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Top 14 Movie Streaming Sites Like Rainierland

featured image sites like rainierland Rainierland is a free video-sharing portal that gives access to free movies and TV Shows. It is one of the sites that possess a massive catalog of movies on a different genre. This site has been existing for quite some time now and continue providing service for free. You do not need to register or pay for you to be able to access it. This site's popularity is constant because it is accessible to all types of devices platform. Also, the site is organized according to the genre, the year it was released, and the country where the movie came from. However, just like any other site, there are advantages and disadvantages that you will encounter along the way. That is why it is essential to know more sites other than this. That way, you will have more options. That being said, we listed some of the trusted sites like Rainierland that you can visit. You may also try them on your mobile device for your convenience.

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The Best 14 Websites Like Rainierland

1. YouTube

Almost 80% of the world knows about YouTube. When thinking about finding informative videos about anything, the first choice is always YouTube. Just like Dailymotion, it is also a community dependent website that relies on the subscribers. This is also one of the reasons why it is always updated and huge. All video contents here are in different genres. The site has thousands of visitors every day. Currently, it holds the reputation of being the most popular video streaming platform, according to Alexa. As of this moment, it also holds the record of being the 2nd most visited site next to its maker, "Google." Aside from that, the site can also allow you to earn by doing what you love.

youtube movies

2. ConTV

This is an online video service that brings thousands of anime, documentaries, Sci-Fi, fantasy videos, and a great selection of gaming videos literally. All the videos on the site are well organized and categorized. That said, the site is not as well updated as some other sites for movies and videos. You can use this site for free and do not have to register. If you don't have a computer for viewing, it's not a problem, you can use the app on your Android and Apple devices.

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3. TubiTV

Let's discuss TubiTV Stream that you can access from just about everywhere on different devices and platforms. You can run TubiTV on iOS and Android, PlayStation, Smart TV, including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Xfinity X1, and Samsung TV, and is accessible on the web. The good news, it's free to access, but you must register in over to get on the site. As I'm sure you know, anything free has limitations, including limited access to the movies on the site. On the other hand, once you are registered, you can watch all the movies whenever possible.


4. Popcornflix

Are you looking for a high-quality video streaming site? Popcornflix is considered as one of the most visited ones for several reasons. This site is run by one of the largest names in this industry which is Screen Media Adventure. It is known to provide a huge catalog of movies and TV series. This reputation is continuously making the site accessible to people. Like Rainierland, the site is free to access and does not need to create an account for the website to access it. Also, the site every information about its content is displayed from the home screen. That way, you can easily navigate when looking for a specific movie or TV show.


5. Dailymotion

Next is the Dailymotion. A Rainierland alternative that you should not miss. If Popcornflix is run by a specific organization, this time is different. The community drives the site. This is a community site where people register their active accounts to share video content on the site. That means the site relies on the community who are providing videos. It is one of the most accessible websites that can be visited on all types of browsers. However, the only downside of the website is the video quality. Even if you upload videos on high quality, the video quality will be altered to 480p as the maximum pixel. Despite this fact, the site remaining popular because of its fast and extensive list of movies.


6. Crackle

If you are looking for award-winning shows and movies, Crackle is one of the best sites that you can consider visiting. When it comes to the original series, this is not left behind. Here you can watch movies on high definition just like the original film in the cinema. To get the same feeling as watching it in the cinema, it better to watch it on your SmartTV and your home theater. That will make your viewing experience on a different whole new lever. You have to make sure to visit the right domain because there are several domains named "Crackle." Make sure to include "Sony" to be routed to the right page. You can refer to Download Crackle Movies if you want to save videos and movies from Sony Crackle for offline viewing.

Sony Crackle

7. Free Movies Cinema

Another site like Rainierland that has been running for more than a decade now is the Free Movies Cinema. As the name suggests, the site is a portal where links form different sites are connected to provide a free service. The site has the latest released movies from Blu-Ray, which is known for providing high-definition copies. What's more of the site is that it does not have annoying ads before or on a full-length playing video. It is one of the most convenient parts of using the website. You can watch movies smoothly without being interrupted.

