Top 12 Alternative Gaming Streaming Websites like Twitch

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Top 12 Alternative Gaming Streaming Websites like Twitch

Twitch is simply a home for gamers and sports enthusiast. It is a social networking site concentrating on a live broadcast of gameplay. As of this moment, the site has more than 10 million subscribers who share the same interest. Equally important to that is, the site also provides the opportunity for these gamers to enjoy their hobby while earning. Also, the site made it easier for gamers to communicate with each other by incorporating chat box aside from the live streaming. Although Twitch is great, still many people are looking for sites like Twitch because they are just bored from it or there is something they cannot handle on Twitch. In this article, we’ll talk about the best 5 streaming websites like Twitch for game lovers.

YouTube Gaming

Youtube gaming site As we all know, YouTube is one of the most popular sites when it comes to video streaming from different countries. As the site copes up with the fast phased technology, it started to expand its scope by categorizing each customer might need from the site. Now YouTube started to incorporate Live broadcasting for gamers. It is called YouTube Gaming, one of the best Twitch alternatives for gamers. These days this section of YouTube is gaining more and more subscribers as the gaming population is increasing. This site is actually a good alternative for Twitch for it will not be difficult to use the site since it’s a commonly used site by many so, more likely people are familiar with it.


steam gaming site Steam is a website that serves as an instant access to gamers who wants to watch games in actions by popular gamers around the globe and is definitely a good Twitch alternative. Through this site, you can meet new people in a group where you can share your interest in what kind of games you are interested in. Just like Twitch, you can also chat with the other gamers. As of this moment, there are over 8 million gamers online. Another interesting fact about this site is that you can stream on this site using your TV and mobile device. For TV’s it must be a Smart TV for it to work. If you don’t have one casting is one option. By the way, it also offers a catalog for PCs and Linux games.


game streaming site like twitchSmashcast is another social networking site like Twitch that concentrates in on gamers. Aside from that, you can also watch Live streams of sports events/completions with Esports live. This has a similar concept with YouTube Games, you have to register an account to be able to use the service and subscribe to your favorite gamer so you can follow his/her game tactics and for whatever reasons you might have. One noticeable service that they provide is the “Languages” section. You can view the website from this following language: English, Deutsch, Polka, Italian, Pусский, Português BR, Español, Francais.


Instagiub gaming siteThe next game streaming site like Twitch is iNSTAGIB, another another streaming portal that provides the same service like the two forehand mentioned websites. This site is free at some point, but the access is limited. After the bandwidth allocation is exhausted it will ask you to upgrade to VIP subscription. This site is also another way to get closer to other gamers. To be able to maximize the site you must sign-up for an account like the other sites require. If you are familiar with Twitch it shares the same concept. People can chat while playing and watching live streaming. So if you know how to use twitch the site won’t be a challenge for you. Just use it like how you use twitch.


Mixer gaming site Mixer is a streaming site for gamers that is founded in Seattle by Matt Salsamendi and James Boehm and is generally considered as a nice alternative to Twitch. What makes this site different from the others is the ability of the website to deliver contents in the sites faster with less than one-second latency. Equally important to that, Live streaming can also be done with your co-players. Each streamer has the ability to combine their streams into a single view (maximum of 4 players per live streaming). As it continuously develop, soon the site will incorporate the following features for its subscribers click here to know what’s up.


mirrativ coverMirrativ is one of the gaming streaming sites like Twitch because people can watch you live while you are playing, and you can view other people while they are playing live. Also, viewers can talk to you in real-time, and see what their advice or tips to improve your gameplay are. Furthermore, you can live stream on your smartphone without using any third party app, and this can be helpful, especially when you are playing a mobile game, and want to show it to other gamers.


  • This app is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones
  • You can download this app on your phone for free


  • No option to change the region/language


periscope coverPeriscope is another excellent site when you want to watch a live stream game. This site also allows its community to interact with others while they are playing via live stream. In fact, this website allows the user to choose the video orientation, whether it’s in portrait mode or landscape mode. Moreover, whenever you are done streaming your gameplay, you can save it and watch it later offline. Those are the reasons why Periscope is listed as one of the alternatives of Twitch.


  • You can save broadcasting videos
  • This live streaming site allows you to interact with the streamers and viewers


  • You can’t see when other users are active or not


caffeine coverCaffeine is a new social live broadcasting app specially made for gamers. Similar to Twitch, this app allows you to live stream a game with your friends. Also, this software lets you watch other players playing their game live. Another good thing about Caffeine is you can interact with different gamers real-time, which means the streamers will instantly see the chat of the viewer while they are broadcasting. With this app, its community won’t miss a chance talking to each other while there are playing and live streaming.


