Best 10 URL Video Converter to MP4 Tools on Desktop

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Watching videos online has become a necessary part of our daily life already. And downloading MP4 files from a video URL is the most common way to save online videos to your computer’s local hard drive if you want to enjoy the videos later offline. However, this method is not always reliable because certain videos don’t allow download via URL. On that note, we listed down some of the best tools that can download and convert URL to MP4. Continue reading to learn more about these tools and how to use some of them.

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AceThinker Video Keeper

AceThinker Video Keeper is a desktop video downloader that can effectively convert URL to MP4, and save it on a PC. Aside from the usual URL method, Video Keeper can also download videos automatically by using the built-in “Detect” feature. AceThinker Video Keeper is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices, and can download videos from more than one thousand websites. Additionally, AceThinker Video Keeper has a screen recording feature, if the video is doesn’t permit download at all. This method will save the video in the same resolution as with the source and can capture up to 4K resolution. It can also convert videos into various formats so that they can be played on any device. Here are the steps in using AceThinker Video Keeper to download and convert URL to MP4.

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Step1 Launch the tool

Click one of the download buttons above to download the installer on your PC. After that, run the installer and then follow the instructions from the setup wizard. Once the installation is successful, the main interface will appear where you can start downloading videos.


Step2 Start downloading URL to MP4

Like any URL downloader, the process to fetch the video is the same as AceThinker Video Keeper. Open the website of the video and then copy the video link from the address bar. Switch back to the tool, and from the “Download” tab, click the “Paste URL” button, and the link will be added automatically, and the download process will begin. On the other hand, to automatically download a video, click the “Detect” tab. Don’t forget to click the “Enable Detector” button, and then use the built-in browser to visit the website where the video is located. Play the video, and then a download notification will appear, saying that the video was added to the download queue.

Paste URL

Step3 Check the video progress

To see the video progress, click the “Download” tab, which is the first tab from the left side of the window, and then wait for the download progress to reach one-hundred percent. Once the download process is complete, the video will be transferred to the “Completed” section. Among the list of downloaded videos from the “Completed” tab, select the most recently added video and then right-click on it. From the menu that will appear, click the “Play” button, and the video playback will start.

play the video

AceThinker Free Online Video Downloader

AceThinker Free Online Video Downloader is a video URL downloader MP4 tool that doesn’t require any installation. This means that it will not consume any disk space on the hard drive of the PC. The great thing about using online downloaders, like this one, is that it is free and always available to use as long as there is an internet network. Unlike common online downloaders, this tool provides various download formats for users. Additionally, Free Online Video Downloader is compatible with major web browsers, which makes it a reliable tool to turn to every time you need a quick video downloader solution. To learn how to use this exceptional tool, follow the steps below.

Step1 Copy the video URL and launch the tool

Visit a video sharing site and then copy the video link from the address bar of the web browser. Then, open the official website of AceThinker Free Online Video Downloader, and paste the URL on the space provided then click the “Download” button.


Step2 Choose MP4 as the format to download

From the list of available downloadable videos, choose the one in MP4 format. Hover the mouse pointer to the “Download” button, right-click on the download button and then choose “Save link as” from the set of options available. Choose where to save the video, and then the download process will start.

select the format and download

Step3 Play the downloaded video

Once the download is completed, locate the video from the folder where it is saved. Play the video directly using the default media player of your PC.

wait for the download to finish is another way to convert and download YouTube URL to MP4 format. Aside from that, the tool can also convert URL into other file formats, like MP3, WAV, AAC and AIF. Using the tool is rather straightforward because it does not require prior experience before using it. Like any other online converter and downloader, all that you need to do is to copy the video URL from a website, and then paste it on the URL bar. Hit the “Continue” button and then the tool will process the URL to fetch the video. The simplicity of this tool is its main selling point since almost anybody from the get-go can use it. That is why for those who are looking for a quick way to download and convert URL videos, then is another fast-choice.