Free Movie Cinema

8. SnagFilms

Free Movies Cinema is another great Rainierland replacement site and has been in operation for over 10 years. Actually, this site is a portal where you will find links that are connected to different sites that offer a free service for everyone. Free Movies Cinema provides the latest movie releases from Blu-Ray, famous for its HD copy of movies. The best news, there are absolutely no annoying pop-up ads before or during your full-length viewing movies. Without a doubt, this is a huge advantage for using this site. You can enjoy all your movies at any time without being interrupted.

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9. MovieWatcher

MovieWatcher has a massive compilation of movies and TV series, and it is regularly updated. By experience, the videos here load much faster than the other sites. However, this website has many ads, so visitors might be routed on different pages if they do not know how to navigate the page. Some of the buttons here are misleading. Click the movie of your choice, and if you want to see the player, you have to scroll down it. If you didn't mind the ads, MovieWatcher could be your first choice to enjoy watching movies online.

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10. Geeker

Moving on, Geeker is next on the list. This is a movie site where you can watch the latest movies. You can also stream music on this site, but you can also explore new music videos, Ebooks, and even PDF files. The site is straightforward to navigate that even a non-tech-savvy can use the site with no problem. However, just like TubiTV, you have to register an account to become a member of the website. You can consider it as a gate pass only to access them, and you could also avail of a 30-day free trial if you want.


11. 1337X

1337X is another free site that you can consider visiting. Similarly, this has a huge catalog of movies and TV shows from a different genre. From Anime, Documentaries, and Adult movies, this site is a good alternative. Like any other video sharing sites, it does not store any of the movies on their server. They crawl from one site to another once you search or play a movie here. Specifically, to some sites, they are affiliated with. The majority of them are Torrent sites like Kickass, ThePirateBay, YGGTorrent, Zone Telemanagement, CpasBien, KickassTorrents, and Extra torrent. Also, one noticeable difference is the appearance of the site. Instead of showing tiles of each movie, you will see a list instead.


12. MovieNoLimit

From the name itself, MovieNoLimit is where you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows online. No limitation, watch all you want anytime, anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection available. Compared to Asatv24,1337X and Netflix24 that require registration before you can use the website, this site is definitely easier to access. That is because you do not register for an account to be able to watch. Just scroll through the site and play it. You can use your PC, iPad, and mobile device to watch movies in HD quality and faster loading process.


13. Cool Movie Zone

Cool Movie Zone will be last on the list. This is very much similar to the movie limit. It is a free access movie site that does not require any registration or any requirement. Just look for the movie you are interested in, and you are ready to go. However, compared to the sites mentioned above, this is a little outdated. If you are looking for old movies that you want to watch again, then this one is for you. It got hit movies from a different era. Also, it has different servers that you can use just in one video player, or the link is not working. You just to make sure that your internet is stable enough when you are watching for a better viewing experience.


14. MoviesJoy

The last movie streaming site that works like Rainierland is MoviesJoy. Its main page is so clean that it is not loaded with annoying ads or pop-ups. MoviesJoy lets users stream some of the movies available in high-quality resolution. Additionally, it compiles the latest and trending films that were recently shown in theaters months ago. One unique feature of MoviesJoy is that it has a "Coming Soon" section that consists of upcoming movies that will be added to its collection next time. Moreover, it offers various categories users could choose from, like different genres available or the origin country of a movie. Finally, it also provides a search field that enables users to find a specific movie faster.

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The fact that there are many movie streaming websites, most of them won't let users download the movies directly on their site. How about if you want to save the movie for offline viewing? All you need is a movie recorder, and that tool is the Screen Grabber Pro by AceThinker. This app is a handy screen recorder that lets you capture videos from the Internet or from the sites that you want and with the capability to get the video with its original quality. Here's how to use the Screen Grabber Pro, check the steps below to record online streaming movies you like.

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Step 1 Download and install the app

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Step 2 Configure the Settings

You can set the recording mode and the audio input source from the main interface. For more settings, you can click "Settings" to adjust the output video format, directory, etc. For movie recording, we recommend choosing "Region" as the customs area of your recording.


Step 3 Start to Record Your Movie

Now, play the movie and choose the region you want to record. After you select the area, the program will start the recording in 3 countdowns.

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