Best 12 Edu Sites Similar to Udemy

Last updated on January 7, 2019 by Cindy Smith

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Best 12 Edu Sites Similar to Udemy

sites like UdemyNo matter what your current education level is, you can improve the skills you already have or learn new ones on a number of Internet course websites. There are so many available the first challenge may determine which one to use. If you are recommending a particular class to someone else, require it of your employees or the freelancers you use, the challenge gets even greater because you do not know everything about their learning style. We have tried out and reviewed 12 of the most popular online learning sites like Udemy to help you gain your language.

Academy of Mine

Academy of Mine
RATING: 9.5/10, URL: Visit Academyofmine Official Website : Click Here

Many of the techniques I suggest in Leaving the Learning Revolution are in use by the people at the Academy of Line as well, which makes this a very interesting online educational program in my opinion. They have a great blog that is updated regularly, podcasts to listen to and also post frequent webinars to increase the educational opportunities for their users. The administrative interface for people who want to host classes on the site is very intuitive and also offers a unique blend of educational and marketing tools. However, people who are just starting out on this platform have reported that the learning curve is a bit challenging. If you can overcome the initial difficulties, Academy of Mine offers a powerful platform. Monthly costs start at $199 and go up from there.

Course Merchant

Course Merchant
RATING: 9.2/10, URL: Visit Course Merchant’s Official Website : Click Here

Course Merchant will be familiar to anyone who ever used Moodle, a popular open source LMS. This platform takes things beyond a simple e-commerce capability and offers more options, such as the ability to offer discounts, bundle courses together into packages licenses for multiple seats that can be used for schools, employers or anyone who has more than one student they wish to take the class. Course Merchant also owns, which is an affiliate marketing network specifically designed for online courses.


RATING: 9.0/10, URL: Visit EZLCMS’s Official Website : Click Here

The biggest difference offered in these educational platforms is the tools given to the instructors to create classes and presentations they can sell. This site has what they call the Adaptive Course Offering PowerPoint Plug-in. It is designed to convert presentations into HTML products that can be accessed easily on a smartphone or other mobile device. There are also extensive analysis capabilities for educators who wish to test students extensively. The EZLCMS site charges a minimum of $199 per month for access, but there is a free 15 day trial period so you can explore before you make up your mind.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy
RATING: 8.5/10, URL: Visit KHANACADEMY’s Official Website : Click Here

This educational platform is completely free and focuses more on academic subjects than career skills. It has an extensive collection of micro-lectures that use both video and text to teach science, math, economy, history and some light programming skills.Many classes are appropriate for children who need help with schoolwork. It gives you a perfect opportunity to try out a few topics for delving into more in-depth classes you may have to pay for elsewhere. The personalized learning dashboard lets you choose the topic you want to learn and at a pace that matches your very own speed.


RATING: 8.3/10, URL: Visit BLOC’s Official Website : Click here

For an in-depth education on website development, Bloc offers a more regimented educational experience than websites that host video courses. The tuition is $4250 and up. The lessons take 24 hours per week and last for several months. For those who wish to make an entire shift in their career or who want to start one, Bloc offers an incredible opportunity to learn everything in a well-structured framework. The courses are challenging and require you to be fully determined, concentrated and disciplined. Bloc courses are self-paced and fully tailored and optimized to match your pace and career plans.


RATING: 8.3/10, URL: Visit LYNDA’s Official Website Click Here charges for access to individual classes much like Udemy. There are also some free courses and previews of many paid options as well. The main focus of this educational site is on computer, network and digital skills that can help in today’s employment marketplace. These include programming, graphic and web design, videography, audio production, office software programs and general classes of interest to business professionals. Also like Udemy, most of the classes are presented as videos with included transcripts. This allows you to search the entire course list for specific things you wish to learn and create your own playlists. For libraries, schools and other organizations, discounts are available. If you’re wondering how to download courses from Lynda and watch them offline, find the best tips here.


RATING: 8.2/10, URL:Visit COURSERA’s Official Website :Click here

Coursera has associated with Top universities in the U.S. as well as around the world in giving online courses incorporating dozens of diverse topics. Lately, they’ve added “specializations”—10 unique course paths which the associate university will officially issue you a certification of completion. Coursera has a lot of varieties of topics ready one can pick ranging from information science to the theory of music. As Coursera delights in itself on being available to every individual, a lot of the courses are maybe very cheap to enroll or entirely free. Only the final official certification theta will be issued to you at the end which is expensive.


