Best 8 Sites like VIPBox for Streaming Live Sports

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Best 8 Sites like VIPBox for Streaming Live Sports

VIPBox is known to many sports fans as the best sport streaming site. Almost every major sports event can be streamed from VIPBox, from basketball to football, and more. However, there is no need to worry about the legality of the site, because the streams are 100% legitimate. But, it is not the only site that can provide maximum entertainment when it comes to sports. There are several sports streaming sites like VIPBox that offers the same streams, though some of them might not have other sports, but still are worth trying. Continue reading to know some of the best websites similar to VIPBox to stream your favorite sports.

FirstsRow Sports

VIPBox alternative number 1 The first website like VIPBox to make the list is FirstsRow Sports. In terms of appearance, this site looks similar to the homepage of VIPBox. This tool has the basic sporting events that most people are familiar with. It is easy to keep track of your favorite sports since it follows the schedule of the country where it streams. Furthermore, you can change the time zone for more accurate time reference. However, due to law restrictions, this site is not available in the UK and US territories. However, in terms of streaming quality, it provides real time HD stream that is why it is a great alternative to VIPBox.


VIPBox alternative number 2 Another great VIPBox alternative is BossCast. Like many other sports streaming sites, major sporting events are featured here. BossCast contains most major sporting events in the United States, like Major League Baseball, and NFL. This site also has regular U.S. TV shows like Family Guy and The Simpsons. One good thing about BossCast, is that it has a list of all the games for a specific day, so you will see which game is playing at what time. Pretty convenient indeed for those who want to watch a specific game. BossCast also has a chat box where fans can have a conversation about the game that they are watching, keeping the environment very interactive and fun.


VIPBox alternative number 3 SportLemon is another site like VIPBox that offers sports streaming. The simplicity of the website is one of its main selling points. One good thing about this website is that the home page shows all the games scheduled for the day. There are also tabs that allow you to filter only the games that you want to see and their schedule. Another feature of Sport Lemon is the stream refresh button, which allows you to refresh only the stream that you are watching and not the entire web-page. This website will surely prove to be a great alternative to VIPBox because of it can provide seamless and high quality streaming.


VIPBox alternative number 4 FuboTV is a live streaming service that offers not only to sport channels but regular cable channels as well. It offers high-quality viewing and streaming access to its subscribers. However, it is not totally free as it requires regular monthly subscription, and that means you have to pay to use the service. In return for your subscription, you will gain unlimited access to the channels and programs that fuboTV offers. Still, having to pay for a monthly fee just to see your favorite sports team play is not worth it, as there are other that can provide access to the games. However, if we are talking about quality of the stream and video, it can still be a good VIPbox alternative.


VIPBox alternative number 5 When talking about free sport streaming sites like VIPBox, Streamhunter is one that comes into mind. This site offers live stream links to the most watched sports events in the United States. The website is designed to provide simple navigation, because when you reach the homepage, the first things that will appear are the schedule of the games on that day. The only drawback though, is that it only offers few sporting events. That is why if you are a fan of sports like Curling, and other similar sports, it’s not the site for you. However, for the common sports like Basketball and Baseball and American Football, Streamhunter will prove to be a good VIPBox alternative


site like vipbox - is an Austrian based free sports streaming website. Launched in 2001 in Vienna, Austria, the site offers various sporting events live-streams like motor-sports, winter sports and many more. One good thing about the website is its live game schedule because it shows the remaining time left until the stream begins. The site also revolutionized mobile sports streaming, because it is the first platform that opened its service to the mobile device in Austria. is so prominent in Austria that it dominates other live sports-streaming sites there. This is proof that the quality and selections on this site are top-notch.

Motorsports Stream

sites like vipbox - Motorsports Stream For avid motor-sports fans, there is no better choice to watch live-stream motor-sporting events than Motorsports Stream. This is a live-streaming site that is dedicated to anything that has an engine. Get fast-paced racing action in different categories with its massive collection of events, and available videos about racing. The site offers events like the Formula 1 Grand Prix, NASCAR, Daytona 500 and other major sporting events. Also, the site posts the schedule of the next sporting events that will go live to let people know. The site has different servers for their streams just in case one of their streams fail to play. This is one way to ensure that people will get what they came for, which is high-quality racing live-streams.


site like VIPBox - LiveTV Last on the list of great VIPbox alternatives is LiveTV. As its name suggests, the site offers live streaming events primarily on the field of sports. The thing about this website is it shows the statistics of each team for a specific sporting event. The site hosts significant sports like football and streams different leagues like the German Bundesliga, the English Premiere League, and others. The site is highly recommended for football aficionados because they cover the games, real-time.

Record Live Sporting Events with Screen Grabber Pro

Watching a live sporting event is thrilling and all, especially if your favorite team is playing and winning. However, there are instances where you will miss a game due to work or other important things. For these instances, you can choose to record the game and watch it when you get home. For these cases, you can use Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro, to record your game in high quality for later viewing. To know how to use this tool, follow he simple steps below.

Step1 Download and install Screen Grabber Pro

To get the installer of Screen Grabber Pro, just click the buttons below and run it on the PC. After installation, run the program to reach the home screen.

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Step2 Select the recording mode

While the stream is on-going, click the down arrow next to the “Record” button and select from the modes available, “Region” allows you to select specific parts of the screen while the “Full Screen” covers the entire screen.

select how to record screen

Step3 Start the recording process

When everything is set, click the “Record” button and drag the frame to cover the parts to record and click “OK” to begin the recording process.

start recording the game

Step4 Add annotations while recording

While the recording process is on-going, you can make notes and add shapes, which will show on the recording, just click the “Draw” button on the toolbar.

add annotations

Step5 Finish the recording

Once the game is over, you can end the recording by clicking the “Stop” button and the video will be saved.

finish the recording

Step6 Watch and locate the video

To watch the video, simply select it from the “Preview Panel” and click the “Play” button. If you want to locate the file, simply click the “Open folder” button.

play and locate the file

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VIPBox is without a doubt one of the best live sports streaming sites. However, it is not safe at technical problems that can cause delay and unexpected error when watching. However, if you know the websites like VIPBox, then it won’t be a problem whenever VIPBox is not accessible. With the right websites like those mentioned above, the party won’t stop. On the other hand, if you want to relive the winning moments of your team over and over again, you can record their winning game using Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro. This way, you can reminisce over those epic moments anytime and any day.

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