Top 10 Powerful Websites like Tumblr 2019

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Top 10 Powerful Websites like Tumblr 2019

websites like TumblrDo you want to know about similar sites like Tumblr? Tumblr is a social networking site and considered as a micro-blogging site where you can post multimedia like videos, photos and a short blog about anything. If you are sort of an introvert kind of person and can’t really express how you feel, well this kind of site can help you express them through words. You can reach more people through your blogs when expressing your ideas and opinion.

Although there are various ways of socializing, and we all have different ways to express ourselves, but the commonly used these days is blogging. It’s a social platform like Facebook or Twitter. Being that said, this article will list 10 blogging websites that you can try.


WordPressWordPress is undoubtedly the most famous blogging platform which has powered 28% of the overall internet websites. Almost every blogger is very familiar with WordPress. It is a social platform which is really reliable and user-friendly. If you have never started a blog and decided to get a free blogging system, WordPress is surely the best choice for a freshman.WordPress is really trustworthy and reliable and has a lot of advantages. First, it enables you to create blogs without any payment. What’s more, its optimized search engine can also ensure you good online visibility of your website or web pages. Furthermore, the robust theme gallery, powerful plugins, and simple interface truly make it other common platforms. Moreover, WordPress is such a large community that any query can get its different and effective answers in a split second. Lastly, you can pay a premium and create a personal blog whenever you wish.


BloggerFollowing WordPress, the second best blogging site like Tumblr is Blogger, with which you can also create and host blogs. The most important point is that there is no need to worry about any payment because many major websites have run on this platform for many years. Another reason which makes this blogger trusted and authentic is that it is produced by Google, which means its search engine and Adsense have already been optimized. Unlike most of the free blogging platforms which don’t offer monetization, Blogger can be monetized. It also means that you can make good money as soon as you start to make deals on your blog.

Another feature to note is that Blogger doesn’t offer as many themes and plugins as WordPress. However, it has no effect on your main purpose of creating a blog and sharing your story with the whole world.


hubpagesThe third best free blogging platform listed here is Hubpages. It has a large number of writing lovers and possesses over 651,553 posted articles. The page views of an active article are more than41,000,000 million people per month.

The users of Hubpages are called Hubbers. They are empowered to follow and share opinions with one another by using words, pictures or videos. In addition, hubbers can also make money by displaying ads or affiliate programs. If you’re still searching for a platform like Tumblr and want to create and make a free blog, Hubpages can truly be a good choice.


PosthavenCompared with Tumblr, you may find that Posthaven is probably not very suitable. However, if you just want to create a blog online with total assurance, security and 100% reliability, Posthaven is the right one. The biggest difference between Posthaven and Tumblr is that Posthaven is not free. You need to pay for posting functions such as texts, audios, photos, videos and full photo galleries. If you want to run blogs online in fluency, a premium subscription is also necessary. The cost of blogging online on Posthavenis $5 per month. If you think the service charge is acceptable, Posthaven is worth considering.Aside from the variety of built-in themes, multi-author facility, post-by-email, direct sharing to Facebook are also offered by Posthaven. All these features mean that it’s a truly powerful blogging platform.


GhostGhost is another good site like Tumblr which really deserves a try. The name of Ghost may sound a little bit strange but the features of Ghost are really worth mentioning. To be honest, Ghost is not a multifunctional platform that is packed with many kinds of features but is still a helpful one like Tumblr. Ghost cannot be customization and is not very simple to use. However, it is a powerful online platform to share your stories. Ghost is an open and non-profit platform, which supports many different types of publishers such as bloggers, journalists, and magnates. To sum up, Ghosts regarded as a minimal-optimized site like Tumblr.


WeeblyWeebly is a full-fledged blogging site that is full of features. It can satisfy all your needs. Weebly is a one-stop service website for both blogging and business needs. In the past, it was a small business company which only had online stores and simple blogs. However, it has since developed into a big enterprise with the artistic website and full-fledged online company. Weebly has created a platform that can meet all kinds of needs. It has a great number of online themes with a functional interface that makes it easier to use. Also, you can customize your websites as you wish.The most important feature is that Weebly supports all the features you can expect. It is indeed one of the greatest blogging platforms we have, but its premium cost may not suit those people with a low budget.


