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Udemy is an online educational platform, where users can either teach or enroll to learn additional skills. The site offers various learning contents, which were created by other professionals in a given field. The purpose of Udemy is to provide quality education to those who don’t have enough funds to make it into college, or for those who don’t have much time on their end. What makes this online educational platform very flexible, is because users can use it at any time convenient for them. However, Udemy courses are not entirely for free because there are subscription fees for the benefit of the lecturer and the site to keep it running. A small price to pay for a lifetime worth of learning and additional skill set which you can use to start a business or things alike. But Udemy is not always available, as it have its downtime as well, that is why to give people options, we listed down other sites like Udemy where people can also take online courses.

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Academy of Mine

academy of mine

Academy of Mine is website that specializes in creating online lectures. This site caters the needs of course sellers, especially in creating their online courses. The site provides a platform to create, sell and promote an online course through their wide network of supported online learning websites. For a reasonable price, people can start working to create their online course and start selling them to their target market. The site have all the tools needed by course sellers, which makes it very convenient to use. What’s best about the site is its thirty day free trial, where people can try their services and tools for a whole month without having to pay for anything. This way, potential clients will be able to test the water first before diving head-on.

Course Merchant

course merchant homepage

As its name suggests, Course Merchant is a site that catalogs online courses for them to reach potential buyers. The site acts as a store, where people can look for online courses that suits their needs, and subscribe to them. The site profits by commissions from every person that enrolls to one of their online course. The site is affiliated with popular LMS or Learning Managements Systems, like Moodle and other sites alike so every person that enroll is guaranteed to find a course for them. This is a very convenient site to use as a course seller because you can keep track of your online course, and see how things are going with it. Overall, Course Merchant is a dependable site for course sellers and buyers alike, making it a great Udemy alternative.


ezlcms home page

EZLCMS is a learning management system that offers online courses, for people who wants to learn a new skill. The best thing about the tool is that it is available on mobile platforms, because it has the option the transform online lectures into HTML files. This way, people can access their lectures even without internet, anytime and anywhere. When enrolling to the site, the user will have to choose if he wants to be a learner or lecturer. This way, the site will know what contents and options to show you to cater your needs. Being a site like Udemy, its focus on learning is high, making it an top efficient choice for people.

Khan Academy

khan academy homepage

A more popular educational website is Khan Academy. The site started in 2008 and has continued to offer free online learning materials to users, mostly students who are looking for additional learning experience. As mentioned, the contents of the website are free to use. Most contents are educational videos that offers different academic subject lessons. Over the years, Khan Academy have been helping students and users alike to learn something from watching and reading their contents. This is the reason why it makes a great Udemy alternative.


bloc homepage

BLoc is a e-Learning website that specializes in web design and development. The site promises results in a six month session, which aims to help the student land a job. If you plan to switch to the web design and development field, and want to learn quickly, then Bloc is the site that you should choose. With its comprehensive lesson track, you will learn the in and out of the web design and development in no time. With its track record, there is no doubt that Bloc live up to its claim that you can land a high paying job in six months, or you get your money back. The only drawback is the amount you need, to start your session with Bloc. In order to join, the fee is more than four thousand dollars for a six month session. However, considering the quality education that you will get, it will sure to make the amount you paid worth it.


lynda homepage

Lynda is another great site like Udemy that charge a fee for its online courses. The site offers many courses for different fields, like Design, Audio and Video, IT and Marketing. What makes Lynda a top e-Learning platform is its set of lecturers, that share their knowledge using video tutorials and other learning materials. Lynda also has a mobile version, which very useful for people who use smartphones and other handheld device most of the time. With its premium courses, and credible lecturers, you’ll get your money’s worth, making it a great Udemy alternative.


coursera homepage

Coursera is a website launched by two Stanford University professors. The site is affiliated with top universities across the United States. That is one reason why it is one of the most credible, e-Learning platform that you can use. As a proof that one has finished a course of Coursera, the site provides certificates that are valid and can be used as a credential. The site offers ten specialized training courses that offers comprehensive learning materials like videos. To sum it up, Coursera is a top site like Udemy that offers high-quality education.


udacity homepage

The site that is probably most recognizable on the list is Udacity. The website offers courses that is related to Data Science and other fields of I.T and Web Development. One good thing about the site is its flexible payment plan. Users have the option to pay on a monthly or annual basis, and can do a refund if they decide to leave in the middle of their subscription. Although it is very rare for people to quit or leave in the middle of their sessions, because Udacity provides in-depth knowledge and training to its users. No wonder many people recognize this site as one of the best in the field of e-Learning.



