Top 10 Putlocker Alternative Websites

Last updated on November 7, 2018 by Roland Goodman

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Top 10 Putlocker Alternative Websites

siteslikeputlockerWith the rapid development of technology and the ever-increasing amount of online content available, streaming your favorite show or movie online is easier than ever before. In today’s fast-moving world, people are looking for online movie hosting sites that allow them to access movies anywhere, anytime, and on any device. One of the main advantages of streaming is that it has allowed us to view films without having to wait for the entire file to download before we can start watching. The most popular and well known among these streaming sites is Putlocker, which offers a huge collection of TV shows, series, and movies. However, some users have been complaining about the quality of Putlocker’s service recently. Slow and lagging streams are just some of the issues that seem to cause an upset. So, if you are looking for sites like Putlocker to watch movies online, have a look at the recommended 10 movie websites similar to Putlocker.


solarmovie1If you are after best sites like Putlockers 2016 version, SolarMovie is the number one recommended alternative to Putlocker’s watch free platform. SolarMovie offers a powerful search engine with a huge searchable database of movies, shows, and series. You can search by genres, top lists, country and many other ways to find exactly what you are looking for. Movies are well labeled with all the necessary information displayed in a clear and concise way, which is mainly what makes SolarMovie stand out among the other websites offering a similar service. If something negative had to be mentioned, it would be the fact that the site is packed with ads and almost every single click will generate some kind of pop-up.

starter interface of video master

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niter webpage screenshotNiter is another great Putlocker alternative site. You might be familiar with Niter’s interface if you are a Netflix user. There are a number of design features that have been borrowed from the streaming giant. The interface of this one is clear and easy to navigate through. On the home page, the most recently added movies are displayed in chronological order but using the search bar or the navigation bar you can also search by title or genre. When compared to other streaming sites, Niter does not open many ads, which makes watching movies a lot more hassle-free process. Niter is somewhat more difficult to find in Google’s search engine, so make sure you access it through its official website, which unlike Putlockers new name and Putlockers new site 2017, does not change too often. If you are not happy with Putlocker, Niter is definitely a site that is worth trying.


PopcornFlixPopcornflix not only offers full-length movies but also high quality documentaries and TV programs. Popcornflix works closely together with Screen Media, one of the largest independently owned film libraries. Thanks to Screen Media, Popcornflix can provide an endless flow of free movies and shows. The movies are well organized. There is a special section for you to find the most popular movies and another section for new arrivals, too. To make it more handy for users to locate the movies they want, you can also search through genre, name and others. The interface is super clean, and what’s even better is that there are no ads at all.


all 123 moviesAll123Movies is a relatively new streaming site that uses the name of the former movie streaming service provider, 123Movies, but it has no real connection to it. All123Movies features a large collection of movies and TV series organized into various categories. You can search by genre or view the latest updates in one place. A nice feature that All123Movies includes is a bookmark function that you can use to save the progress of watching a film and resume to it later in case you have to leave in the middle. Also, each movie has a statistic about a number of views so you can see how popular each film is and whether it is worth watching. With the help of the Related section, you can discover more new content that suits your taste.


gomovies1GoMovies is yet another excellent Putlocker alternative movie website if you are looking for free online streaming. GoMovies uses a shared database with the above mentioned 123Movies, so what is available on GoMovies, you will also find here. The database is updated constantly so finding the newest movies on GoMovies is easier than anywhere else. It is likely that you will find all Putlocker new movies here as well, just like all Putlockers movies 2017. The interface is also very similar to that of 123Movies, so if you have been using 123Movies so far, you will have no problem with this one either. Most films are available for streaming in HD and you can watch all movies in full screen mode.


SnagFilmsSnagFilms is yet another great free online streaming site. It has a somewhat smaller collection of films than the previously mentioned alternatives, but still, you can find some high-quality productions to stream. SnagFilms is a well-organized, logically built site that stores movies in collections based on their similarities but not necessarily genres, which makes it easier to find movies of different genres that you might like. Apart from the basic options, SnagFilm’s built-in movie player also features a social media options section where you can like the film on Facebook, share what you are watching and even watch the film’s trailer.


afdah webpage screenshotAfdah is a popular choice among users who wish to stream shows and films online. It has a large database where you can search by year, country, quality of the movie and many more. One outstanding searching feature Afdah offers is that it lets users search by the actor or director of a certain film. So if you have a favourite actor, you can have Afdah’s search algorithm whizz through its database in seconds and return a list of films featuring your favourite actor. Films are also accurately labelled and each one has a comments section below it so you can discuss the films with fellow users. You can find further information regarding Afdah on the internet if you search for “sites like Putlocker reddit”.


