How to Watch YouTube Videos on Roku

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Roku is a digital play box like Apple TV and Google Chromecast, which can be used to access games, videos, and music on TVs. The availability of different channels on the platform, YouTube, for instance, has made Roku a popular entertainment assistant in most homes. A lot of people also use Roku YouTube to stream videos from the comfort of their homes on a larger screen. However, so many people find it difficult to watch Roku YouTube correctly. If you are one of them or you are interested in knowing how to watch YouTube videos on Roku, then this post is for you. By following the guides below, you will be able to view YouTube videos on Roku successfully and enjoy your favorite clips.

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Watch Videos on YouTube on New Roku

You will find different Roku models in the market, like the original model, which was launched in 2010, and the new Roku, which was released in 2013. See the steps below on how to watch YouTube on Roku with its original model and new models differ.

1. Turn Roku display on:

Ensure your TV device and Roku box are connected via HDMI. Turn on your TV and head to the Roku display; this will show the Roku home screen.


2. Add YouTube channel:

From the left menu on Roku, select open the “Channel Store.” Then head to the “Top Free” or “Most Popular” tab on the channel store screen. Scroll to find YouTube. Select YouTube channel using your TV remote controller and select “Add channel,” which is found in the description screen.


3. Activate Roku YouTube:

After adding the YouTube channel, return to the main screen (Roku home) and then select “Home” option. You will see the YouTube channel you added in the tab titled “My Channel.” Open this tab and chose sign in; an eight-digit code will be displayed. On your PC, visit To activate your YouTube account, input the code (8-digits) displayed. Once you do this, you can start enjoying YouTube videos on Roku.


4. Device pairing with Roku:

To watch YouTube videos comfortably, you can choose to pair Roku with your digital device. After activating your account, pair your device with Roku by visiting on your PC, tablet, or smartphone. After pairing, you can now control YouTube videos playback on Roku using your device.


Watch Videos on YouTube on Original Roku

1. Install Twonky channel:

Accessing YouTube channel on the original Roku is not possible; thus, you need a separate channel called Twonky to be able to watch YouTube videos on Roku. On your smartphone or PC, visit this website. Login your account with Roku, type “mywonky” in the field and select “Add.” Switch on your TV and Roku. Head to “Settings,” then “Player info,” then “Check for update,” and then install Twonky channel on your Roku device.


2. Get the Twonky Beam app on your smartphone:

Make sure your phone is connected to the same network with Roku. Install Twonky Beam app on your device, open it, and you will see YouTube on the list.


3. Step three: Beam YouTube videos to Roku:

To show the beam panel on Twonky app, swipe left from the app’s home interface. Select “Display Device” and click “Roku Video Player.” Go back to the home page and select YouTube. YouTube mobile website will be opened in the app when you do this; now head to the video you want to watch and hit the beam button to play video on Roku.


Cast Downloaded YouTube Videos on Roku

You can stream YouTube to Roku without activating your account with YouTube. You can use this method on Android 4.4.2 or higher versions and Windows 8.1 or later versions.

1. Switch on screen casting/mirroring on Roku:

To use Roku in watching YouTube videos, turn it on, go to “Settings,” select “Screen mirroring,” and tap “Enable screen mirroring.”


2. Enable wireless display on Roku:

On your android device, open “Settings,” then select “Display” and click on “Cast Screen.” To “Enable wireless display,” click the 3-dot menu. Roku will now appear on the cast screen; click on it to start connection. For Windows 8.1 or later on tablet or Pc, go to “settings,” then “PC and Devices,” then “Devices,” and select “Add Device.” Roku will appear once you click add device, select it to establish a connection.


3. Start to watch YouTube videos on Roku:

Once a successful connection is established, you can now view anything plying on your tablet, PC, or phone on your Roku screen.


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How to Watch YouTube Videos on Roku

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