Top 12 Sites Like SolarMovie for Watching Movies

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Top 12 Sites Like SolarMovie for Watching Movies

SolarMovie is one of the most popular movie streaming website on the internet. What makes this site different from others, is that it actually allows people to watch movies without the need to register for an account. Also, advertisements rarely appear on the website making it a top choice for uninterrupted viewing. With its extensive collection of movies and TV series, it sure is a one-stop shop for people who want to watch something online. However, there are times when SolarMovie is inaccessible due to various reasons. For these cases, you can watch from other sites like SolarMovie that offers the same content and video quality. Listed below are some of the best SolarMovie alternatives that you can visit anytime.

Let Me Watch This

letmewatchthis homepage The first movie streaming site on our list is Letmewatchthis. This website provides thousands of movies online, where you can choose various genres of films and TV series. Just by signing in, you can enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV shows for free. Moreover, this site’s interface can be navigated easily, so that you can search the newly released movies quickly. Although you can watch videos on this website for free, we can’t avoid some ads appearing when we play the film. Still, this movie site is considered as one of the best alternatives to SolarMovie.


moviewatcher home page One of the tools that made in the list of alternatives of SolarMovie is the MovieWatcher. This site keeps on updating new movies and TV series for you to watch. Also, from its homepage, you can easily see all the popular movies and TV shows of the month. Furthermore, you can also see the biography of the most popular actors and actresses of all time. This website can help you to know all the movies of your favorite actor. This great site comes in handy if you are looking for a new film to watch.


freemoviewatcher homepage The next site that serves as SolarMovie is WatchMoviesFree. This movie streaming is well known for its number of HD quality movies. Besides, this website keeps updating the latest movies and TV series frequently. Furthermore, this site lets you see all the movies of your favorite actors/actresses, which can be done by clicking the name of the actor/actress when you watch a film with this site. That reason is enough for this movie site, to be on top of the list when it comes to watching free movies online.


allmovies homepage Another excellent movie streaming site that we have is AllMovie. With this site, you can easily watch all the hottest movies of the year, because you can quickly search the latest movies in theaters, new on DVD, and in the stream within this web page. Moreover, in case you are looking for a new film to watch, this site has a variety of choices that you can choose in Genres, Moods, and Themes, depending on your liking. What makes this tool special is its “Advanced Search” feature, where you only need to check some filters like the genre, the release date, and the ratings of the movie, and it will give you the recommended videos for you to watch. You must try this movie site if you want to keep updated with the film.

TV Box

tvbox homepage TV Box got a place on the list because of its sorted library, which means all movies and TV series are all in alphabetically, and in a timely order. TV Box, as its name suggests, has lots of TV series in its database. Also, this streaming site comes with various latest movies and animes. Additionally, this site shows all the upcoming films and TV series. In fact, you can see the most popular films and TV series from some of the famous TV streaming sites like Netflix, HBO, and Fox.


imdb homepage IMDb is probably recognizable website on the list. The website is an institution when it comes to everything that concerns the film industry. The site is not a video streaming site, but is packed with vast amounts of movie related content. Movie trailers and news articles are available on the site anytime and anywhere. The site is know for its fair moving rating system, where it rates movies according to their standards, which gives people an idea about the film. For many people, there is nothing more credible than a movie review from IMDb. This site deserves to be on the list of the best SolarMovie alternatives because it is able to provide quality movie reviews and recommendations to users.


movieweb homepage Another site that is not a movie streaming site, but is on the list of great SolarMovie alternative is MovieWeb. Despite being included in the list, the site is more of a movie news and blog site that contains information and news about movies being released. The site also gives a comprehensive review on films that are currently being shown and gives their visitors recommendations on what to watch. Movie trailers are also available here, though you must be logged-in to have full access to their contents. Be that as it may, this site still deserves the title of a great SolarMovie alternative.

