Top 12 Websites Similar to Project Free TV

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Project Free TV can be considered as one of the most notorious televisions streaming websites where you can enjoy movies and TV shows. However, it is no longer available. The service stopped back in 2017. Though there may be some different domains, they are also experiencing downtime. If you were a fan of Project Free TV, you must now be looking for an excellent alternative to it. Luckily, there are several great similar websites, and you will not be frustrated at all after looking at this list. We will let you know about 10 of the best sites like Project Free TV to fulfill all your entertainment needs.

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YouTube can be considered as the most popular video streaming platform that you can find out there in the world and is the first recommended streaming website like Project Free TV. Hence, you can discover all sorts of content available for streaming on YouTube. You need to visit YouTube and search for it. Then you will be able to come across what you need to watch. If you are interested in watching recently released content, there is no better place than YouTube. That’s because YouTube is continually being updated with new content. It is a media streaming platform, which is managed by the community that is scattered all around the world. Therefore, you will be able to get instant content updates from all around the world. One of the best features of YouTube is that it is available to any device like your desktop, Android, and iOS smartphones. Below are the steps on how to watch videos using your Apple and Android smartphones.

YouTube Interface


  • The site has huge catalog of videos on different genre
  • The site is free and accessible wherever country you might be located at
  • It is a free access plus it can give you the opportunity to earn while blogging and sharing videos on their portal


  • Since it is a free site, it has bunch of ads on, in between and by the end of the video you will be watching



People who are searching for websites like Project Free TV can take a look at Tubi TV. When you are watching content on Tubi TV, you have the chance to adjust the content according to the device. It has got a variety of content as well, as it is not just focusing only on a single region. This is a free content sharing website, which can help you find the content that you want without any trouble. On the site, you can click on the newest content with ease and enjoy it. Aside from that, it is working for any devices available such as desktop, iOS, and Android smartphones. Therefore, Tubi TV has become a popular option among most of the streaming fans out there in the world. Here are the steps on how to use it using Android and iOS mobile devices.

Tubi Interface


  • Tubi is exclusive and safe to use
  • The site can be access anywhere
  • Video quality is good


  • You have to register an account to be able to maximize all features offered by the tool


fox website

Fox can be considered as a great Project Free TV alternative, which provides movies and television shows to you. However, you will mainly be able to find American content on Fox. Therefore, you will find it a difficult task to locate content that is made available from other countries. You can also share content available on Fox, directly through your social media accounts. The content available for you to enjoy at Fox gets updated in every single minute. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy even the recently released content without any hassle. This feature has contributed a lot to the overall popularity of the website. On the other hand, Fox can be streamed using your desktop, Android, and Apple devices. Scroll down to find out how to watch videos into your Android and Apple phones.

Play Video


  • The site has a huge catlog of movies and TV shows from America
  • You can directly share the video directly to your social media account
  • It has a lot of popular movie in its catalog


  • On click ads are everywhere

TV Player

tvp website

TV Player is something that we should not miss when discussing the sites like Project Free TV. It can be considered as one of the highest media content streaming websites located in the UK. You will be able to access a TV player from both desktops as well as your mobile. When you get hold of the free version, you can enjoy over 95 channels. On a TV player, you will be provided with high-quality links to gain access to the content you want. Therefore, you can make sure that you can enjoy the best quality content at all times. It can make life easy for you when you are planning to get hold of the movies and other content you want.


  • The site has huge catalog of TV Shows on different genre
  • It is accessible on all devices/li>


  • Since it is a free site, it has bunch of ads on, in between and by the end of the video you will be watching



Metacafe is a great video sharing site that contains lots of short clip video with different content. It is one of the best alternatives to Project TV. Also, you can find the most viral videos like the highlights of the best basketball players, product reviews, how-to videos, and the like on this website. In fact, Metacafe has a simple interface design that allows users to understand and use it easily. Its web page is so straightforward that even first-time users will be able to watch their preferred video at ease. You can try to visit this video site if you want to watch the most popular viral videos from other uploaders around the world.


  • Lots of short videos to watch
  • You can watch all the videos for free


  • It is a site concentrated on South Korean shows



Veoh is a Project TV alternative that is also known as the internet TV company. This site has millions of videos, and you can find lots of professional content videos. It also contains a wide range of TV shows and clips to watch. You can watch TV shows like NCIS, Two and a Half Men, The Young and The Restless, and more. Moreover, Veoh also has lots of music videos around the world. You can also watch full-length movies, and classic series like Melrose Place, Family Ties, etc. So if you like Project TV, then you will enjoy watching videos on Veoh.


  • Top videos can be watched in this website
  • You can watch movies and TV series


  • Video ads appear when you play videos


Stream sports website

SportStreams is a media content streaming platform, which is designed towards offering live sports. If you want to enjoy live games from all around the world, you are encouraged to go through this website. You can enjoy a variety of games, including tennis, rugby, baseball, basketball, football and volleyball on this website. The best this about this sports site is it available worldwide. Meaning it does not have any geographical restriction. If you are interested in enjoying sports content, look no further as this is the best platform available to consider. It can awaken the sports fan hidden within you.