5movies webpage screen shotTinklePad is yet another great alternative to Putlocker. TinklePad’s simplified design will remind you of a traditional search engine, but that does not mean you can not browse through its library by genre, release year and many more. The movies offered are available in HD and you can also download them directly to your computer. Under each movie you will find a list of hosting website links to access the movie from. On the homepage there is a warning that TinklePad’s domain has changed to, but we had not trouble finding the site by typing TinklePad into Google.


YifyYify is packed with new releases and their collection of movies is updated on a regular basis, making it one of the best alternatives to Putlocker. Yify is an easy to use free online streaming site that lets you watch your favourite shows without getting interrupted by annoying ads and pop-ups throughout your movie. Yify focuses on good quality and speed, making streaming a very smooth and lag free process. If you are a regular user of Yify, you might as well just sign-up and you will get access to some extra features. Yify has been offering reliable service over the years, making them one of the most popular movie streaming sites, and hopefully they will continue to do so in the future.


HuluHulu is an online video streaming service, just like Putlocker, with the only difference being that you have to pay a small monthly fee to get access to all of Hulu’s features. But it is definitely worth it if you are looking for a Putlocker alternative that is reliable and safe. Hulu has set up partnerships with some of the biggest studios, so users can get their favourite TV shows right after airing. Unfortunately, Hulu is only available in the US so far, but considering its fast increasing popularity, we might see it in Europe in the near future.

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video downloader-recorderDownloading online movies is something everyone wants to do as it will allow you to take your movies with you and watch them anywhere, without having to rely on a steady internet connection.Unfortunately, direct downloading is a feature that not many streaming services offer but luckily you do not have to search a lot to find a piece of software that gets the job done quickly and easily. AceThinker’s Video Keeper lets you download online movies from virtually any streaming site. To make sure your movie is compatible with your device, be it a tab or a DVD player, Video Keeper lets you convert your downloaded files to any of the common file formats.

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Step1 Download the program

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Step2 Loading your video for download

Find the movie you wish to download from any of the streaming sites, and copy its URL. Now open Video Keeper, and in the field provided, paste your link. You can now initiate the downloading process. If the URL of the hosted movie is incompatible or protected, downloading can be done via screen recording, which can be found under the “Record” tab across the top menu.

download and screenrecording

Step3 Track your download

Meanwhile, the progress of your downloads can be checked in the “Downloading” menu on the left. Once the download has been completed, your video will be transferred to the “Completed” menu.
Vk download video progress

Step4 Conversion

Videos are downloaded by default in FLV format, but if you wish to have it in a different format due to compatibility issues, then right-click your movie and click “Add to” and then “Convert” as illustrated below.
video keeper preview video

Step5 Choosing the right profile

Video Keeper offers a number of different file formats to choose from and within these file formats you can choose the quality for your video. Select the combination of format and quality that best fits your needs and hit the “Convert” button. After the conversion has been complete, you will be able to watch or locate your movie file by right-clicking it in your list of converted movies.

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Overall, the above mentioned sites like Putlocker for TV shows and movies all serve as a good substitute for Putlocker in case it is down for whatever reason or you are just simply not satisfied with its service. There are some variations in the size of the catalogues of these streaming sites and what you might find on one might be unavailable on the other, so it is worth experimenting with all of them, finding the one that offers the most content according to your needs. Many ask: is Putlocker safe? Not only with Putlocker’s pop-ups and ads do you have to be careful with, but also with the above mentioned sites as well. And, is Putlocker illegal? Well, technically speaking, under current law, most people would agree that the person uploading Putlocker new movies and Putlocker free movies is responsible for it and not the viewer. So watching sites like Putlocker movies and TV shows will not leave you in breach of law.

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