Top 10 Alternative Gaming Streaming Websites like Twitch

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Twitch is simply a home for gamers and sports enthusiast. It is a social networking site concentrating on a live broadcast of gameplay. As of this moment, the site has more than 10 million subscribers who share the same interest. Equally important to that is, the site also provides the opportunity for these gamers to enjoy their hobby while earning. Also, the site made it easier for gamers to communicate with each other by incorporating chatbox aside from live streaming. Although Twitch is great, still many people are looking for sites like Twitch because they are just bored from it, or there is something they cannot handle on Twitch. In this article, we will talk about the best 10 Twitch alternatives, which could help you stream games from your computer and even from mobile devices.

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YouTube Gaming

Youtube gaming site

YouTube is known as the biggest video platform and is available from different countries around the globe. But did you know that YouTube has expanded its scope to game videos? Yes. What you heard is right. YouTube now comes with a section specially designed to cater to gamer-oriented audiences. The section is called YouTube Gaming. It boasts lots of game-related videos you can explore. You will enjoy streaming from gaming soundtracks, walkthroughs, most of all, live reviews and streams. Just like Twitch, it has a savvy feature, which is the added section dedicated to the comments section. This is usually located at the right portion allowing you to communicate with the hosts of live streams as well and other viewers.


steam gaming site

Another Twitch alternative that is popular for streaming action games is Steam. It is a great selection if you are looking for game video site with huge library to offer. This is site is available on smartphones allowing you to log in from the comfort of your mobile devices. So if you don’t have your computer handy, you may just use your mobile device to watch and stream your favorite games. Yet if you prefer to watch on a wider view, you can do so as the site support TV devices as long as it is Smart TV. This should leverage your experience of watching games. Another advantage of Steam that you should look out for is it provides community for its users. With it, you can meet and make new friends each other’s interests.


game streaming site like twitch

If maybe you have been following the live streaming scene online, the names of Azubu and Hitbox might sound great. The two brands were once considered some of the best live streaming services and jointly developed, which goes hand in hand with Twitch. The site provides excellent HTML5 / JavaScript integration, making the end-user experience straightforward and also fluid at the same time.

Whether you’re a streamer, viewer, partner, tournament organizer, or simply an Esport team, has features designed specifically for you. The service, like Twitch, provides a lean-in audience experience to interact with their favorite games, players as well as organizations, offering broadcasters a unique set of tools, superior streaming technology, chat features, and more. was initially introduced for the M-Project and other eSports broadcasts, which Twitch does not support. Today, offers higher-quality eSports broadcasts compared to the Twitch.


Mixer gaming site

Mixer, formerly known as Beam, is Microsoft’s own live video platform. Similar to Twitch, the site focuses on video games; the service offers exclusive features that allow viewers to interact with the processes. Also, by using an SDK, features can be integrated into the games so that users can influence the game or vote via articles displayed on the buttons next to the stream.

The Mixer is a lovely service that attracts players Xbox and Windows 10, and Mixer is trendy simply because it is fully integrated into the Microsoft platform plans. Like Twitch, some streamers appear at that moment. You can also search for a game or a particular channel. While Mixer supports multiple languages, such as Twitch, the service goes one step and allows you to search based on voice streaming. Though, a direct benefit of Mixer over Twitch is that no third-party software needs to be transferred to the service. The mixer user is able to watch its game online with a high-quality video.


mirrativ cover

This Mirratv is essentially a live video streaming service for smartphones only. It combines unlimited mobile screen sharing, streaming, and social interactions in one application. The service is available for both Android and iOS, enabling smartphone users to share or stream their screens directly online so anyone can see them.

Like Twitch, people who watch a show on Mirrativ can interact with you in real-time by sending comments and asking questions. Viewers may also like the show, which they see as stars on your screen. Although you can use Twitch to send from your smartphone, a third-party client and connected connection are usually required. And again, Mirrativ actually opens a fantastic door to mobile games even without being connected to a PC. Besides, you can employ the Mirrativ service to share content on your screen, including applications or menus on your phone or perhaps tablet.


periscope cover

The Periscope is an application that streams live video through Android and iOS, which was later purchased by Twitter site in 2015. Periscope site was truly one of the key factors that contributed to Mirrativ. Just bear in mind that Mirrativ is indeed a hybrid of Twitch as well as Periscope, many users around the world still favor the service’s Twitter ownership. The service allows you to send from your cell phones, which transfer to your associated Twitter feeds to reach the maximum audience.