WixWix is also a great free platform for blogging. It is very popular among those people who like blogging and sharing opinions with others in the world. Wix’s features are almost the same as other blogging platforms like Weebly and Tumblr. It also has a drag-and-drop interface, a good selection of themes, full developed website type which ranges from simple blogs to full-blown online shops. Like WordPress, Wix offers two versions to its users: premium and free. The free version has some limitations. For example, there is a limit on storage capacity and the website is also restricted to using a sub-domain of you are just a newbie, all these limitations really have no effect on creating a blog and sharing your content with the world.


SoupAnother simple but great blogging site with a small number of features is Soup. It has a simple and clean interface like Tumblr. All the similarities with Tumblr give Soup a prominent status that is worth mentioning and it is considered to be a good alternative to Tumblr. Soup is not as popular as those great blogging platforms like WordPress or Blogger, but it can meet all your requirements for a free blogging application. How to create a free blog usingSoup? It is extremely simple and convenient for all users. You can do all the steps without additional tips. Soup enables you to post everything you want, including texts, links, quotes, videos, reviews, audio files, events and so on.

Soup also has some other features like Tumblr, but note that Soup has no monetization function like Blogger, Hubpages, or WordPress does. Even so, it is really a wise choice to select Soup as your own blogging platform.

medium main page As the meaning of this name, Medium is another recommended platform which enables you to connect and follow others. You can enjoy all your favorite content when you open a Medium account.Many great writing hobbyists and influencers will share their opinions in their personal domain on Medium. Therefore, it becomes a good chance to expand your thinking and knowledge. What’s more, you can also enjoy excellent articles on it and share your favorites with other social platforms besides, the simple interface of Medium makes it a very simple job to get started. All you need to do is to sign up at and then you will be able to create your blog and share with others.


SquarespaceThe last website of the most helpful 10 sites like Tumblr is Squarespace. Although it is arranged in the 10th place, it is also a full-fledged social platform for those who are going to start blogging, business or anything else. Squarespace is not just limited to a blog or website, it is created to offer all types of websites, including online stores, websites for artists, musicians, and restaurants, even small or big enterprises are included.The big collection of complete themes makes it much easier to make a start on Squarespace. If all these features of Squarespace give you a very good impression and you are ready to start with it, when your free version ended, a premium one will be prepared for you.

Video Keeper

In any case that you thought of downloading each clip that you see in Tumblr, you can use a reliable downloading software like Video Keeper. It is an innovative online downloader, screen recorder and a converter that works with Window and Mac computers. The tool has the ability to download videos while streaming through the use of the auto detector. Also, you can copy the link of the video to fetch it. You might consider downloading the app for future use. Use the shortcut download button below and install the app on your PC. Furthermore, you can access and use the tool without associating an active email address yet, it is advisable to create one to fully make use of the tool. Then follow the rest of the steps below for better tool usage.

Step1 Download videos manually

Manual downloading is copying and pasting the link of the video. Prior to going to the tool, go to Tumblr and search for the video you wish to get. From the address bar of the webpage, copy the video link. Now, go to Video Keeper, click on the “Download ” tab. To add the video on your download list, click on “Paste URL” button. All you have to do now is to wait until the video is downloaded.

download the video

Step2 Download videos using auto-detection

If you find manual downloading easy to follow through, then this next way of downloading videos is way easier than the first one. All you have to do is go to”Detect” tab, use the built-in browser to search for Tumblr directly. Just play the video and the tool will do all the job for you. It will be added to the download queue once the video being played is detected by the auto-detector of the tool. You just need to make sure it is “enable”. The detector is located at the bottom left-hand side of the interface. If you see disable detector, it is “On”.

auto detect he video

Step3 Check downloaded videos

Lastly, you might be wondering where do these videos were downloaded by the tool go? They are under the “Download” tab, under “Completed”. From there you will see a list of each video you have downloaded. You can also play it for preview by double clicking the file name. The built-in player will then play the video.

check the video


With the booming of social platforms, blogging has become increasingly more popular. Possessing a personal blog account has also becomes a status symbol now. Tumblr is a powerful platform to make free blogs. It can help you to get high audience coverage. However, it has several disadvantages as well. Some people are fed up with the chaotic interface and boring features it provides, while others just want to find some alternatives to Tumblr.

We sincerely hope this article can provide some useful tips for you to start your own blog. Please leave a message if you have any questions or doubts. Any thoughts, comments or suggestions are all welcomed below.

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