Top 5 Ways to Stream and Watch Christmas Movies Online

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Top 5 Ways to Stream and Watch Christmas Movies Online

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The Christmas holiday is here and it’s time to watch your favorite Christmas movies to immerse yourself in the festive spirit. Actually you can find Christmas movies, cartoons and specials on local and cable TV channels. However, you may still look for ways to watch Christmas movies online, right? For instance, you expect to watch your favorite Christmas movies on TV but the movie has never been aired on television or you just want to enjoy those movies on-the-go. Thanks to the online movie streaming services, now you can easily stream Christmas movies online without cable. Ranged from Hallmark’s holiday movies to the 25 Days of Christmas from Freeform, these online streaming movie services offers you enough options than you can imagine. Just read on to figure out the best ways to watch streaming Christmas movies online to make your Christmas holiday season merrier.

The Best 5 Ways to Stream Christmas Movies Online

1. Sling TV

sling tv

If you don’t have cable, then Sling TV will be the best way to stream Christmas movies as it allows you to watch Christmas films from various channels without the cable TV. This live streaming service enables you to get access to channels like Hallmark, Freeform, Lifetime, NBC, TBS, TCM, AMC, TNT, etc. so you can actually watch any popular Christmas movies online on your TV. You can even watch Sing TV on your portable devices like Apple TV, mobile devices and your computer. The packages cost from $20-50+, you can get the one best for you.

2. PlayStation Vue

playstation vue

PlayStation Vue is another live movie streaming service that you can use to watch Christmas films online. It’s quite alike with Sling TV. The same as Sling TV, PlayStation Vue also allows you to get access to holiday channels like Freeform, TNT, TBS, Lifetime and many more others. But the price is a little higher, with a starting price from $29.99-$39.99. One thing that worth to mention is that Vue provides some local channels according to your location. But if you need to watch Christmas movies online on-the-go, then Vue is not a good solution as the mobile streaming restrictions block you from watching movies outside your home.

3. Netflix


Netflix is considered as one of the best online websites for streaming Christmas movies. It offers a large variety of Christmas-themed films to watch and even be streamed to your devices. The monthly cost starts at $9.99. You can just sign up and subscribe to the packages that are most suitable for you. Due to its friendly and intuitive interface, you can quickly browse and find the Christmas movies you need to stream. Top-rated Christmas movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Scrooged, The Muppet Christmas Carol and more are just there. Now it’s time to sign on and enjoy!

4. Amazon Instant Video


You can view what’s available via Amazon Prime or you can buy the movies you like on Amazon Instant Video. Though only a few Christmas movies streaming is free, this online streaming service is still recommended as the best way to stream Christmas movies as you just need to spend a few dollars. If you have a device that can stream the content from Amazon, then Amazon will be quite great for its large connection of movies and TV shows.

5. iTunes Store

itunes store

iTunes Store is also recommended as a great way to stream Christmas movies as it offers a massive selection of Christmas films. Of course, Apple will not offer the Christmas movies for free. But sometimes it offers some discounts so you can purchase a Christmas movie at a relatively low price. It’s not too expensive to get a HD movie for $10, right? Plus, you can watch all the purchased movies on your Apple TV. So if you have an Apple TV, then the iTunes Store will be a great choice for streaming Christmas movies.

With all these recommended resources of streaming Christmas films, there should be no reason that you can stream to watch your favorite Christmas movie online. This Christmas, just search to find the films you like and let the online services deliver them to your home. Happy holidays and enjoy your Christmas movies!

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