Akin to Twitch, the Periscope as well allows movie viewers to relate or maybe interact with streaming in real-time. The Periscope viewers can leave hearts, and even comments as the movie steamer also interact with many in the world around him. Also, users can send in their preferred selection, which is in portrait or landscape format. Also, streamers like Twitch can save their completed video streams for consumption next time. Periscope furthermore allows you to block any not needed viewers like Twitch. Besides, users can also send from their camera, unlike Twitch, which only transmits the user’s screen.

UStream (IBM Cloud Video)

UStream (IBM Cloud Video)

Indeed, the biggest competitor of Twitch must be UStream. San Francisco-based Ustream is a global video streaming site in which users can find talk shows, sporting events, and private live movie streamings, as well as programs from games like Twitch. Today, the service is IBM and accounts for nearly a third of all live business videos. Facebook uses it, LinkedIn uses it, Intuit uses it, NASA, and Salesforce.

Like Twitch, UStream is integrated with Sony’s PlayStation 4, so you can easily stream your game from the console. Ustream also supports streamings of all kinds, something that Twitch has tried to integrate with IRL (in real life). Although Twitch hosts many games broadcasts, there were also a lot of downtimes. On the other hand, UStream offers a better service, which rarely leads to downtime. Like Twitch, UStream also offers its domestic customers smartphones such as Android and even iOS.


Instagiub gaming site

The next game streaming site like Twitch is iNSTAGIB, another streaming portal that provides the same service as the two forehands mentioned websites. This site is free at some point, but the access is limited. After the bandwidth allocation is exhausted, it will ask you to upgrade to VIP subscription. This site is also another way to get closer to other gamers. To be able to maximize the site, you must sign-up for an account like the other sites require. If you are familiar with Twitch, it shares the same concept. People can chat while playing and watching live streaming. So if you know how to use Twitch, the site won’t be a challenge for you. Just use it like how you use Twitch.

Facebook Watch

facebook watch website

If you would think of a site to watch game streams, Facebook isn’t probably your first choice. But this platform turned into a giant social media platform that is now capable of catering to even game streamers. This is made possible because Eports leagues agreed to become Facebook’s official streaming platform. Some of the streamed Esports leagues streamed here are tournaments for Dota 2, Counter-Strike, ESL One, and lots of other tournament leagues. You will surely be pleased if you see a few of your favorite game streamers from time to time pop up on Facebook. As long as you have a Facebook account, you will also be able to connect and communicate with streamers or vice versa.


caffeine game streaming site

If you are looking for another gaming video site to catch up with the latest gameplays, you should include Caffeine in the list. It’s a brand new platform for streaming games that employ social media to get more viewers and connect them to streamers. Similarly, it gives users the capability to browse through the various broadcasts. Traditionally, we see chat windows on the side of the stream like the previously mentioned sites. Caffeine, on the other hand, has taken the approach of showing chat in the form of bubbles that appear below the stream. On the drawback, so far, it works best with Chrome. As for other browsers like Firefox and Edge, the site is irresponsive or nonexistent.

Download Missed Live Streaming Videos

In any case that you missed a live broadcast, and don’t have much time to stay online; you can consider downloading the video and review it for offline viewing. That way you can watch it anywhere you are even without the internet. Being that said, you need a reliable tool where you download each live broadcast on your PC. Acethinker Video Keeper is the best tool that you can use to download videos from different social networking sites, including Twitch and the rest of the sites mentioned. This tool has an easy to navigate interface that even a nontech savvy can adjust in no time. To start using the tool, here is a simple guide.

Step1 Download and Install the App

First, get the application by choosing your computer’s platform and click the download button below. Follow the set-up guide until the application is launched. To start your free trial, sign in using your Gmail account. After the free trial, you can choose to activate the premium subscription or stop there.

Step2 Start the Download

From the main interface click “Detect” and use the built-in browser to search for the website directly. Once landed on the page, find your favorite gamer and check the video that you want to download. Open the video and play it. The tool will automatically detect that there is a media playing that needs to be downloaded.

Tip: You have to make sure that the “Enable Detector” is toggled to on by clicking it. You can also customize your actions after downloading; click the “arrow-up” button to: Do nothing, shut down, sleep, or quit the app after downloading.

detect the video

Step3 Check the Downloaded File

To check the download progress, switch tabs from “Detect” to “Download” to see the download queue. Once the download is complete, still under the download tab, look for “Completed” section. Look for the file name, right-click, and choose “Play”.

check the downloaded file

video link

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