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Top 5 WebSites Like

Sites like Sync-watch makes it possible to watch movies and talk on the phone at the same time. While watching, you can call someone and let the other person view what you are watching even if you are miles apart. It is a new way of sharing movies or shows real-time through sync watch. is one of the most popular sync-watch sites that allows you to watch movies or any video contents together with your friends by creating a conference room. Meanwhile, you can interact with other people who are watching in the room through the chat. It is also a way to make friends from people all over the world. If you’re looking for sites like that you can consider visiting, you can now just continue reading to view 5 of the best alternative websites that we have researched for you.


blatube mainsiteBlatube is one of the best websites like where you can create a room and invite your friends who are away from you to watch movies real-time. It is a new way of spending your time with your friends while watching movies. You can also share opinions about what you are watching through the use of the chat box incorporated in the room. It works just like yet it has a different way on how to start a room. Upon visit of the page, you will see the “Start Session” section. From there you can create room and share the link with your friends so they can join you. Also, anyone can control the player but, the playback can only be controlled by the creator of the conference. Also, the creator has the moderator functionality where it can mute, ban and kick a user that she/he thinks not appropriate within the group. On top of that, you can share playlist from YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Yandex and more. In three simple steps, you can create a conference room and enjoy your time together.


watchtogeteher mainsite As the name implies, Watch2gether is another site similar to where you and your friends do simultaneous watch while sharing your experience or opinions. It also has a chat room where you can talk and meet new people. What makes it different from the above-mentioned sites, it can allow you to browse and shop from Amazon. Plus it supports webcam for better interaction. Moreover, it allows you to organize contents and playlist. Also, many may have not known, this tool is not only accessible through the web, but it can also be a chrome extension developed by That way it will be easier for you to access the portal without visiting the main website. You can just directly launch if from your extension icon. Make it easier for you to enjoy movie time with your friend with watch2gether anytime and anywhere you are.


andchill mainsiteAndChill is also one of the best alternatives that you can use to watch videos and movies together with family and friends. What makes this very unique and different from the mentioned sites, is the ability to incorporate a live broadcast from Twitch from YouTube. You can create a room from the site and invite other gamers to play with you. Also, even if it is just a tutorial video. You can use it like a classroom where you can guys study while watching the video. Before you can start using this site you must register using an active email address and set up your account to be part of the community. You can also share videos for people to watch it too. Or if you just want to meet new people just simply create a room and wait for people to come and meet new people.


gaze mainsite “Long Distance Movie Night” as their slogan says, it is spending time with your loved ones while they are away from you. With Gaze you can do a video call, talk to each other while watching movies online. You can also use the chat room to chitchat while watching. You can also access your own video files from your personal drive so you can watch it when you have an unstable internet connection. That way, it won’t be laggy and will not spoil the experience. Some people have used the tool we’re saying that the site helps them to become closer with their partners while they are away. Laughing at the same thing makes them feel like they are just together. That’s why Gaze is also in the list of the best websites like


wavelenght mainsite The last similar website is Wavelength. It is another way to socialize with other people around the globe. When you search for the site over the web you may find a lot of results, because several sites have the same name. To go to the main webpage to start or join existing room click the hyperlink in this description. All above-mentioned features are also incorporated in this site. One thing you may notice about this site is that it is very simple to use and has a simple interface. There is not much to talk about it since it is just like the others as mentioned above.


All sites mentioned offer an easy way for you to watch videos and movies together with anyone you like. More sites also are being developed because of the convenience it brings to people. All of these sites are requiring for sign-up so you can fully maximize the site to its maximum. So, if you are looking for a different way to make friends or spend time with your friends while watching your favorite movies, try some of these sites. For more inquiries or questions about the tool, you can leave a message under the comments section.

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