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These days you can now learn anything online, and one of the best places to acquire knowledge and skills is Udemy. Udemy is considered a huge marketplace allowing everyone to be able to share what they know. In addition to that, it offers a bunch variety of courses. From coding and programming, to design, to business and plenty more. In other words, it has everything that can vie your attention and should enhance your skills in your area of interest. The only concern though, is the learning style of the site. The learning materials are given to you, including activities, exercises, and videos for reference. You don’t get to interact with the teacher who could help and guide you navigate the course. Moreover, there are absent features like the peer-learning aspect and certification, which should give you a sense of completion with the courses you took. On that note, we researched for sites like Udemy that could offer these features. Outlined below is the list of 10 best education sites worth exploring.

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Masterclass is an online education site that allows you to learn skills through the lectures and tutorials for a specific topic in your area of interest. It has a wide range of courses which are being taught by experts in different fields. It offers classes such as Writing, Acting, The Art of Performance, Filmmaking, Screenwriting, and other courses related to performing and film production. No wonder why famous personalities, aspiring artists, and industry professionals enroll here. But aside from that, the site will also cover some more topics, including sports and cooking. There’s also a high chance of expanding the course coverage into video game design, economics, politics. Although it does not offer interactive classes, there are classes where you are given actual exams where one student needs to act with other students via Skype or in person. You can also check this out to learn the best way to record lectures.

masterclass main page

Cost: Has Annual subscription priced at $180 or while the subscription for every class is priced at $90.

Key features:

  • Specific topics for your area of interest
  • Less expensive subscription than other alternatives


If you need to enhance your computer-related skills, Pluralsight is a worth visiting site. From this website, you will be able to learn anything from JavaScript to Photoshop and a bunch more. Also, it provides you with courses ranging from beginner level, intermediate up to advanced. No matter if you subscribe to the annual or monthly payment, you can still access to its entire library to get all your learning materials. In addition to this, your one-time subscription either for a month or one year comes with the capability to take many courses as you wish. Another great feature of this site is that it enables you to learn even just by using your mobile device, tablet, or computer. In this manner, you can sharpen your skills anywhere, anytime, by watching professional tech and creative training.

pluralsight page

Cost: Sign up for a premium account for $299 or $29 for monthly subscription.

Key features:

  • Lets you check for the free courses before the payment
  • Specializes on IT-related and computer courses


Another site to learn and acquire skills online is Coursera. This is an education platform online to learn dozens of different courses from the leading institutions and universities across the globe. From among the several institutions, MIT and Harvard offer courses for Coursera. This means you are learning as if you enrolled in a university. And by taking courses from this site, you will have the chance to get an official certification issued by the famous universities. You can also obtain assignments that are graded from a real university professor. Being that said, Coursera is a excellent Udemy alternative.

coursera homepage

Cost: One-time payment ranges between $15 to $200.

Key features:

  • Has certification for paid users
  • Affiliated with top institutions and universities around the world

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a site for every student to learn anything producing real results. This is a non-profit online platform that helps students learn through the set of online tools provided on the site. Its common way of educating learners is through video lessons. It also offers courses from different fields like math(algebra, geometry, trigonometry), science(physics, biology, chemistry), humanities, economics, and more in the form of e-library. In a way, it seeks to provide a learning concept of traditional academic subjects giving you the combination of video and text-based materials. Moreover, you have to finish a certain task while having a lesson, which is a great way to learn things practically. Above all, courses are available in 20 different languages free for both teachers and students.

khan academy homepage

Cost: Free

Key features:

  • Contains courses for all ages
  • Offers courses from major universities in North America


You can also consider Skillshare as an excellent alternative for Udemy. This online learning platform lets you learn things and practice skills in a practical approach. This comes with a broad range of courses, from fine arts to photography, to music productions and other courses that involve arts and creativity. If you wish, you can learn things at according to your pacing, and on your schedule through its micro-sized lessons. Furthermore, you can find here some celebrity teachers associated with a certain course to keep an eye on your progress. The best thing is you can also do actual workshops in cities like New York and San Francisco to further improve your craft.