copy and paste video url is multipurpose online file converter. It supports all file types like audio, video, and even document files. This is also a great way to save video URL to MP4 using its video converter feature that supports the URL. Users can also convert videos from cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive. This is the reason why most people also trust this online tool because not only can it convert URL into an MP4 file, but it can also save it on the PC. To use the service of this tool, visit its official website, and from the converter panel, click the “Video Converter” tab. From the options that will drop-down, select “Convert to MP4” and then click the “Enter URL” button. Paste the video link on the URL bar, and then hit the “Add URL” button. Once the video is fetched, hit the “Start Conversion” button, and then the conversion process will begin. Once done, the video will appear along with the “Download” button. Hit the download button and choose where to save the video on your PC.

online convert download page is another popular choice for converting URL into downloadable videos. There are a lot of available formats that to choose from, including MP3, AVI, MKV and of course MP4. supports a lot of video sharing sites like YouTube, TedTalks, and even Facebook videos. Also, the tool provides the highest quality possible with each conversion to ensure that users will get what they want. The tool is also compatible with major internet browsers like Internet Edge, Firefox, and Safari, which is why it doesn’t matter what operating system you are using. The tool can basically convert and download without limit, which is why it is highly-suggested by many users.

online video converter is another multimedia converter that excels in providing ways to download URL to MP4. is pretty easy to use because it does not have a lot of buttons that need to be toggled first. You can download a video within three steps. Visit, and from the homepage, click the “Add URL” button and then upload the video from the PC, or use the Google Drive or Dropbox, and choose which video to upload. From the “Convert to” menu, select “MP4” from the set of available formats, to make sure that the file will be in MP4 format. Once everything is set, hit the “Download Converted File” button and choose the file location to save the video.

coolutils is another reputable online converter that supports different file formats. Similar to other online converters, needs the URL of a video to convert it into MP4. However, Zamzar requires that the URL must have a file extension for the converter to recognize the video. The tool works best if the internet network is fast and stable because otherwise, it will have difficulty in converting the URL. Also, is proud of its three-step conversion process, where users will be able to download the files within minutes after conversion. This is the reason why users recommend this online converter for URL to video conversion. To use the tool, paste the URL of the video from the main interface, and then select the format which the URL will be converted into. Finally, hit the convert button to start the conversion process, and once done, a download link will appear and save the video on the PC.

convert url to mp4 is a tool that specializes in multimedia editing with its various media editing features. One of the features that the tool has is the ability to turn URL into videos in various formats like MP4 and MKV. The URL converter feature of the tool works faster compared to other online converters so that users will be able to get results fast. Also, the video after the conversion is in the smallest file size possible so that download time will be short. The quality of the videos is also at the highest-quality that the converter allows. In general, all you have to do is paste the URL and then select the format of the video. After that, click the “Convert” button, and then the
tool will process the URL into video. After the conversion process, the “Download” button for the video will appear.

convertio url mp4 is another easy to use URL video converter that is highly-recommended. The process is rather simple with because it only requires a few steps. These steps include copying and pasting the URL of the video, and then choosing the format of the video. After that, hit the “Convert” button and the site will analyze the URL and once done, will provide a download link for the video. Click the download link, and it will be saved to your download folder. It is that fast and easy, which is why most users prefer this tool over other download tools. Surely anyone who chooses this tool won’t have any issues with its operation.


Finally, we have which is another highly-recommended URL video converter. The best thing about this tool is that it supports saving the files into a cloud storage service directly. This means that there is no troublesome download time to wait for. There are lots of converter options that you can use if you want to change something on the video, making it a better choice for easy conversion tasks. Some of these options include video frame size customization, video aspect, and video size settings. You can also opt to leave the video options unchanged to get the same quality as with the original video. In general, if you are looking for a fast and safe way to get videos from URL, then Aconvert is one of the best bets.



Although downloading videos by using its URL is pretty common these days, it is still a fact that the tool you use makes a huge difference. This is true, especially if the tool lacks essential options and features for downloading videos. Also, there is always the possibility of the online converter not being able to recognize the URL. That is the reason why it is still best to use desktop downloaders that are dedicated to that purpose. Not only do you save a significant amount of time waiting for the download to finish, but also sure that you are getting the highest quality possible with every download.

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Best 10 URL Video Converter to MP4 Tools on Desktop

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