converting rare files which many usual converters find tricky to do. The special editing functions (join video, split video, merge audio, etc.) it provides helps you to customize your favorite videos.

7. The Freemake Video Converter

While talking about the free video converter, the Freemake video converter will definitely worth mentioning. This is such a XVID converter that supports myriads of formatting that include MPG, AVI, 3GP and lot more. This software is active to rip or burn DVDs. Along with these huge tasks, this converter also allows you to make simple editing to your videos, like adding subtitles, joining short videos together or cutting unimportant segments from your video and all. freemake video downloader

8. Handbrake

At present, this is one the most popular XVID video converters for it the extensive style of ripping and converting video files. If you have an Android phone, iPods or Apple TV, Handbrake can present the best format of the videos that will suit any of your devices. The sleek and well-designed interface with numerous menu tabs provides updated features that suit the Windows style along with Mac machine. handbrake

9. Next Video Converter

You just need to download the free version of the Next video converter and convert all your XVID files into any format you want. The simple and user-friendly interface along with catchy graphics will attract users, and the main feature of converting video into formats like MOV, AVI, MPEG, etc. are performed well. next video converter

10. MediaCoder

When any program is loaded with huge and difficult conversion features, the only thing comes in handy is MediaCoder. It provides high speed that enables the software to convert multiple videos at a time. mediacoder So, these are certain XVID video converters that can help you to convert any types of videos and even audios too to any types of format.

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