Top 13 Sites Like SolarMovie for Watching Movies

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These days watching movies and videos online is very convenient as the Internet makes life easier. Solarmovie is a free website to enjoy movies and TV shows online. What makes this site different is that it allows people to watch movies without the need to register for an account. Also, advertisements rarely appear on the website, making it a top choice for uninterrupted viewing. With its extensive collection of movies and TV series, it sure is a one-stop-shop for people who want to watch something online. However, there are times when SolarMovie is inaccessible due to various reasons. For these cases, you can watch from other sites like SolarMovie that offer the same content and video quality. Are you looking for the best SolarMovie alternatives? Then you are the right location. Here are some handpicked websites like SolarMovie.

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YifyMovies is one of the best alternatives to SolarMovie. You can watch the latest movies and TV series on this website for free. Also, you can watch HD movies on Yifymovies without installing anything on your PC. You need an internet connection and a web browser to enjoy watching your most frequently TV shows. However, ads can’t be avoided on this website because they need it to maintain their server. But once you remove the ads, it will surely provide you the best quality videos that you can watch. With Yifymovies, you can also download movies and TV series episodes, and watch it later offline.



  • All of the most trending movies are in its main page
  • It has updated movies and TV series


  • Needs to exit the ads first before watching


One of the tools that made in the list of sites similar to SolarMovie is the MovieWatcher. This site keeps on updating new movies and TV series for you to watch. Also, from its homepage, you can easily see all the popular movies and TV shows of the month. Furthermore, you can also see the biography of the most popular actors and actresses of all time. This website can help you to know all the movies of your favorite actor. This great site comes in handy because you can watch videos on this site using your mobile phone.

moviewatcher home page


  • This site has a cool and easy to navigate interface
  • Latest movies from cinemas can be watch in this site
  • You can see what TV shows aired every day


  • It will redirect you to a 3rd party website to play the video


Another excellent movie streaming site considered as SolarMovie replacement is the AllMovie. With this site, you can easily watch all the hottest movies of the year, because you can quickly search the latest movies in theaters, new on DVD, and in the stream within this web page. Moreover, in case you are looking for a new film to watch, this site has a variety of choices that you can choose in Genres, Moods, and Themes, depending on your liking. What makes this tool special is its “Advanced Search” feature, where you only need to check some filters like the genre, the release date, and the ratings of the movie, and it will give you the recommended videos for you to watch. You must try this movie site if you want to keep updated with the film.

allmovies homepage


  • This site sorted the genres of the movies
  • You can use the Advanced search to quickly for a film that you want to watch


  • Need to close the ads first before you can watch movies


Moonline is a movie streaming site like SolarMovie that you can watch HD movies and TV series online. Just like the other movie sharing sites, you only need a web browser to start watching your favorite movies. Also, it does not require you to purchase or register anything to begin view TV shows and movies. Moreover, you will see the video quality for each film you find on its main page. You can also capture and convert the movie you watched with its “Replay Video Capture” feature. With Moonline, you can watch movies and TV shows with different genres like Action, Horror, Animation, Sci-Fi, and more.



  • It has updated the episodes of famous TV series
  • You can choose movies and TV shows in its alphabetical directory


  • Its website design looks outdated and old


Another movie streaming website similar to SolarMovie is Afdah. Compared to other movie streaming sites reviewed here, Afdah claims to have one of the biggest collections of movies. The primary reason for it is that it collects videos from other websites and compiles the films to its server. All the movies provided are sorted alphabetically or according to the release date. Moreover, it offers a comprehensive search function that allows users to find videos according to their title, actor, or director. Aside from that, it has a specific section that streams movies in HD quality users would surely enjoy watching. Lastly, unlike other video streaming sites, the main interface of Afdah is not loaded with ads.

watch movies


YesMovies is another website similar to SolarMovie that provides satisfaction when it comes to movie viewing. Always loaded with the latest movies and TV shows, people are sure to find what they want anytime. The site runs on ads, so advertisements must be frequent on the site. The downside is that whenever you click something on the page, an ad will open on a new tab, which can be annoying sometimes. Other than that, the site don’t have any other drawback as the movies within its library are all in high-definition. The site is easy to navigate, thanks to its clear and organized buttons and sections, saving time and effort, especially when looking for a film to watch.

yes movies homepage


  • It updates the latest movie of the month
  • Most of the movies are in HD quality


  • You need to deal with the ads first before you can start watching movies


Another SolarMovie alternatives on this list is Soap2day. This movie streaming site claims that they have one of the most significant collections of movies and TV series on the internet. Additionally, it features a “Top Movies” section that features the trending and blockbuster movies worldwide. Aside from movies and TV shows, it showcases a sports section wherein users can watch playoff matches for NBA, FIFA, and more. Additionally, it also offers a search option so users can quickly find the movies they are particularly looking for. However, one drawback of the site is that when you are trying to play a video, it will redirect you to a different site that you need to close.

watch movies


  • Coming soon movies are shown in this website
  • All the newest movies of the month can be watch in this website


  • Some of the movies are temporary unavailable due to unknown reason


The is well known for free streaming movies, there are many active domains on the Internet called Putlocker, but only a few are good for you. is an excellent SolarMovie alternative and has released the latest films in the database. does not store any movie and video on the server; all content is provided by third-party websites and servers and is right for you because this site will be active for a while. It has an easy-to-use interface and a user experience; the homepage is clean and tidy. On this website, you can see a collection of newly released and popular movies. Users can search your movie by genre, country, or qualifier and also have a search bar where you can search for the movie you’re looking for. Lastly, if you want to learn on how to do Putlockers download, click the link provided.



