Reviews of TV Show/Movie Sites Like Sidereel

Last updated on June 1, 2017 by Cindy Smith

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Reviews of TV Show/Movie Sites Like Sidereel

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Sidereel is a fantastic small site that allows for users to keep up with certain episodes of TV online. One of the great qualities to Sidereel is the fact that it is free! This service hosts thousands of hours of content for any user to enjoy on the fly!

While this is a great concept for the low, low price of nothing at all, that is precisely the problem. For a service that has no premium it happens to lack a lot of premium content. Many episode links are incomplete and fail to load. Even if you make it to the page there is no admin control over the content and it may not be there, be the advertised content or worse it could be a virus! If you ask me this is a real killer for the app. With so many other options out there it is much more worth it to travel to one of their pages and see what is going on. A few choices stand out to me on top of the competition mountain. Here are a few of the premium streaming sites.

I. NetFlix – Massive library of original television shows

This little site called Netflix, no big deal. You may have even heard of this service before. You pay a nominal fee of $8.99 a month and you receive instant access to the largest library of streaming television shows and movies in the world! The site takes the form of an app. This app can be downloaded and used to access the site content on multiple platforms. Whether you are on a desktop, phone, gaming console or even a built in TV app you are gold! These apps are optimized for their platforms and work flawlessly. The library stretches over a large scope of the lifetime of television and film. Are you looking for that old favorite episode of friends? Maybe you want to watch a Charlie Chaplin film! Either way you are in luck.

netflix movies

Another great feature of Netflix is the 4K streaming capability! Many consumers out there have yet to pull the trigger on a 4K TV. The early adopters of the service choice are able to enjoy the largest selection of 4K streaming out today! The high quality standard of Netflix makes it hard to compare anything on the market against it! The large downside to Netflix is the access to newer content. While the Netflix video library is humongous it mostly has no content released within the last three months. It is common practice to have to wait for the next season of a show to start before the previous season even goes up on Netflix. This is where other services out there take the cake.

One last important detail of Netflix is their original content! There are over 40 shows now on Netflix that are originals and can only be found on the service. Shows like House of Cards and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt are a few of the many options that you can exclusively take part in after signing up.

II. Hulu – currently airing television shows on Timely Basis

The other main contender in this space is HULU. HULU offers next day television after air. This is where HULU beats Netflix. While you usually wait over nine months for seasons to come to Netflix each episode of shows gets uploaded to HULU the next day after it airs! Almost always within 6 hours! If television is more your desire over movies and classics then HULU us the way to go.

hulu movies

In comparison to Netflix the library of content is far smaller. The movie collection is finally beginning to grow after eight years of service but is still vastly lacking. Original content also happens to be part of the catalog here. While the original content for Netflix is award winning, HULU happens to underperform with each of the show’s they produce. Even though a few are fun, it may not be the reason you should sign up. With a similar price of $8.99 to get started it is really all in what you are looking for.

Either way both of these services are far better than Sidereel. And if you are looking to test the water both of them have free trials! What do you have to lose?

November 11, 2016
Post By Cindy Smith to Web Video Downloader
Last updated on June 1, 2017

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