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Top 10 Sites Similar to VideoSurf

featured image videosurf VideoSurf is a video search engine that gives users the opportunity to search and watch videos all across the web. What's so unique about this site is it can see frames inside videos and can identify faces to watch and find what you are really looking for. It contains countless videos from funny videos, scary, movie clips to TV full episodes. By using this site, you will spend less time searching and spend more time being entertained instead. However, this site is no longer supported because it was already acquired by Microsoft. This is to improve the search and discovery of Microsoft's system. Luckily, there are many sites like VideoSurf that enables you to search and watch video online. Thus, if you are looking for alternatives to VideoSurf, then simply check this article about the best 10 websites similar to VideoSurf.

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Deemed as one of the largest video search engines, 360daily is a European based media platform like VideoSurf that allows users to search for online video content. Its content comprises of video collections from professional sources like AOL and It's not only for viewers who intend to search for their favorite videos. This also serves marketers, advertisers, Web publishers, and so on. Using this site, users will also be given the capability to create personal video playlists and even allow you to customize your video wall for the blog. 360daily, formerly known as Blinkx, has 800 media partnerships and now expanded its partnerships with Samsung, Sony, Roku, and other companies to power the video search for mobile video and connected TV.

360daily interface


  • Offers grab video keywords
  • Create embeddable video for blog or SNS

  • Adds several advertisements before the video results

Google Videos

Similar to VideoSurf, Google Videos offers free web video hosting service from Google. It was founded and launched in January 2005. Google has only begun its evolution into a video search engine as soon as it acquired its former competitor YouTube. It was down after acquiring YouTube, it came back to like in 2018 and continues to operate as Google Videos. Here you can find a large collection of freely searchable TV programs and user-uploaded videos. From amateur media, movie trailers, to movie trailers. Aside from that, it also aims to provide commercial media, including television shows and movies.

google videos search engine


  • Can instantly get videos from various video hosting sites
  • Simple and clear user interface

  • Tools are limited compared to other search engines

AOL Video Search

Another website, like VideoSurf, is AOL Video Search. This is a search engine for your favorite entertainment videos. It has an advanced technology powered by Truveo. This technology is the functionality to crawl the web and index meta-tags from videos, including the dynamic web pages. AOL opens doors to millions of web surfers to search and watch music videos, entertainment videos, lifestyle, news, finance, and other content from its partner, Time Warner. Moreover, AOL and Hollywood have strong ties relationship. This surely can leverage to outdo other video assets from Google.

aol video search main page


  • Easy to find shows, trailers and movies
  • Offers incredible collection of episodes across the web

  • Some search results are cluttered with not relevant videos


Pixsy is also a very good VideoSurf alternative. It is a video search site that powers its technology to the video search engine and private label photo for websites. Its search capability is driven by meta-tags to allow users to search for videos by relevance, provider, category, and freshness. Also, Pixsy polishes its video into RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication format) to make them searchable and up-to-date. Veoh, a leader in Internet television, uses Pixsy technology to improve its search functionality to its site. This means Pixsy will power the video and video search on Veoh Networks, such as and VeohTV.

pixsy main page


  • Has an advanced AI and filter technology to give the most relevant result
  • Delivers accurate search result

  • Overcrowded content in a too small space

Yahoo! Video

Yahoo! Video is also a worth visiting search engine site like VideoSurf. Apart from videos, Yahoo! also allows you to search for information, images, and answers across the World Wide Web. It is geared on allowing users to upload and share their videos. But when it comes to search capability, it does not fall behind. The search results are driven by meta-tags that can be added to any video by any user. Other content comes from other video sites that add their content using Yahoo! 's acquisition program.

yahoo search engine


  • Get the on-demand video results
  • Stream episodes of television from ABC, NBC, and Fox Networks

  • Some of the video results are inaccurate


Next on the list, we have Lycos. It was regarded as being one of the leading world wide web navigation companies. It seeks to provide users with help when it comes to locating, searching, managing online information for free of cost. Lycos aggregates videos through its searching and indexing technology. It also covers a wide range of catalog providing a one-stop source of information for different topics. On top of that, it offers great services such as Peoplefind, companies online, yellow pages, and many more.