Yes Movies

yes movies homepage Yes Movies is another site that provides satisfaction when it comes to movies viewing. Always loaded with the latest movies and TV shows, people are sure to find what they want anytime. The site runs on ads, so it is imperative that advertisements are frequent on the site. The downside is that, whenever you click something on the page, an advertisement will open on a new tab which can be annoying sometimes. Other than that, the site don’t have any other drawback as the movies within its library are all in high-definition. The site is easy to navigate, thanks to its clear and organized buttons and sections, saving time and effort especially when looking for a film to watch.


yts homepage YTS or formerly known Yify is home to HD quality movies for years now. As a matter of fact, there is no movie streamer who haven’t heard or visited its website. The site has been taken down many times now, and came back with a different domain name, and now it only supports online movie downloads. YTS has a wide collection of films, from the latest release, to classic movies as old as 50 years old. That is the reason why many users still use YTS to get the movie that they want, because they are sure of the quality.


moviesgg homepage Movies.GG is a movie streaming site available in three language, English, German and French. The site is home to films from countries that speaks the said languages, making its library a diversified one. The good thing about the site, is that ads rarely pop-up when watching the movie. Also, site provides ratings on their movies to guide visitors on what to expect when they actually watch the movie. If you think that this site is worth your while, then you can feel free to check it out. After all, it won’t make it to this list if it is not a great SolarMovie alternative.


house movie homepage HouseMovie is a movie site that offers similar content as with other movie hosting website. The difference is that HouseMovie is most of the time ahead of its competitors when it comes to updating their library. People would often notice that there are movies which have not premiered yet, but the site already have them on their database. That is one reason why it makes a great alternative to SolarMovie. Not only that, you can be rest assured that you only get the highest movie quality as possible because the site indicates the video quality beforehand.


rainierland homepage Rainierland is a lesser know site movie sharing site. However, it does not fall behind in-terms of movie collection, because it is always being updated from time to time. The movies here are all high-quality and most are in high-definition, so people are sure that they will be able to watch only the best movies the site can offer. Also, the site have TV shows to add more selections to their content, which is great for people who loves to binge-watch their favorite series. This truly is a great site like SolarMovie and it has proven to be for many years now.

Download Movies with Video Keeper

Watching movies online is great and all. However, there are times when the internet is not working, therefore you won’t be able to reach the sites mentioned above. That is why it is still best practice to download the movies instead. This way, you will be able to watch your favorite movies, even without the use of internet and you can take them anywhere with you. For that matter, there is no best tool to use that Acethinker Video Keeper. The tool is able to download movies from the sites mentioned above, with just a few clicks. In order to learn how to use the tool, follow the steps below.

Step1 Get the installer of Video Keeper

To install the tool, click one of the buttons below and get the installer. Once download is complete, run the installer and follow on-screen instructions.

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Step2 Launch Video Keeper and start download

Once installation is thru, you can proceed to launch the tool and reach the main interface. To start the download process, click the “Enable Detector” button and go to the “Detect” tab.

launch and start download

Step3 Play the movie

To download a movie, use the built-in browser of the tool and go to your preferred movie hosting site. Next, select the movie you want and click the play button. A notification will appear informing you that the download has started once done.

download the movie

Step4 Check the download progress

Go back to the “Download” tab, and from there you will see the progress of the download process. Wait for the download to finish as it may take some time depending on the internet speed.

check the download progress

Step5 Watch the completed video

Once the download is finished, it will transferred to the “Completed” section where you can watch it directly using the media player of the tool.

watch the video


SolarMovies is indeed a wonderful movie streaming site. However, the primary requirement in order to use it is being connected to the internet. Also, it is a known fact that the internet connectivity is not always available. Now all the other sites mentioned above works the same, they just need to have internet connectivity. However, there are other ways to watch your favorite movies even offline. Using Acethinker Video Keeper, you will be able to download movies from your favorite movie sharing sites. Using its breakthrough “Detect” function, the tool is a cut above the rest and can get any video from almost any website. With its robust downloading capabilities, Video Keeper is sure to get the video that want, effortlessly.

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