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The internet is home to some of the most funny and amazing videos, captured by ordinary people. On a daily basis, people watch almost 5 billion videos on a single website alone. That is how popular video streaming is nowadays. Some people rely on video uploading sites, to earn income. The thing is, if you get a significant amount of views, and subscribers, the video sharing site is going to pay you. That is why video uploading sites have become popular than ever before. On that note, listed below are some of the best sites to upload videos, and potentially gather views around the world.

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dtube home page

Dtube is an independent video uploading site. It was launched with the aim to add to the list of available options where people can share their ideas and videos without restrictions. The site is independent, and so it is not as popular as other sites. However, it continues to grow in terms of visitors and contributors. The good thing about Dtube, is that it pays the owner of the videos via cryptocurrency based on the upvotes and likes the video gathered. Another unique feature of the site, is that is shows much the video have earned and the time it was posted.


share videos on flickr

Some people know Flickr as one of the best photo sharing site. However, you can also upload videos because it also serves as a video sharing site. Flickr hosts more than 10, 000 video content on its website. One good thing about Flickr is that in order to upload a content, you must first sign up for an account. This way, you will have a profile where the photos and videos you share will appear. You can also add other Flickr users to be friends and share your contents to each other. With lots of users worldwide, this will surely give your videos a boost.

Download Videos Using Video Keeper

There are times when the video is too funny, or amazing that you want to watch it over and over again. Some even share it with their friends, and that is why some videos go viral. However, there are times when internet connectivity is not available. That is why it is best to download the video, to be able to watch offline. Acethinker Video Keeper, is the best tool that you can trust to download the best videos. This tool can supports more than 1,000 video sharing sites, which makes it a robust video downloading tool. To learn how to use Video Master, follow the steps below.

Step1 Download and install Video Keeper

Install the tool by downloading its installer from the buttons below. Run it afterwards and follow the setup wizard.

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Step2 Start downloading videos

After installation, you can launch the program and start. Like any other downloader, you can use the conventional method, where you will go to the video site and copy the URL. However, what sets this tool apart is the “Detect” function where it automatically downloads the video. All you need to do is to go to the “Detect” tab and click “Enable Detector.” Open the website using the built-in browser within the tool and play the video and click the “Download” button.

download a video

Step3 Wait for the download to finish

The download will start in the “Download” tab. Wait for the video download to finish before viewing it. Once finished, the video will go to the “Completed” section and will be available to watch from there.

wait for the download to finish


metacafe home page

Metacafe is a staple name when it comes to video sharing websites. The site hosts short form videos from different contributors around the world. One good thing about this site is the sorting tool for its videos. People can select a category for videos that suit their taste, making it easy to discover interesting videos. With its diverse video content, it is without a doubt one of the best video uploading sites, for people who wants the share their videos.


dailymotion home page

Another top contender for the best video uploading site is Dailymotion. Since its launch in 2005, its became a household name among video sharing sites, with credible partners like BBC News and other respected names in the multi-media industry. The site have an estimated 300 million visitors and users each month, which makes it a top choice. In order to upload a video however, one must register for an account with Dailymotion. With lots of people who wants to join, having an account with Dailymotion is not an easy task, but will prove to be worth it if used right.


youtube home page

Probably the most popular video uploading site is Youtube. This is the most used video sharing site around the world and has the most number of video in its library. Based on statistics, around 5 billion videos are being watched on Youtube, in a single day alone. Also, this site is probably the best when it comes to sharing videos in order to reach out to viewers around the world. All you need to do is to create a Youtube channel, and upload the videos there. Gather subscribers and have your videos go viral in no time, because the site is affiliated with many social networking sites.


vimeo home page

Another top video uploading site that can compete with Youtube, is Vimeo. This is a well-known videos sharing website that requires people to sign up for an account first, before having content to its contents. Registration to the site is free and easy. The site is a great platform for people who wants to establish their own brand of videos for more subscribers, and potential income. That is why it can be dubbed as one of the best video sharing sites to upload videos.

9gag TV

9gag tv home page

Probably one of the most visited website, 9gag TV is the video counterpart of 9gag, which focuses on funny videos, instead of memes. 9gag TV have a solid fan base, and monthly users that reaches more than a million visitors daily. Home to the most hilarious and amazing videos, 9gag TV can provide a solid platform for people looking for the best sites to upload videos. With many followers and subscribers, any video uploaded here will surely gather the attention it deserves.


engagemedia home page

If you are the type to upload more sensible forms of videos like documentaries and alike, then Engagemedia is the site you should choose. Engagemedia have a wide collection of videos that revolves around environmental and cultural issues. This alone makes it a good educational site, where people can learn the importance of preserving the environment and culture. This is a good platform for people who wishes to use their videos to promote positive change to their environment and to the life of others.


vidlii home page

VidLii is not any different from any other video uploading sites. It has a wide range of videos upload from all over the world. The users also have total control over their videos because they are being uploaded from their own account. In order to upload a video, you must need to sign up for an account with VidLii. Videos gets ranked based on the stars given by visitors that are logged in, and that is how they gain popularity. All in all, this is a great platform for people who wants to start sharing their videos to the world.


veoh home page

Veoh is no stranger when it comes to the best sites to upload videos. The website have millions of videos on its library providing wide ranges selections to visitors. To help visitors look for the video that they want to watch, they placed a category option. Also, in order to upload a video, you must be registered first to the site. The process is really simple that is why there are a lot of people who upload their videos on Veoh. Indeed, this makes it a great site to upload videos.


myspace home page

Myspace probably is a familiar term for people who use social media. One of the first social media websites that existed was Myspace. However, recently they switched gears, and focused to contents that people can upload to their site instead. Myspace have a wide selection of videos, and even have video series within their library. To upload video, all you need to do is sign up and that’s it. Also, you can follow other people who use Myspace too, and they can follow you back, or watch the videos that you uploaded. This makes it a great platform to upload videos.

Upload Stars

upload stars home page

Upload Stars is last on the list. The site provides a platform for newbies and people who wants to introduce their videos to the web. The site offers various videos, mostly from beginners that wants to start sharing videos online. Like any other site, it also have channels from its top viewed members. This makes it a great site to upload videos.


If you want to jumpstart a career in vlogging or just doing it as an hobby, knowing where to upload your videos will surely make an impact to the results. With the list of the best video uploading sites mentioned above, you will never go wrong as they all prove to be popular. Views will come in like a landslide when you choose any of the mentioned sites here. However, if you feel like downloading a video for a change, you can use Acethinker Video Keeper. This tool is guaranteed to work with all the mentioned video uploading sites above.

video link

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