How to Share and Upload MP3 to Facebook

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How to Share and Upload MP3 to Facebook

Facebook is without a doubt is becoming popular these days. Most people use this social media platform for several reasons. Some people use it to communicate with their loved ones who are away from them, express their feelings, or for others, they use it to share videos of important events or to show people their hidden talents. Nowadays, there most rising starts started by having their videos or audio recordings share using this platform. You can also associate your Facebook account to play games or register on different websites. However, this tool has its own limitation too. It doesn’t allow you to upload MP3 directly. If you want to upload MP3 to Facebook, you will need a third party site or app. Here we have listed some of the best applications that you can use post MP3 to Facebook.

Upload MP3 to Facebook with Chirbit

Chirbit is a third party site that you can use to share your MP3 file to Facebook. You can have the privilege to access the site and do recording and uploading music online. The only time that you will be allowed to do so is by creating an account with them. Once logged in follow the steps below.

Step1 Register an Account

First, you must register for an account. It is mandatory, without registering you cannot use it. Visit the official website to get started. Click the hyperlink so that it will be easier for you to find the site.

Register for an account

Step2 Record/Upload the File

Once logged in and decide if you want to record an audio or upload a pre-recorded audio file saved on your PC. To do that look for “New File Upload,” > “Choose file,”> “Add the File,” finally click “Submit”.

start recording

Step3 Share the File on Facebook

To post it in your facebook timeline, Go to your “Chirbit Profile” click “Share” and finally choose, “Share on Facebook”.

share audio to facebook

Post MP3 to Facebook Through Soundcloud

soundcloud These days, SoundCloud is getting popular not only because the ability of the site to record and upload the audio to your Facebook account, but This is also used as a platform where you can compile your songs if you are an aspiring singer or a producer. Moreover, just like Chirbit, you have to register an account to maximize it. Compared to Chirbit, it is easier to share MP3 to Facebook, no need for a lengthy process, simply record an audio, then click the direct link to Facebook to share it.

Share MP3 to Facebook Via MixCloud

Mixcloud-maininterface Mixcloud is the best among three when it comes to sharing your audio recordings. These days some reports about from SoundCloud and Youtube are being deleted because of copyright issues. That is why Mixcloud is the outlet to post your mixes or original compositions online. This site supports unlimited uploads without registering for an account. You also do not need to worry about your account or uploads being deleted because it won’t happen with Mixcloud.

Extra Tip - Record MP3 for Your Facebook Post

The fact that the tool is free you do not need to pay and download third-party apps to share MP3 to your Facebook Account. This tool is a web-based app and an internet-dependent tool that can work well with all types of browser. On top of that, the quality of the recording produced by this tool is good in quality, whether its voice or system sound. To help you with the usage, here is a simple guide to get started.

Step1 Launch the Application

First, use the shortcut-button below to start recording without going to the official website of the application. Click the “Start Recording Here!” button then the launcher will appear. Click “Yes” to override and start the app. Then, click the start button to start the recording.

Start Recording Here!

Step2 Start Recording

Once the application is launched, look for the “Audio settings” and choose what you need whether you will record voice, audio or both.

begin recording

Step3 Stop Recording

To pause the recording, click the red “Red Circle” button in the middle of the interface. Meanwhile to stop the recording, click the smaller button as shown in the picture below.

pause and stop the video

Step4 Check the recorded file

Once the recording is done, click the three lateral bars to see the list of recorded file. Finally, click the play button that appears after you hover your mouse to the file to play the audio.

Playback the audio

Extra Tip - Download Audio File from Facebook

Did you find an interesting audio recording shared to listen to it over and over again? Video Keeper can help you get MP3 files easily. Although this is a video downloader program, it is also made to help you get audio files on different social networking sites like Facebook. To start using the tool click the installer using the download shortcut buttons below.

Try It Free

Step1 Set the settings accordingly

After downloading and installing the application, launch it and head up to download tab. Change the setting to program the tool to get audio files by clicking the “Video Logo” as shown in the picture.

Vk change to audio settings

Step2 Start Downloading using Auto-Detection

Once settings are changed, click on “Detect” tab, use the built-in browser to find and Use your credentials to Login. From there turn on auto-detection by clicking “Enable Detector”. Play the video until the tool recognizes it and get the audio file.

Vk detect the video to download

Step3 Check the downloaded File

Finally, click the “Download” tab again, look for “Completed”, lastly double-click the file name to play the file.

check the downloaded files


clyp main page Clyp is an audio sharing and hosting platform built for all types of audio artists. This provides you the tools you need for uploading, hosting, and sharing your audio recording. It also has an intuitive user interface allowing you to upload and share your audio recording on Facebook in a fast and easy manner. And upgrading to the premium version of the tool gives you the unlimited uploads, lossless streaming, high-quality downloads, 500mb upload limit per file, customized embed widgets, and a lot more. On the other hand, if you want to know how this tool works, kindly perform the following steps:

Step1 Sign up for an account

Before you can start using the program, you need to register an account first. To do this, click the “SIGN UP” button at the upper right corner. Fill out all some necessary information, or use your Facebook account to sign up.

register an account

Step2 Upload or Record audio file

After setting up your account, you are now ready to upload or record the mp3 file using Clyp. Click the “Upload” button at the top of the page. Then drag and drop the audio file onto this window. Wait until the upload completes.

upload audio clip

Step3 Share the file on Facebook

Once the file is uploaded, name your mp3 file and click the “Save” button to finish uploading. By then, you should be able to upload the file onto Facebook. Click the “Facebook” icon and click share the file by clicking the “Post to Facebook” from the Facebook page.

upload mp3 to facebook


Now you’ve got the idea to post and upload MP3 music file to Facebook. It’s not hard at all with the third-party tools, right? You just need to choose the right tool according to your preferences. Meanwhile, the solutions to download interesting audio files from Facebook and record your own MP3 audio file are introduced in case you need to do that. If you have questions or suggestions regarding each tool mentioned above, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below.

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