10 Best Coding Websites to Learn Code Online

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10 Best Coding Websites to Learn Code Online

best coding websitesFormal programming courses are sure to provide you with the foundation and fundamentals that you need for your programming career. These days the internet is an ocean of information where you can learn almost everything, including the programming languages. That being said, you will be able to learn coding and programming languages like Java, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, etc. online interactively without even paying a dime or without taking formal courses. Although you can easily find free resources available online, you may find it overwhelming due to the vast resources. To help you out, we’ve listed 10 of the best websites to learn coding which can definitely help you in your programming journey.

Code School

The first coding learn site that can help you learn coding and programming is Code School. This is an online tool for programmers, whether you are a beginner or a pro who wants to further your coding capabilities. It offers different programming languages such as HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Objective-C, and even iOS. What makes this a standout site to start learning coding is it has quality lessons, interactive courses, dynamic themes, yet manages to stay fun. This makes you feel as if you are only playing a game rather than sitting and learning in a classroom.


treeshouse homepage The next website to learn code online is Treehouse. This is a very effective tool if you are the type of learner who is more into project-oriented programming rather than language-oriented programming. This type of programming is common focused more students who want to build an application or an interactive website. Therefore, if you see yourself becoming a web developer or an app developer, Treehouse is a great place to start and learn coding. By the way, the site offers a plethora of foundation courses along with some video-quizzes to evaluate what you learned from the lessons.

Code Avengers

code avengers homepage Code Avengers is another site to learn coding that worth measuring. However, there are only a handful of programming languages to learn on this site. This includes HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript as of this time. As you take courses from this site, you will find that almost lessons are entertaining without compromising the quality of the lesson. The site also features mini-game by the end of each lesson. This gives you motivation and helps release the stress you accumulated from the course as well as to keep you going. Code Avengers has a gradual and continuous concept when it comes to its learning approach. There are only a handful of programming languages to learn in this site. This includes HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript as of this time.


codecademy homepage Codecademy is with no doubt one of the most visited online programming platforms and best coding websites. It teaches you to code and learn programming in an interactive manner. It also comes with well-structured courses and a very user-friendly interface making it more comfortable and easy for its learners to take lessons. The platform is loaded with courses for Web Fundamentals that include PHP, Python, JQuery, Ruby and a lot more. Prior to taking the lesson, you will be directed to a panel containing the necessary code and instructions you need. And another one that will let you write acceptable codes and guide you by checking the wrong codes you might be doing wrong as if you are in a classroom with your teacher.


learn street homepage If you prefer to learn programming through hard coding, you should opt to LearnStreet. What differs this site from the other platforms is the simplicity of its design interface. So expect that you won’t get a fancy and playful design interface when visiting this site. Besides, you are only are after learning and not to be entertained with some unnecessary aesthetics. In other words, the site has a straightforward interface that in just a click, you will be able to immediately start taking a lesson with the inclusion of exercises on each lesson. On top of that, LandStreet is capable of adopting with the command prompt-styled code interpreters you want from your local machine. Yet a lot of times, the tool only accepts the standard code from its code interpreter. You need to write to the exact same code from the code interpreter in order to execute a certain command.


codehs homepage If you are the kind of learner who loves to solve programming problems, you can take CodeHS to learn code online. It’s noticeable that most aforementioned platforms focused on web development. With CodeHS, however, you will have more diverse experience. Lessons will involve, animation, data structures, game design, puzzle challenges and problem-solving. By the help of this site, you will think and solve problems like a true programmer. Basically, it effectively teaches the basics of game programming as you need to learn how to code to move objects. More importantly, the solid concept of the site and the problem solving allow you to think systematically.


udacity homepage Udacity is best for a lesson taker who understands video lessons better than reading long and boring lectures. It’s one of the best coding websites and the site comprises of video lectures along with the interactive and enhanced quizzes for students. What so special about this platform is instructors either are teaching real-time or a veteran in the industry. However, upon opening video lectures, you will find that a lot of courses are not related to each other. That means the topics are all over the place. That being said, Udacity is the best place if you are a novice programmer, but for those programmers who are searching to solve a specific problem.

Khan Academy

khan academy homepage Khan Academy shares similar concept to CodeHS. It allows you to learn coding from drawing, animation to user-interaction. Whether you are an amateur or a beginner interested in learning these skills, Khan Academy is one of the best sites worth visiting. The platform does not focus on any programming language, but the pattern is similar to almost of languages. It’s safe to say that the code patterns you learn from this site are applicable anywhere. If you about to join the site and take a lesson from this site, you can check out the Basic Programming course to watch and learn the basic concepts.

Scratch 2.0

scratch 2.0 homepage Scratch 2.0 is a great learn to code website if you are not a native speaker of the English language. This is formerly an offline software named Scratch that is developed for kids allowing them to upload and share projects they built. Now, it’s called Scratch 2.0 giving you that full online services. The concept of this site is way easier than programming, it’s not about hard coding, but is some sort of commands in the form of visual blocks that tell assigned objects how it should behave. Through this visual programming, you aspiring next-gen programmer will be able to adopt the habit of breaking problem by chunks. This will then help them solve problem step-by-step in a logical manner.


sqlzoo homepage SQL stands for Structured Query Language that is used to communicate with the database. By using this site, you will learn how to store, access, and restore data from a database electronically. Here you will also acquire all the capabilities a Database Manager must have. By definition, Database is a collection of information where you store and organize large amount information in a single software. Therefore, it’s crucial that you know how to back up and restore, create, clone, delete, rename, or attach and detach the databases. The thing is SQL is purely designed to store and retrieve data and some find it boring to learn. With SQLZOO, however, you will have while learning through the integrated interactive interface and smileys in the site.

Comprehensive Comparison Chart

Code SchoolHTML5, CSS, CSS3, jQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, iOSCode Interpreter, Screencast, Progress Saver, Forum
TreehouseHTML, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, UX, DatabaseCode Interpreter, Screencast, Progress Saver, Project, Forum
Code AvengersHTML5, CSS3, JavaScriptCode Interpreter, Progress Saver, Project, Note
CodecademyHTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Ruby, Python, APICode Interpreter, Progress Saver, Project, Forum
LearnStreetHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, RubyCode Interpreter, Progress Saver, Project, Forum
CodeHSProblem Solving, JavaScript, Animation, Game ProgrammingCode Interpreter, Screencast, Progress Saver
UdacityWeb Development, HTML5, Python, Java, Computer Science, Algorithm, AICode Interpreter, Screencast, Progress Saver, Forum
Khan AcademyProgramming Basics, Canvas Drawing, Animation, User InteractionCode Interpreter, Screencast, Progress Saver, Project, Discussion
Scratch 2.0Visual ProgrammingVisual Editor, Project, Forum
SQLZOOStructured Query LanguageCode Interpreter


Learning to code used to be expensive as you will need to pay for the required materials like books, classes, and lessons, but not anymore. If you want to learn how to learn programming all by yourself, the internet is an invaluable tool to use. By just browsing through the internet, you should be able to find lots of great websites that offers free course and lessons and help you to acquire coding and programming skills. Thus, the provided sites above are excellent places to start. Most of them are enjoyable because of the modern interface infused with interactive elements for learners to have fun and acquiring skills and knowledge at the same time.

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