Cost: Several courses are free while premium courses take $100 for annual subscription or $12 a month.

Key features:

  • Courses are action-based oriented to hone skills effectively
  • Has catalog of video-based courses for better understanding


Udacity is an education site that specializes in courses related to Data Science, Web Development, and other I.T related fields. Among another site, this is an outstanding platform because of its special nano degree program, which allows you to learn programming skills to prepare you for entry-level IT position qualification. Not only that, these courses and training are provided along with the teachers from leading firms like Facebook, Salesforce, and Google. Thus, if you want to develop skills through learning online, you should consider Udacity. The best part is, Udacity has a flexible pricing structure allowing pay for the course up to the point where you stop if you ever decide not to complete a program. This way, you will not be forced to pay the whole coverage of the course.

udacity homepage

Cost: Part of its courses are offered for free; But has degrees that have a price range of $199 to $2400 monthly.

Key features:

  • Comes with a flexible membership
  • Offers premium courses from famous institutions


Curious is an e-learning website like Udemy that focuses more on video. The developers of Curious believe it is more helpful when the viewers watch what they are trying to explain. Also, it helps you to organize your videos, and you can add exercises and other types of interactivity. Curious lots of channels that allow users to choose different kinds of knowledgable videos. In fact, Curious will enable teachers to make a family of lessons, group them into courses, and you can add related products or services. So if you already learned different kinds of skill in Udemy, then you can also find Curious as one of the most fun and informative website.


Cost: Free.

Key features:

  • It contains challenges for users
  • It focuses more on e-Learning videos


If you are looking for another good site to learn and start your coding career, you should probably choose Codecademy. This platform is developed for aspiring programmers to be able to be good and eventually excellent in coding. Codecademy is used to be affiliated with The White House. This means there is an assurance that you will get a quality learning experience and that you can trust that the hard-earned money you spent on taking a course will be all worth it. It has in-depth coding and programming training or lessons to hone the skills of the aspiring coders. Aside from that, the website infused a fun and interactive training approach for users to have fun while learning.


Cost: Provides free courses while advanced courses cost $199.

Key features:

  • Specializes in coding and programming field
  • Certification-based courses are being offered


edX proved to be a great alternative for Udemy because of its active learning platform offering a variety of premium courses which are much better than Udemy. Like the other sites, edX has also affiliated with colleges and leading universities. As a result, premier courses are being offered by this site allowing learners to get the best online lessons. It has subjects for learners who are interested in medicine, meteorology, and even psychology. Furthermore, every paid user can interact with other students to share thoughts, knowledge, and so on. In addition to that, you can ask some feedbacks from professors to improve your skills. Therefore, if you are someone who is looking for a good Udemy alternative, you should include edX in your recommended list.

edx website

Cost: Prices of membership ranges from $50 to $300.

Key features:

  • Paid users are allowed to have communication with other students
  • Students will receive feedback from professors


We all know that LinkedIn is popular when it comes to posting available jobs online. But since Lynda and LinkedIn have joined forces, you can now find e-Learning videos on LinkedIn just like in Udemy. LinkedIn is like a social media of professionals and applicants that can post video tutorials, employment, and make a connection with other employers. You just need to browse its news feed to see different kinds of informative videos that can help you to grow more. There are lots of skills improving programs on LinkedIn if you are looking for one.


Cost: Free

Key features:

  • Lots of certificate courses to take
  • You can find hiring companies

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Learning and acquiring skills are now common in these modern days. With the help of the internet, you can learn anything online without going to an expensive university. Hence, you can take advantage of the recommended websites above to learn anything at your own pace and without following a fixed schedule, just like in a traditional school. It’s now your choice to make where site you are going to enroll; however, we advise you to choose the site according to your field of interest.

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