Top Upwork Alternative Sites for Freelancers

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Top Upwork Alternative Sites for Freelancers

sites like upworkMillions of people world over have taken the advantage of huge opportunities freelancing has come to offer. Whether one is in search of extra income to foot bills, or seeking other means of engaging in more professional development opportunities, or just in love with the freedom to offer services, professional freelancing is the way to go. It has offered numerous windows for millions all over the world to excel professionally and become economically relatively independent. Freelance is now a digital nomad which has become a lifestyle that grows in popularity and has gained widespread acceptability across board.

To get involved in the world of digital nomadic job, many platforms are available and doing great out the two earlier mentioned. Yes, both Upwork and Freelancer have huge follower-ship and subscribers; there are many of the best sites that are also doing great deals and building their capacity and visibility on a daily basis. To be fair though, Upwork and Freelancer give every freelancer high leverage as they offer a range of job opportunities from web and graphic design, copywriting, proofreading, and content writing So as software development, accounting project management, virtual assistance, translation, data entry and analysis, internet and social media marketing, product design, marketing and promotion, mobile development, among other numerous jobs they offer. But we can always be sure that other less viable sites. Which performs similar functions are no less important and instrumental to the increasing coverage freelancing has gotten in the last couple of years. Simply put, one can easily get engaged profitably on these two and many other sites. The success of the potential freelancer depends largely on his capacity to deliver professional and keep to deadline and timeframe.

Let us take a look at some top sites and unveil the opportunities and peculiarities they offer in the nomadic digital business. A list of the 15 best sites to find work as a freelancer will suffice.


frelancefUnlike most other platforms, Freelancer besides its ability to offer jobs and projects to millions of freelancer, it allows freelancer to compete adequately in the market with other freelancers with a view to proving one’s skills and expertise. A freelancer’s competitive edge wins him a project and his confidence in his expertise is a great leverage to win more clients and attract more jobs.


freeLtoptalToptal has a distinctive feature in its mode of operations than any other freelance services providers. With a distinctly different approach to its operations, Toptal is primarily designed for seasoned and time-t, sted talented freelancers. If one is able to go through and succeed in Toptal’s assessment test, then a guaranteed access to projects and jobs is not negotiable. It has the capacity to give jobs from different highly resourceful and lucrative project finance corporations. With fair compensations that Toptal offers, it, however, does not allow for low bids. It is essentially meat for highest bidders and trusted professionals whose services are not only convincing but also set a landmark record. Toptal is where highly talented and skilled software developers and designers can ear cool cash and develop their competence and expertise.


FreeLanceflexiLike other online job platforms, Flexijobs lists confirmed and verified job postings. The uniqueness of this site is its capacity to post fewer jobs which are not only handpicked but also verified. This feature makes it difficult to find scam job postings on the site. Consequently, there are few job postings on the site and any job searchers who visit the site can always be sure and could rely on the originality, authenticity, and veracity of the sources of the jobs posted. However, the subscription fees for jobs posted on Flexi jobs are relatively high, ranging from $15 per month, $30 for three months or 50 dollars for a year.


freelancersThe essential focus of Guru is to allow job searchers and freelancers to easily display their past works, projects, and experiences. Thus, it offers a regular job-matching characteristic to ensure that they do not lose any bright opportunities that are available and profitable. Guru also gives opportunities for freelancers to easily and simply manage their works, regardless of the scope and load. Jobs posted on Guru are suitable for any kind of freelancer, a uniqueness that makes it open to all industries. Getting a job on Guru requires that one gets a profile and portfolio of past work uploaded and this gives a window for new clients to search one’s services.


FlancecraigslistWhile many have a limited scope of what Craiglist can do, the platform offers much more than this myopic point of view. Many see the online platform as just mere channel fixated to buying and selling of miscellaneous materials. However, Craiglist is actually a much more robust platform which also serves as a great source of freelance jobs opportunities. It offers the greatest window to search for jobs within one’s locality and can also seek opportunities if one prefers to work from the remote end. Either way, with Craiglist, one can with ease browse for local offers with the immediate environment or search for freelance job offers from major cities even at the remotest end.


FL freelanceIf you are a great editor, writer, coders, designers, etc, this platform is for you. iFreelance accommodates a number of the usual suspects of the freelancing circle but also includes freelance marketers. The advantage iFreelance has over all other sites like Upwork and Freelancer is that it does not charge. The writer, editor, or whoever gets jobs or projects through the platform is not charged a dime over earnings. In other words, you have not deducted any charge on your earnings and you can also upload your project for free. A similar site is Freelance Writing Gigs, a platform intended for writers, editors, bloggers, publishers or any combination of those.


FlozlanceOzlance is a site primarily dedicated to freelancers who are willing to work for New Zealadns and Australians clients. Professionals and business owners in these two regions have built this platform to reach out to a number of freelancers who are willing to partner with them and develop their project with high level of expertise, quality delivery, ease, deadline and time frame. The site contains all kinds of freelance jobs but is limited to those who are willing to work for Australian and New Zealand business moguls.


FlyunojunoYunoJuno offers opportunities for elite freelancers who are in search of high-end clients. The process of making use of this site requires the freelancer to create a profile and apply to join the profile has been created. If the application is confirmed and accepted, the applicant is given chance to apply for jobs listed on the platform. Jobs relating to customer services and web development fields characterize the site.


Fl99designs99designs is a platform for freelance designers. 99designs offers opportunities to freelancers to compete in design contests while waiting to get feedback from clients opt for the best freelancers that offer the best and required service. If any freelancer wins the contest, they the project money for which they contested. This platform is for talented designers as it gives them an opportunity to prove their mettle. Similar to this platform is the GetACoder, a site for freelance writers, web designers and programmers. It is geared towards promoting small and medium businesses that look to acquire a website idea from the scratch. The platform offers a variety of projects and jobs from which freelancers can choose.


FlprojectforhireLike most other digital nomadic sites, Fivver offers similar job opportunities for freelancers. However, it has its own uniqueness which is found in it’s the idea that clients don’t post jobs. What happens instead is that freelancers are expected to create ‘gigs’ based on the kind of services they can render and skills they deploy. Here, it is the responsibility of the freelancer to inform the clients what they can do. They will also state the budgetary allocation and the time frame for the work. So, in the process, the clients now make choices whether the freelancer meets the requirements set out. If he does, he is hired; otherwise, the client opts out elsewhere. This site is good for freelancer show are offering micro-jobs that require little time to start and complete. For examples, reviews, logo designs, blog comments, voice-overs, etc. conventionally, as the name suggests, Fiverr jobs were used to be priced at $5 but events have altered situations and so prices now vary from client to client.

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