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Top 5 Similar Apps Like Vidmate to Download Videos

featured-vidmate-alternativeVidMate is an Android video downloader that allows you to save videos from different online streaming sites for free. Among the video-sharing websites are YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, which are known to stream the most trending videos nowadays. This application supports downloading videos from up to 4K quality. This app also ensures you save your videos easily and faster through its fast download feature. In that case, you can access your video files even if you are offline. With that being said, it is undeniable that VidMate is one of the best video downloaders available. Unfortunately, Vidmate is only applicable for Android smartphones. So, if you are looking for a VidMate alternative, check this article to see some solutions available for Windows, Mac, and iOS devices.

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Video Keeper Lite - Best VidMate Alternative for Computers

Distinctive feature: It has a multi-thread technology that uses the full bandwidth of your internet connection resulting to faster download speed.
Supported Sites: 100+
File Size: 78.3 MB

Video Keeper Lite is a software designed for computers for downloading videos. This software allows you to save and convert the video format of your downloaded file, from MP4 to AVI. Given that, this tool supports the most popular video formats, like MOV, WMV, and more. Lastly, you can view your saved videos immediately since it has a built-in multimedia player. To learn how to use the Video Keeper Lite, check all the given steps below.

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Step 1 Download and Access the Tool

First and foremost, click one of the "Download" buttons given above to save the tool on your computer. Next, follow the installation process to make the software ready to use. Wait for a few minutes until the interface appears.

launch the tool

Step 2 Start the Video-downloading Process

Next, open a web browser to visit any streaming websites to start searching for a video you wish to download. Copy the URL of your desired video from its address bar. Then go back to the tool to click the "Paste URL" at the upper left part of the interface to download the video file. Hang on for a while, until your video file is fully saved.

vklite download youtube step2

Step 3 Play the Video

Once finished, go to the "Completed" panel and check your downloaded video. Next, select one video from the list. Lastly, right-click the file and hit the "Play" button to start viewing the video.

vklite play youtube step3


  • The software can can download the audio-only from a streaming video directly.
  • It has a built-in browser so you can watch and save videos without leaving the interface.

  • You are allowed to download one video at a time if you are only using the trial version.

Use VideoDuke to Download Videos on Mac

Distinctive feature: You can save all the videos included from a particular YouTube channel.
Supported Sites: 100+
File Size: 53.7 MB

If you are looking for a video downloader software that is exclusive for Mac computers, VideoDuke is the best alternative to VidMate. Users find this tool useful due to its essential features that will save you time and effort. To mention a few, it has a friendly interface since you can easily download a video by just pasting the copied URL of your video. Secondly, it has a feature that can save subtitles and captions from a video or a movie. Lastly, it has an amazing function that allows you to download a video while playing the movie.



  • You can download videos for up to 4K resolution.
  • It can extract audio and save it as an MP3 file.

  • You can only download 2 videos in its demo version.

Download Videos Using BitDownloader

Distinctive feature: You can download a video without sounds, which is suitable for editing purposes.
Supported Sites: 100+
File Size: N/A

One of the most popular online video downloaders is BitDownloader. Through this web-based app, you can also download videos from multiple sports streaming sites, like ESPN,, and more. This tool has an easy steps process in downloading a particular video. You can copy and paste the video link in its URL bar and hit the "Download" button. Moreover, BitDownloader is a VidMate like app for PC that will allow you to download videos in high quality, from 144p to 4k resolution. Meanwhile, it has a browser extension version, which saves you time in searching the tool over and over again on your browser.



  • It allows you to save the videos in MP4 and WebM formats.

  • It can’t download music videos from Youtube because of copyright restrictions.
  • It has pop-up advertisements.

Video Downloader for Android Smartphones

Distinctive feature: It has a protected folder where you can set a password to your downloaded videos.
Supported Sites: 100+
File Size: 7.4 MB

Video Downloader is a similar essential app like VidMate. It is an application that you can use in downloading videos for Android smartphones. This tool has a built-in browser that you can use in searching for videos. One of the best features of this app is its ability to download several videos simultaneously. Aside from this, it supports all the video formats, including M4V, MOV, AVI, and more. Besides, it has a download manager that enables you to start, pause, or resume the interrupted process of downloading a video. Moreover, it has a download bar wherein you can monitor the progress of the video you are saving.



  • You can also download pictures, file documents, like Word, PPT, and Excel.
  • It has a built-in multimedia player.

  • It has annoying pop-up advertisements.

Alternative Way to Download a Video Using Video Saver PRO+

Distinctive feature: It supports downloading videos from Google Drives and Dropbox.
Supported Sites: 100+
File Size: 81.3 MB

Last on the list of apps like VidMate is Video Saver PRO+. It is a mobile app exclusive for iOS devices, like iPhone and iPad, for free downloading videos. The icons are well-organized and will avoid confusion for users upon utilizing it. Moreover, from its main interface, you can tap the "Direct URL" to directly search a video from its equipped browser. Through the help of its built-in video player, you can easily preview the video you are downloading. Aside from this, it supports video sharing using AirDrop. With this, you can quickly transfer files from one device to another.



  • You can set a passcode to hide your downloaded files.
  • It allows you to save multiple videos at the same time.

  • You can only access its full features, such as unlimited downloads unless you are a premium user.

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