lycos main page


  • Has decent multimedia results
  • Excellent in forum discussion search

  • Search page is crowded and confusing


Another site like VideoSurf is ClipBlast. This site is developed to build the largest video search engine online. Clipblasts features patent-pending technology that is designed to let web surfers get a high-quality web video search experience. Specifically, it crawls the web continuously to find the most relevant search available from the web of video. It's fast and easy to use interface allows you to access millions of videos and connect you to media brands, publishers, vloggers, and individuals. Aside from that, it also offers its video uploaded free way to index video to be easily monetized.

clipblast main page


  • Real-time access on top video contents
  • Features image recognition and speech-to-text technology

  • Annoying display ads at the bottom of the video


You can also use YouTube as an alternative to VideoSurf. Likewise, it offers an extensive video genre that you can search and watch across all the web. This video hosting site is loaded with your favorite TV shows, video clips, movies, educational videos, Vlogs, etc. Users can also upload videos from this site. However, you need to be a registered user to do so. Furthermore, you can easily install this app on your mobile device to watch videos quickly and conveniently.

youtube main interface


  • The search results are fantastic and accurate
  • You can watch videos even with or without registration

  • Channels from this site just copy and edit original content


Truth be told, eHow is better at delivering how-to-type videos. But it can display other video results too. The platform comes equipped with 170,000 videos and a large number of articles with step by step instructions. You can simply use search for videos using this site by typing in your search query on the search bar. And Just like YouTube, this enables you to leave comments or responses to the videos as feedback. Despite this, it's a place worth visiting when you are into how-to videos.

ehow main interface


  • Videos for awesome DIYs
  • Site displays practical solutions in videos and articles

  • Contains only a handful of genres

Bing Video

Bing Video also uses the internet at large in its searches. This brings the video results from YouTube, Yahoo, Vimeo, and other video hosting sites. The platform is populated with never-ending videos. Whether you use the search engine or just click on the suggested section, you will find lots of interesting videos. When you click on any video, it will be played and will also show you some relevant videos and searches. As a result, it will let you easily find the video you are looking for.

bing video interface


  • Less competition for keywords
  • Larger Character Limit

  • Less popular than Google

Download Online Videos with Video Keeper

As we all know, most of these sites are bound to copyright issues. Thus, it is better to save a copy of them for online viewing. This way, you don't have to browse through the internet over again just to watch videos and movies. In case you are wondering, there are a lot of video downloaders available online. However, only a few downloaders support downloading to these sites. Hence, you need a reliable tool that offers great support with the sites, as mentioned earlier. Acethinker Video Keeper is a professional tool that you can use to download videos from thousands of video sharing sites. It features a browser within the app to easily look for your favorite videos and download them directly using the app. On the other hand, here's a brief and simple guide to Acethinker Video Keeper.

Step 1 Download and install Video Keeper

To download videos, you need to download the first Video Keeper on your computer. For a quick download, click the "Download" button below. Choose the platform for your device and start using the program. Then, install the app once the app is completely downloaded.

Try It Free

Step 2 Visit the video site

Next, visit the video site where you want to grab videos. Suppose that you are attempting to download videos from AOL, use the built-in browser of Video Keeper under the "Detect" tab and type in the site's official website on the URL box. When you reach the page, play the video, you need to download and make sure that auto-detection is enabled. Once the tool detected the video, it will automatically begin downloading the video.

browse and download video

Step 3 Check the downloaded video

The video then will be saved directly to the "Completed" section where all downloaded videos are located. Under this tab, right-click on the video that was just downloaded and click "Play" to check the playback of the video.

check the video playback


Now you don't need to bother looking for the video clips from other video sites. With the help of these VideoSurf similar sites mentioned above, you can spend more time watching than searching. Meanwhile, you can use the video downloader program from AceThinker to save your preferred videos and movies to local computer drive and watch them offline. If you have suggestions or comments, share your thoughts by leaving on the comment section below. For more articles like this, feel free to visit our site often.

video keeper

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