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If you are a big fan of Tumblr, you have probably looked around for sites that are similar. The unique thing about Tumblr, while it’s a social networking site it is also considered a blogging site so you can post multimedia videos, photos, and add a short blog covering just about any topic. Another plus for this site, people who are shy, or introverted, have problems expressing themselves, Tumblr can help you express all your feelings through words. If you have a blog to express your ideas and your opinions, you will reach so many more people even though we all have our own ways for socializing, Well, the most common approach most people use is having a blog and Tumblr is a social platform that is very similar to Facebook and Twitter. We are providing a list of the top 10 blogging sites you should check out and give a try.

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WordPress is an excellent professional website creating a platform for blogs, E-Commerce, Business, News, Photography, and Music. 30% of the entire webpage existing online is created through WordPress. It is considered one of the most powerful content management systems being used by many these days. This platform does not have complex processes, so even a beginner can easily use the site. Moreover, it provides easy to manage the gallery, powerful plugins, and extensive community where you can get help whenever you are having trouble with the navigation or other functions of the tool. Furthermore, you can use this for free; however, if you want to make the most out of the features offered by the tool, then go for premium access.

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Another professional blogging platform is Blogger. If you are thinking about starting a new website, this platform is recommended. Aside from the fact that it has simple and easy to use, it is for free. You can use the site by just merely registering an active email account, and from there, you can start publishing content on your site. Not only that, do you know that you can also get paid while using the website? Yes!. Since Google powers this platform, Google AdSense is incorporated to help you find possible companies that can advertise relevant products to your web content. AdSense can also give you analytics for you to know what and where your audiences are, including their preference. You can get a detailed look at where you can focus. It might seem that it offers many features; this tool, however, has lesser themes and plugins compared to WordPress. You can also check this post to discover the best Tumblr video downloader.

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Next on the list is Hubpages. It is another blogging page where anyone can explore. It is not a website creating a page, but a community site that shares the same function as of Tumblr. Thousands of passionate and aspiring writers seeking knowledge and exploring new ideas visit this page and create an account. The site’s interface has a similarity with Pinterest. However, besides photos, you can write any content and share videos on your timeline. Just like Blogger, Hubpages can also allow you to earn money by displaying some ads affiliated to the content you are posting. Indeed it is a great way to learn new ideas, share your passion, and earn at the same time with HubPages.

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Trial is a new blog service from Austria that is considered as one of the best alternatives of Tumblr. This site lets you post text, videos, songs, quotes, and reviews on its feed. Also, makes it easier to add more stuff to your blog to make it more interesting. You can click a single button to add anything on the internet to your blog on Once you registered an account, you will be able to start making your blog by clicking the “Plus” icon at the lower leftmost part of the main page. You can also publish anything you post on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Besides, is free to use, and you can post your blogs as much as you like.





Just like Tumblr, Jimdo helps you to make an entire website with a few simple clicks, and you can also drag and drop your content on this site. This site can create a shop to sell items on your website for free. However, you can only list five items at a time. Though once you subscribe to the premium service of Jimdo, you can list many items at the same time. It also gives you extra space on your storage in Jimdo with its premium subscription. That is why we listed Jimdo as one of the best websites, similar to Tumblr.





Just like any other business which started to be a small company, Weebly continued to develop as the year passes by. Now, it is considered as one of the most professional website services for simple blogging or business needs. It can help you create an excellent website where you can easily customize your content by using beautiful themes preloaded on the site. Building a website has never been easier using Weebly. You can customize fonts, which are not available with WordPress and Blogger. On top of that, this platform can provide stunning and advanced animation effects that can take your website on a different level.

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Wix is the site to create a professional blogging platform by helping you create what they have coined “Create a stunning website with Wix”. You have the option to use its free version or premium plan. If you choose the free version, a free domain will not be included, you will have to purchase one on your own. Also, using the free version, you will run into many pop-up ads on the site that can be annoying. On the other hand, if you want to maximize your experience, you should choose the premium plan. Also, Wix offers absolutely stunning backgrounds, themes, and you are given the option to create a photo collage. You can find people online and see who is visiting your site!

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The simple yet very informative platform is next on the list. Medium is a blogging site where you can share any content from writing to photos and videos to inform. You can find general information on this site. Almost all topics you can think about. Its set up is nearly similar to a forum site. You can connect with the people in the community to gain knowledge about almost everything. Therefore it becomes an excellent alternative to express your ideas. The site is simple and easy to understand, so you can also consider using the site of the others on the list that does not suit you well.

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The following website of the most helpful ten sites like Tumblr is Squarespace. Although it is arranged in the 10th place, it is also a full-fledged social platform for those who are going to start blogging, business, or anything else. Squarespace is not just limited to a blog or website. It is created to offer all types of sites, including online stores, websites for artists, musicians, and restaurants, even small or big enterprises are included. The big collection of complete themes makes it much easier to make a start on Squarespace. If all these features of Squarespace give you an excellent impression and you are ready to start with it, when your free version ended, a premium one will be prepared for you.

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The last alternative site, like Tumblr, is Joomla. This is also one of the oldest content management systems online and was created in 2005. Joomla boasts a powerful interface that allows users to create web pages and also make apps. Additionally, the site provides thousands of preset templates that users can choose. Regarding this function, it can enhance and maximize the user’s creativity since they can customize these templates as much as they want. However, unlike some other sharing platforms, beginners should take time to learn how to use it. Other functions of Joomla, like custom designing, need at least an experience in web developing.

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Download Online Videos with Video Keeper

In any case that you thought of downloading each clip that you see on Tumblr, you can use a reliable downloading software like Video Keeper. It is an innovative online downloader, screen recorder, and a converter that works with Windows and Mac computers. The tool can download videos while streaming through the use of the auto detector. Also, you can copy the link of the video to fetch it. You might consider downloading the app for future use. Use the shortcut download button below and install the app on your PC. Furthermore, you can access and use the tool without associating an active email address yet. It is advisable to create one to make use of the tool entirely. Then follow the rest of the steps below for better tool usage.

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User Guide

  • Download Videos Manually: Manual downloading is copying and pasting the link of the video. Before going to the tool, go to Tumblr and search for the video you wish to get. From the address bar of the web page, copy the video link. Now, go to Video Keeper, click on the “Download ” tab. To add the video on your download list, click on the “Paste URL” button. All you have to do now is to wait until the video is downloaded.
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  • Download Using Auto-Detect: If you find manual downloading easy to follow through, then this next way of downloading videos is way more comfortable than the first one. All you have to do is go to the “Detect” tab, use the built-in browser to search for Tumblr directly. Just play the video, and the tool will do all the job for you. It will be added to the download queue once the video played is recognized by the detector of the tool. You need to make sure it is “enable”. The detector is located at the bottom left-hand side of the interface. If you see disable detector, it is “On”.
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  • Check the Downloaded Videos: Lastly, you might be wondering where do these videos were downloaded by the tool go? They are under the “Download” tab, under “Completed.” From there, you will see a list of each video you have downloaded. You can also play it for preview by double-clicking the file name. The built-in player will then play the video.
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