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Top 10 Best Movie Sites

To view all the newest movies, going to the cinema is your best bet. Because the audio and visual effects are high-quality, especially in 3D movies that look realistic, you can view them in massive screens at IMAX cinemas. You can also get some blu-ray discs so you can maximize your home theatre watching experience with friends or family members. Still, there are some premium online movie platforms that make access to your favourite movies much easier and let you watch freely or download any movie you wish very easily. These online platforms will give you all related details about the movie and a broad range of free full-length films. Excluding the case of using a bandwidth connection, the majority of these online platforms will charge you nothing.

Alluc Similar Sites

alluc sitesSites like Alluc allow its users to stream movies by sharing links to available movies. These links belong to a third party and aren’t the property of the platform. However, it is still a great platform for saving you time and energy when looking for free movies to watch online. Links to new movies are being added on a regular basis and the most of the newest movies are available for free at Alluc.

The Movie DB

This site is among the best free online movie platforms and probably the most suggested one. It has a very impressive range of movies, including many of the latest releases. Once you choose and click on a movie from the list, you can view it via different links. You can also scroll down other user ratings for each link and view a list of suggested and related movies on the bottom of your screen. You can also sign-in to add your rating for the movie you’ve watched. However, just before you watch the movie, you are going to get blasted with ads that you can directly close. Many of the movies listed on the platform can be downloaded at a zero cost so take advantage of this and have fun watching!



This site is one of the most extensive online movie platforms as it displays showtimes and user ratings for each movie that is currently playing on the cinemas. You can also check all showtimes of famous TV shows and episodes at your regional timezone. The platform features all well-known TV channels like CBS, ABC, FOX, VH1, and TruTV.


They also have a robust active community where users can talk about movies and give their ratings or opinions, by opening an IMDb user account or logging in through their Facebook account. Submitting the cast names or director’s details is much appreciated among its users.


As its name suggests, is a movie archive site that gathers all movies belonging to the public domain. Many of its dedicated fans share movie files for free, so they can be directly streamed and watched by others. This online archive platform mainly features classic and old-school films of the 20th century which implies that you can watch plenty of noir films that date back to the 40s era or earlier.

archiving website

Besides these, you can also find alternative categories like videos, film footages, and clips taken from Globians Film Festival. With all these archived films, you can get yourself familiar with the history of cinema through the century and the movie practices for each era. There are several methods to watch movies that may catch your attention.


Crackle is another major movie streaming platform that features uncut full-length movies and TV shows from Sony collections as well as its own resources. They also team up with AOL, Hulu, YouTube and other media providers to offer video material. With its user-friendly interface and layout, you can begin viewing all the films you like in just a few clicks. Movies and webisodes are available in various modes e.g 480P and 360P. They also cover a full-screen mode.

Sony Crackle

Solar Movie

This a fabulous free movie streaming platform. You can directly head to Solar Movie and choose from an entire list of the most popular movies and suggested movies to watch. A big part of these movies are also late releases. The platform partners with LetMeWatchThis for streaming its movies and features several video links in every single movie. You can also view some movie info and user reviews for each mode so you can choose the most suitable one to view your movie. It also hosts an active forum where members can express and discuss their opinions on movies and TV shows. With all these features, will be a staple on your list.

alluc alternative Solar Movie

Watch Movies

The range of movies you can find on this site is quite impressive. You can search for your favourite movies by typing certain keywords e.g Titanic into the search field. You can also use the filters that separate movies by their title or genres e.g thriller, comedy. On the homepage, you can view some thumbnails and basic details for each movie. The platform also hosts movie links that direct to other platforms so you have plenty of ways to watch a movie.

movie watcher

Tube Plus

tube plusThe site hosts a broad range of video content that lets the user view and stream movies very fast. TubePlus has become a favourite platform of several signed-up users. It ranks pretty well in user submitted reviews and there are relevant charts regarding the popularity of a movie based on user stats. The system also allows you to share a link to a related movie. The download address is also displayed behind the playback window.


Hulu is a platform that boasts thousands of fans. It is a fabulous platform for finding premium quality movies and TV show material. It hosts many web-based episodes and links to favourite TV network shows. They allow you to view movies in premium HD mode and you can use their filters to filter out any undesired content in seconds.

hulu new wegpage

There is a great range of recently released movies (classified based on the year) so you can easily browse through and choose the one that you wish to watch. The only drawback though is that, unfortunately, the platform is only available to U.S and Japan viewers.

YouTube Movies

YouTube movies features a satisfactory range of movies from different genres e.g classic, comedy, thrillers, action, sci-fi. Movies that show up there are either classic or popular ones. A great number of these movies is available for free. Also, unlike other popular platforms, they are not that many pesky ads so definitely check this out.

youtube movies


The majority of the above movie platforms feature a download option. However, in some platforms like Hulu and OVguide, you can’t download the movies right away. Don’t stress though. You use Video Grabber Pro, which is a third party that lets you easily download your favourite movies. This tool lets you easily download videos from live streaming platforms like Vevo, Udemy, DailyMotion, YouTube. It also covers HTTPS, HTTP, RTMP, and FTP media protocols. Just download your movie or video so you can directly watch it offline.

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