  • It has a massive videos concentrated in sports
  • You can watch live sports game


  • It is only offers videos for sports enthusiasts

Retrovision Classic Movies

Retovision Screenshot

Project Free TV worked as an excellent platform to offer classic movies. If you miss those days, you can take a look at Retrovision Classic Movies as an alternative. You will be able to enjoy a variety of classic movies on this website, which span across multiple genres, including horror, crime, drama, and comedy. It lets you enjoy all the on-demand TV shows, soap opera, and reality shows. On this website, you can also discover some unique movies, which are not available anywhere else on the internet. Therefore, you will immediately fall in love with this website.


  • It is a good site to watch classic movies
  • It has movies and TV shows from the old times


  • You may not see new movies or TV episodes because the site was established to provide only the classics


stream to watch screenshot

Stream2watch is also one of the sites like Project Free TV, where you will be able to enjoy sports content. A variety of sports are covered here. They include cricket, cycling, golf, tennis and many more. All you have to do is to visit Stream2Watch, select the appropriate category, and start enjoying content offered. Real-time streaming services are also available on this website for the fans. Therefore, you will fall in love with all the content that you can find on this website, as well. When there is your favorite match taking place, all you have to do is to log into Stream2Watch and enjoy the content.


  • It is a site where you can track of the games around the globe
  • Real time game play can be watched here


  • Slow video loading speed


sharetV Screenshot

If you are searching for websites like Project Free TV to keep yourself busy during your leisure time, you can take a look at ShareTV. It provides real-time updates for most of the recently released TV shows. However, the content available on ShareTV is mainly from western countries. There is a great variation in the material that you can enjoy on this platform as well. Therefore, you will never get bored when you are going through the content that you can find on the website. Since the content is being updated regularly, you can also think about bookmarking this site.


  • It is a site where you can watch TV shows from the western part of the world
  • It has a reasonable video loading speed


  • Not all video quality are HD


vimeo cover

Vimeo is a video streaming where you can watch, upload, and share your videos online. This site lets you stream videos, without any ads appearing whenever you play a video. Also, it allows you to add videos to the Watch Later list to continue in some other time. More importantly, Vimeo has a neat feature that you use to your uploaded videos like you can enhance your video by adding a soundtrack, Video School that shows mostly tutorial videos, a Music store that can browse for the background that you can put using the Enhancer tool, and more. Those reasons were enough for this video site to be listed as one of the best alternatives for Project Free TV.


  • It has no ads appearing
  • Allows you to customize your video to look more professional
  • Easy-to-use video website


  • Requires you to pay first before you play a video


dailymotion cover

Dailymotion is a great sharing video streaming site where you can let viewers see your own made video. This site has a library where you can put the Watch Later videos, liked videos, uploaded, and recently watched video clips. It also provides you with the option to search for a particular video using the tags and channels. Moreover, this video site offers a combination of third party contents, videos uploaded by the users, and premium partners. It shows you the recommended videos that are related to your frequently watched videos. So, use this website if you are looking for a streaming site like Project Free TV.


  • Videos are well categorized
  • You can quickly watch recommended videos


  • Video ads appearing when you play a video

Download Videos with Acethinker Video Keeper

Indeed streaming movies online is the easiest and the fastest way to watch the latest videos. However, we cannot guarantee the stability of each website we see these days. A lot from the Movie hosting platform is shutting down for some reason. Others keep on changing their domain addresses to keep up. Being that said, you need software that is compatible with the sites mentioned above. Acethinker Video Keeper is an all in one tool that allows you to download movies the most comfortable way ever. The device offers several functions like downloading sports streaming videos, screen recording, Library and converting all infused in one tool. This sounds really interesting. So we decided to show you a glimpse of the tool through the procedure below.

Step1 Download and Install Video Keeper

Get the app by clicking the download buttons below. Choose the right platform for your PC by checking the icons in each button. Then install the application by following the setup guide until the app is launched. It is advisable to register an active email account to make use of the tool without limitation.

Try It Free

Step2 Download Video Automatically

To demonstrate the process of downloading using this tool, a video will be downloaded from one of the site’s reviews, which is Kshow123. Instead of searching for the site using your regular browser, you can directly stream the video using the browser from the tool. To see it, go to “Detect” and from there type and search for the video. Now, on the left bottom of the
interface, click “Enable Detector.” Now play the video and wait until it is recognized. The video will be then added to the download queue as soon as it is detected.

Enable detection

Step3 Check the download status and completed download

To check the progress of the download, switch the tab back to “Download” from there, it will display all videos being downloaded. To check the video you just downloaded, click the “Download” tab again. And from the left panel of the interface, look for “Completed.” From there, you will all videos downloaded by the tool. If you want to play the video, right-click and choose play.

download status

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From this list, you will be able to locate an appropriate Project Free TV alternative. As you can see, there are some significant differences between the services, which are available to you. It is up to you to go through these services and understand the best option available for you to consider. Then you can make sure that you don’t miss Project Free TV anymore. You can also think about bookmarking some of these websites. Then you will be able to enjoy the content whenever you want. In addition to that, you can also make sure that you don’t miss out on any bit of content that is available on this website.

video link

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