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These days, movie buffs can enjoy immediate access to old or new movies by using Internet sites such asSolarMovie. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a romantic comedy or an action flick with plenty of explosions. All you have to do is go to the site and search or browse for your next bit of entertainment. According to, SolarMovie gets over 815,000 its every day. They offer free video streaming as well as a community message boards where users can make comments, ask questions or make suggestions. Besides SolarMovie, there are tons of sites like SolarMovie that allow you to watch movies online. Just read on to learn more about SolarMovie and the alternatives available.

Your Guide to SolarMovie

Among websites, it is also possible to encounter certain downsides. Movie 2K was forced to close some time ago which caused a great surprise for the active website visitors. There are plenty of questions that enter people’s minds. They are curious whether the closing of site is just temporary or permanent.


This popular website offers streaming of movies and television shows. You don’t need to be massively computer literate to go there and watch what you want to see. There is an easy to use search engine on-site and multiple navigational links such as; new movies, most popular,latest, HD movies and even movies that are coming soon. You can also navigate to a particular genre so you can quickly see what is available in mysteries, fantasy movies or even children’s shows. All of the thumbnail pictures are clickable links, so browsing is quite easy as well. It is necessary to register on SolarMovie, so it may not be the best option for someone who wants to casually watch a movie here and there but doesn’t want to become a member.

Popular Sites Like SolarMovie

We have compiled a list of 8 great websites that are very similar to SolarMovie and can be considered as great alternatives. It is always good to have options because people like different layouts, formats and capabilities when it comes to watching movies and television shows online.

I. Hulu – Well-Known Video Site for Films and Episodes


Cost: $7.99/Mon (Limited Commercials) or $11.99/Mon (No Commercials)


This is by far one of the most popular movie and television streaming sites on the Internet today and is recommended as the best SolarMovie alternative. You can find an amazing amount of free and subscription only TV shows and HD movies. You have access to the latest episodes very soon after they are released so you don’t have to miss any part of your favorite series. No one wants to be the person covering their ears and begging people not to give any spoilers for the latest shows. It is easy to find what you want on Hulu because of the powerful search, navigation and filter tools. The current time, Hulu is only available in the United States and Japan, so international users will have to find an alternative. However, if you want to overcome this barrier and watch it from outside US, then check this article for helps.

II. Let Me Watch This – Movies for View and Download

URL:; Cost: Free

Let Me Watch This

Let Me Watch This is a great website similar to SolarMovie. It is free and has a vast selection of both older and new release feature movies. You can select a movie to watch easily or use one of their search filter capabilities to find the perfect show for you. Users can rate movies to make it easier for others to choose something to enjoy. There is also a great “If you like this movie, you will also like…” section on each page where similar films are listed. The only negativeof this site is the fact that they display ads before the movie plays. This is how they keep the whole service free for its users. All you have to do is click out of the ad or close the webpage that pops up to access the movie. They can even be downloaded for watching at a later time.

III. OZO Movies

URL:; Cost: Free

ozo movie

This website has made watching movie online as easy as never before. It’s a brand new video streaming site which features an intuitive webpage with thumbnails of movies only. You can conveniently navigate to the desired video and to watch it right away. There’s also no place for you to register or check for news, you will be pre-occupied with movies whenvisiting this site. Usually, the latest movies are arranged in sequence on home page, while you may also search for the films you like via the upper-right search bar. Though there’s no chronological category or list of types, it’s still a pretty awesome movie site as there’s large number of newly released movies in HD. Also, there’s a collection of the best movies of the year, which makes up for the lack of categories.

VI. AllMovie

URL:; Cost: Free

all movie

This video streaming site has a powerful search engine so you can navigate through the gigantic collection of movies with ease and find the perfect one for you. Besides a great selection, AllMovie offers articles about movie news, actors and actresses and other items of interest to film buffs. You can find box office listings in case you want to leave your house and go to the theatre as well as many full length films to watch at home. Video thumbnails make your choice easy.

V. Tube Plus – Watch Latest TV Shows

URL:; Cost: Free

Tube Plus

The movies on this website are extremely organized so you will be able to find the perfect show you are in the mood for without delay. Tube Plus has plenty of registered users who can comment and provide feedback on all the films. The site provides charts so people who stopped by can find the most popular genres or individual shows that they can watch. You can have a great time watching the well-loved movies and engaging in conversation about them. Tube Plus allows you to watch the videos right in on website screen, but there are also download capabilities so you can save them and watch them at your leisure.

VI. YouTube Movies – Special Channel for Movies

URL:; Cost: Most range from $1 to $15 for watching per movie.

YouTube Movies

This most popular video sharing site has a movie section where you can watch films from the past and the present in many different genres such as comedy, action and adventure, romance, cartoons and science fiction among others. While many of the films can be watched for free, some of the newer ones require payment. There are no pop-up ads to worry about with this service.

VII. IMDB – Authoritative Movie Review Site

URL:; Cost: Free (It provides movie info and trailer only)


Although IMDB is not a video streaming service, it offers the most extensive database of movies and television shows that are both available to watch now in the theatres or on cable networks. It serves as a guide for different episodes and films so you know what is playing when. Networks such as ABC, CBS, Fox, TBS, TNT and VH1 as well as many others are covered. People who love to watch movies or television shows will enjoy the community spirit found at IMDB. You can sign up directly at the site or login with your Facebook account to add information to the movie pages, discuss favorites with other fans and gave and get recommendations for your next choice.

VIII. Movie Web – Personalized Blog Concentrates on Offering Movies

URL:; Cost: Free (It provides movie info and trailer only)

movie web

This website requires registration if you want to get involved with the information and communication going on about movies, celebrities and other news in the entertainment industry. One thing that makes MovieWeb different is that it appears to be a blog instead of a database. There are easy to use menus for new releases, movies, trailers and other film options, or you can simply read the articles and view the videos that are posted frequently to the page.

Tips for Downloading Online Movies

While there are plenty of streaming movies sites online, downloading them to your hard drive or external media makes the process so much more enjoyable and convenient. Video Downloader is recommended for you to grab online videos and create your own collection. With it, you can download videos from virtually any website by directly downloading or recording. Along with this, you can convert the downloaded videos to popular formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, 3GP, WMV, etc. so you can play and share them with family and friends even on your laptop or mobile devices. It even allows you to burn movies to DVD for watching on your TV. Of course, none of the downloaded movies can be used commercially. They are just for you to enjoy on your own.

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