Codecademy is a site that all aspiring programmers should visit. The site specializes in programming lessons and related subjects. As a proof of its credibility, Codecademy is used to be affiliated with The White House. For people who wants an in-depth learning experience with coding and programming, then don’t hesitate and enroll to Codecademy. However, the site focus on the main topic of coding and programming, that they put little attention to developing the problem solving and algorithm building skills of its students. That is the only drawback of the site, but if we are talking about results, then it is definitely a great Udemy alternative.



Skillshare is a site that offers multiple learning opportunities, in different fields. With its wide-range of topic to choose from, one will never run out of options. The site offers lessons using videos, and even face to face teaching sessions on some areas in the United States. With their pool of capable and experienced lecturers, the success rate of its student actually landing a high paying job is quite high. The site also encourages people to share their knowledge, by joining their team and become instructors in their chosen field. The site offers different prices, depending on the course taken and are very reasonable.

Amazing Online Course

amazing online course homepage

Amazing Online Course offers a lot of topics to choose from, and are very easy to understand because they use video tutorials. This site offers lessons about programming and other related subjects in the I.T field. What makes this site a great Udemy alternative, is the fact that most of its video lessons are free. If you will encounter a priced video lesson, then you will find it reasonable because you are sure that you will get the most out of your money. The thing that sets it apart from other e-Learning platforms, is it fully uses videos for its lessons.


360training homepage

If you are planning to switch careers, then you should visit 360training. This site offers courses from different industries of your choice. The site offers in-depth lessons about different topics in a certain field at different prices. However, the scope of each courses are not visible for visitors, so the learning path is only exclusive to those who are already enrolled to the program. In essence, this site can become a tool for success with its comprehensive video lessons. This is a reason that makes it a great Udemy alternative.

Record Video Lessons with Screen Grabber Pro

Video tutorials are proven effective methods in teaching. That is why most sites mentioned above use this mode of teaching for their lessons. However, there are times when you are not at home or internet connectivity is not available. To address this issue, you can just take your lessons with you, by recording the video lesson with Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro. This efficient recording tool can capture the same high-definition quality of your videos to ensure clarity. This way, information retention will be more effective, and in case you forget about the lesson, you can always watch it again. This is effective especially when you are no longer subscribe to the service, as you can watch the videos over and over again. To learn how to use the tool, follow the steps below.

Step1 Download and install Screen Grabber Pro

First off, download the installer of Screen Grabber Pro by clicking one of the buttons below. Once download is complete, run the installer and follow the instructions that will appear on your PC screen.

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Step2 Choose the recording mode

Once the tool is launched, set which recording mode you would use by clicking the drop down menu next to the “Record” button. “Region” allow the user to select parts of the screen that will be included to the recording. While “Full Screen” covers the entire screen area and all things within it.

select recording mode

Step3 Commence recording process

Once all the initial settings are done, then it is time to start recording. To do so, click the “Record” button, and a three second countdown will begin and recording will start once the countdown is finished.

start recording

Step4 Add annotations

While recording is ongoing, you can add annotations to your video by clicking the “Pen” icon from the toolbar. A new panel will appear which houses the different options that you can add to the video.

add annotations

Step5 End the recording

Once the video tutorial is over, you can end the recording process by clicking the “Stop” button from the toolbar and the video will be saved automatically.

stop the recording

Step6 Watch the video

The video will appear on the “Preview Panel” of the tool. To watch it, select the video and click the “Play” button. On the other hand, if you want to locate the file, click the “Open folder” button and the file location will appear.

play and locate video

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