The next website that works like SolarMovie is the PopcornFlix. Like other solutions mentioned here, the site provides thousands of movies users can watch for free. Aside from movies, it also streams trending TV series like Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, and more that users would surely love to binge-watch. One unique feature of PopcornFlix is that it has a section specifically for viral videos. In this section, users could watch hilarious gags and contents that were uploaded to the internet recently. Also, it contains a section wherein users could browse different genres according to their preferences. Finally, PopcornFlix also shows documentaries that can catch the user’s interest.

watch movies


123MoviesHub is also an excellent SolarMovie alternatives. Nearly everyone out there knows 123Movies, the site was the place of watching of more illegal movies in the world after the MPAA, although the official site 123Movies isn’t live, and it was a streaming movie network so that 123MoviesHub may perhaps be on the net. The site has tons of movies; you will never be disappointed landing on their homepage. 123MoviesHub does not offer many navigation options. It has only two sections in the top bar, which are all movies and actors, which you could select accordingly. It also provides an excellent user interface and user experience; you can use it on your smartphone because it is indeed compatible with mobile devices. 123MoviesHub has about 1 million visitors per month, and then the most fashionable countries with 123MoviesHub are indeed the United States and the United Kingdom. The 123MoviesHub is never banned in India; thus, Indian folks can indeed watch or stream movies right here.


Yidio is a favorable choice over other sites like Solarmovie. This is because the site has a wide range of new and old movies available to watch for free. Ads are also rarely seen on, which makes it an ideal choice. Aside from film, also has a lot of foreign TV series that you can binge-watch. The movies on Yidio ranges from lesser-known to blockbuster hits like Avengers Endgame and more. has a lot of affiliate sites that you can watch from, in case you get bored watching movies. That is the reason why it is a much-preferred site in the movie streaming genre. In general, the site is updated with a lot of videos and TV series every day to ensure that users will only get the latest in entertainment.

yidio image


Next on the list of fantastic SolarMovie alternatives, is Snagfilms. The site was established in 2011, and ever since then, it started to gain popularity among users. The site is loaded with thousands of full-length films of various genres that provide lots of different options to viewers. Additionally, Snagfilms has documentaries in its library as well for those who prefer to watch informative films. TV series are also present on Snagfilms, which is the reason many people flock the website every day. For those who are seeking for something new, and fresh then they should visit Snagfilms.



The last movie streaming platform, like SolarMovie on this list, is TubiTV. This website provides thousands of movies from different genres. Aside from movies, it also showcases award-winning and trending TV series that viewers would surely love to binge-watch. Also, TubiTV is available to stream on other devices like mobile phones, Roku TV, and even gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. One unique feature of this site is it has a special section for toddlers. Regarding this, it provides educational yet entertaining videos suitable for younger viewers. Lastly, it also offers a search option so users could browse and find the exact video they want to enjoy.

watch movie

AceThinker Video Keeper

Watching movies online on websites like SolarMovie is great and all. However, there are times when the internet is not working; therefore, you won’t be able to reach the sites mentioned above. That is why it is still best practice to download the movies instead. This way, you will be able to watch your favorite movies, even without the use of the internet, and you can take them anywhere with you. For that matter, there is no best tool to use that Acethinker Video Keeper. The tool can download movies from the sites mentioned above, with just a few clicks. Aside from that, it even allows users to download entire YouTube playlist quickly. To learn how to use the tool, follow the steps below.

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Step1 Get the Installer of Video Keeper

To install the tool, click one of the buttons below and get the installer. Once the download is complete, run the installer and follow on-screen instructions. Once the installation is finished, you can proceed to launch the tool and reach the main interface.

download video keeper

Step2 Start Download

To start the download process, click the “Enable Detector” button and go to the “Detect” tab. To download a movie, use the built-in browser of the tool and go to your preferred video hosting site. Next, select the movie you want and click the play button. A notification will appear informing you that the download has started once done.

download the movie

Step3 Watch the Video

Go back to the “Download” tab, and from there, you will see the progress of the download process. Wait for the download to finish as it may take some time, depending on the internet speed. Once the download is finished, it will transfer to the “Completed” section, where you can watch it directly using the media player of the tool.

play the video

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