  • It lets its community chat real-time while streaming
  • This tool is easy-to-navigate


  • It’s not used for business yet


mobcrush coverAnother live streaming site that serves like Twitch is called the Mobcrush. This live broadcasting site allows you to connect on different streaming websites, and live stream at the same time. Furthermore, different chatrooms and comment sections merge while live streaming within Mobcrush. It is fun to use because you can talk to other players on different platforms. Also, by signing in using your Facebook, Google, Twitch, Twitter, and other accounts, you can start watching live streaming for free.


  • It connects other broadcasting accounts from different platforms
  • No ads interrupting the live streaming


  • Multiple chats at the same time might tire you out

restream is one of the most popular live streaming sites for bloggers, social media advertisers, and especially for gamers. In fact, it lets you stream from different platforms, and you can also watch players who are broadcasting their game from numerous live broadcasting website. Furthermore, this app has a real-time dashboard that shows the performance of live streaming, and this can be helpful for users who want to track their ratings. With Restream’s features, you can freely interact with other gamers worldwide.


  • You can stream in different platforms simultaneously
  • This tool is free and easy to use


  • There is a problem on bitrate when you live stream in Periscope

IBM Cloud Video

ibm-coverIBM Cloud Video, also known as UStream, is a popular communication tool for the military to talk with their families. It lets you save a collection of videos since this tool is cloud storage. In fact, this platform allows you to watch TV talk shows, sports, private live broadcasting, and gaming live streams. Also, this tool provides services on Facebook, LinkedIn, Intuit, NASA, and Salesforce because of its usefulness. Besides, IBM Cloud Video can be used via mobile devices and PC to stream directly with its application. Indeed this tool is one of the best alternatives for Twitch.


  • You can save your video recordings in its cloud storage
  • It lets you stream smoothly because of its reliable transmission


  • This tool needs lots of improvements

hitbox-cover is the same as Twitch where you can watch live streaming videos of different players, and also live tournaments provided by E-Sports gaming. With this streaming site’s quality, it lets you watch live broadcasting videos in 4K resolution, which means you can watch them in its highest quality. Furthermore, this tool allows you to customize the streaming settings, like making your broadcasting public, private, or even for adults only, this can be very helpful depending on the content of your live stream. However, Hitbox will delete your recorded videos in two weeks, because it only focuses on live streaming, and gives space to new streamers who want to show their gameplay with other users. Moreover, this tool lets many users control the streaming, which can be helpful, especially for gamers who formed a team and streaming at the same time. Like for instance, one of the players focuses on gameplay, while the other player will manage the chat.


  • It does not have bitrate limits and has a minimum delay
  • Easy-to-use layouts and options


  • It does not support mobile streaming


livestream coverLiveStream is a software that lets users live stream any activities on their display screen, along with audio, and let other people watch it from around the world. With this tool, you can stream your video to your viewer from different broadcasting sites, and social media live streaming with the help of LiveStream API. In fact, you can insert the LiveStream app to your web page, and let your viewers see it first whenever they visit your website. Moreover, you can chat with a streamer, and other audience real-time, which means your requests or questions can be answered instantly regarding the game.


  • You can stream using mobile phones
  • It allows you to chat with other users real-time


  • Live stream sometimes lagging

Download Missed Live Streaming Videos

In any case that you missed a live broadcast, and don’t have much time to stay online; you can consider downloading the video and review it for offline viewing. That way you can watch it anywhere you are even without internet. Being that said, you need a reliable tool where you download each live broadcast on your PC. Acethinker Video Keeper is the best tool that you can use to download videos from different social networking sites, including Twitch and the rest of the sites mentioned. This tool has an easy to navigate interface that even a nontech savvy can adjust in no time. To start using the tool, here is a simple guide.

Step1 Download and Install the App

First, get the application by choosing your computer’s platform and click the download button below. Follow the set-up guide until the application is launched. To start your free trial, sign in using your Gmail account. After the free trial, you can choose to activate the premium subscription or stop from there.

Try It Free

Step2 Start the Download

From the main interface click “Detect” and use the built-in browser to directly search for the website. Once landed on the page, find your favorite gamer and check the video that you want to download. Open the video and play it. The tool will automatically detect that there is a media playing that needs to be downloaded.

detect the video

You have to make sure that the “Enable Detector” is toggled to on by clicking it. You can also customize your actions after downloading; click the “arrow-up” button to: Do nothing, shut down, sleep, or quit the app after downloading.

Step3 Check the Download Status

To check the download progress switch tabs from “Detect” to “Download” to see the download queue.

check download queue

Step4 Check the Downloaded File

Once the download is complete, still under the download tab look for “Completed” section. Look for the file name, right click and choose “play”.

check the downloaded file


All above mentioned sites are good alternative for Twitch by their own unique service provided. You just have to right fit which site will suite you the best. You can also consider the checking their available games and Live streaming partners to decide which one to use. If you have suggestions and question please drop a message on the comment section below.

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