RATING: 8/10, URL:Visit Audoacity’s Official Website: Click Here

Udacity is a program which focuses on technology intensively, using a small however well-crafted collection of studies/courses. In case you are seeking to develop into data science (referred to as the “sexiest job of the 21st century“), Udacity’s data science program has an exciting list of teachers from different organizations such as Facebook and Salesforce. The structure of Udacity’s pricing permits you to monthly pay for your courses; if you choose to leave a program before finishing it, you can just pay for the point you have attended, instead of paying for the entire course.


RATING: 8/10, URL: Visit CODECADEMY’s Offical Website : Click Here

Earlier supported by the White House, Codecademy is committed to educating people the ways to write codes (how to code)—It’s free of charge. Unlike other online coding courses, which are “learn at your speed” type, Codecademy encourages their students to maintain a fast pace, making use of a gamified points system and support groups. The school provides courses in many programming languages—such as PHP, Ruby, and Python—and before the end of the course, learners are usually already deploying and building. The downside of Codecademy is that while it teaches you the basic framework of a programming language thoroughly, ultimately programming is about solving problems and creating algorithms and Codecademy places very little emphasis on practising these skills.


RATING: 8/10, URL: Visit SKILLSHARE’s Official Website:Click Here

Skillshare is a marketplace community for new skills acquisitions. They have so many unique subjects to pick from. Skillshare gives an online list of video-based courses and in-person workshops in towns such as San Francisco and New York. Several classes are open to taking as a non-member at the cost of about $20-$30 individually. However, they are top classes—handled by leaders several industries. The cost for membership is $9.95 monthly. Though this doesn’t guarantee any content for free, it only gives 20% off of every class. Similar to other programs, Skillshare provides the student with surveys for your recommendation.


Amazing Online Course
RATING: 8/10, URL: Visit AMAZINGONLINECOURSE’s official Website: Click Here

This site is a full packed video tutorial for an aspiring businessman. This site provides one of the easiest step by step procedure video tutorials. Basically, this was founded to help more businessmen around the globe to maintain and sustain their companies through these helpful video tutorials. In short this site is all about business and you can learn from the best of business experts from around the world who provide you with vital tips on how to expand and grow your business. Learn how to maximize your profits and make the most out of your business.


RATING: 8/10, URL: Visit 360Training’s Official Website: Click Here

Are you looking for the right career but don’t know how to start and where to begin? This site is for you then. If you are looking for a career advancement, this site will help you transform your passion into a high demand career. All on-demand courses are combined in one unlimited subscription so you can make the most out of the training. 360training is also great for businesses as the learning experience can be fully customized to your own business. 360training is a widely accessible, e-learning marketplace where you can browse courses, create your own, or take advantage of the business solutions section to boost your company’s growth and progress.

How to Record Streaming Videos on Sites like Udemy

Often you find that there are streaming videos that you have watched and found very useful but you can’t download them for later viewing because the website hosting the video has not enabled downloading. In this case, AceThinker offers an excellent solution with their Screen Grabber Pro desktop recorder program, which you can use to select any area of your screen and record its activity. Screen Grabber Pro supports the recording of videos from any site, so you will have no trouble grabbing your favorite videos from any of the above mentioned sites. Below you will find a step by step guide on how to use the software.

Step1 Downloading and Installing the Program

You can get a copy of the software from AceThinker’s official website or using the links below. The program is capable of running on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Click the download button and install the program by following the steps described in the installation wizard.

Try It Free

Step2 Selecting Recording Mode

You can either select a specific region to be recorded or you can record the activity of the full screen. Navigate to your video you wish to record and to select a specific section of the screen to be recorded, which in this case will be the area of the media player, choose the “Region” mode from the list. Click the screen and a small toolbar will appear. Click “Custom” and choose any of the listed dimensions. Now place one of the corners of the highlighted recording are to the corner of the built-in media player and drag the other corner diagonally across to the other corner so that the highlighted area covers the media player’s area or the content you want to record in particular.

starter interface of screen grabber pro

Step3 Starting the Recording

Once you have the recording area set, press “Ok” and a 3 second countdown will start to give you some time to prepare for the recording. By the time the recording starts, make sure you have started playing your video. During the recording, you can control the process using the small control bar that appears on your screen.

SGPInitiate record

Step4 Stopping the Recording

To stop the recording simply hit the red stop button on the control bar. Your recorded video will be displayed in Screen Grabber Pro’s video library along with all your other recorded videos. Here you can replay, rename, edit and upload your videos.


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As you see, there are a lot of options if you’re looking for sites like Udemy for online course learning. Here we only list the top 12 to narrow down your selection. Most of these Udemy similar websites offer free courses to the same level as Udemy. Hope it will be helpful for you to choose the course learning platform. The way to record online courses is also introduced in case you want to save the course for learning offline. And if you have a better course selling website that is not included here, please share with us by leaving a comment below.

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