Top 5 Websites Like Project Free TV

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Top 5 Websites Like Project Free TV

This article talks about an online streaming site which is Project TV, including some of the best alternatives you can visit. Moreover, if you are looking for a reliable platform to download videos from these sites you should try Video Keeper.

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My Project Free TV is a free online streaming service where you can watch movies and TV shows being aired every day. However, this site is mostly concentrated in updating TV shows. Most people these days prefer watching movies at home. Maximizing their home theater, this gives them the same experience of being in the cinema. Lately, the website is experiencing downtime and most of its users are unable to access the old domain of the site. That is why more and more similar sites like Project Free TV are becoming popular. Today, I will review some of the most visited movie and TV streaming sites that can be considered as Project Free TV alternatives to watch movies and TV shows.


youtubeThe first recommended site like Project Free TV is YouTube. Currently it’s the most visited site when it comes to video streaming; whether it is a movie, TV Show or Music Video from different countries. Since it is a community site, the availability of the video is not always guaranteed. Yes, you find almost all kinds of videos here, often they get deleted too. So, the video available today may not be available again tomorrow. Hence, for some circumstances or reasons, it may be deleted. Although we cannot disregard the fact that it is one of the sites that have an extensive collection of videos and movies from different countries. So, it is still a free good Project Free TV alternative.


TubiTvAnother site like Project Free TV is the Tubi TV. All movies and TV shows provided by this site have auto-generated default settings according to the device that you are currently using. You can also adjust the quality of the video by yourself. Just like the previously mentioned tools, It also caters to TV shows but this site does not focus on one region only. It also has a compilation of TV series from different countries like America and Korea. All of them are categorized by genre. The only thing is that you have to register and pay for the service.


fox websiteFox is also a great movie and TV shows streaming site that can be regarded as a Project Free TV alternative. It is a site catering movie on a different genre and TV shows concentrating on American Shows. Just like the other site mention, TV series are focused on western shows alone. TV series from other countries are not available. Aside from that, you can also watch live streams available. Hence, you do not have to create an account to navigate into the page. You can freely browse and watch for free without being restricted. What is outstanding about this site is its appearance. It was nice and clean, easy to use and navigate. You can also directly share the video on your social media account via a direct link from the site.

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tvp website TV Player should also be in the list of the best websites like Project Free TV. It’s a free streaming site in UK available on Desktop and to your mobile device. As of this moment, the free version offers more than 95 channels including BBC1 Discovery TV, Lifetime and more. Just create an account and register for a free trial to experience its service. The only downside of the tool is that you cannot create an account if you are not in the UK. While registering the site will check your IP address if you are really within the premises. If not, the site will automatically block you. You can make use of VPN’s at your own risk, as a workaround to be able to register and use the service.


Kshow123The last one on the list is Kshow123. If you’re a Korean and currently outside the country or you’re just someone who loves to watch Korean shows, this site will be perfect for you. It has a wide catalog of TV shows being aired on a daily or weekly basis. It updates every after a show has been broadcast. First, 24 hours of videos are uploaded on Raw data, that means it is not subbed yet. After 24 hours it will be updated and available for viewing. The only drawback finds in this site are the pop-up ads. When you play the video, at least two pop-up Ads will open another tab before it will fully load.

Download Online Videos with Acethinker Video Keeper

vk feature imageAll online streaming sites are good alternative instead of watching in cinemas. However, you cannot guarantee until when these sites can provide the service, considering the possibility of copyright issues and unavoidable instances just like what happened to Project Free TV. Well, it is way better to keep a copy of each movie or TV show that you watch so, you can repeat them over and over. Being that said, you need a reliable tool to download videos without having to worry about malware that can affect your computer. Video Keeper is an all-around downloader, Screen recorder and a converter that works perfectly with Mac and Windows Computers. One distinct feature that’s interesting about this is the capability of the tool to download videos or movies on some of the most restrictive sites. By the use of the built-in browser and “Detect” or auto-detect feature, you can now download videos almost on every site. Sounds interesting? Start your free trial by following each step below.

Step1 Download and Install Video Keeper

Use the shortcut button below to start your free trial. Choose the right operating system compatible with your computer. Next, follow the set up wizard to install the app. To be eligible with the trial access register using your Gmail or facebook account.

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Step2 Start the Download

To demonstrate the process of downloading using this tool, we will download a video from one of the site’s reviews in this article. There are two ways for you to download videos using this tool. The first one is by using the “Download Tab”. The download tab is mainly used to get videos from different video sharing sites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Twitch and a lot more. All you need to do is copy the link of the video and click the “Paste URL” button. Please see picture below for better understanding.

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The other way is by using the new “Detect” feature. Switch from the “Download Tab” to “Detect Tab”. Use the built-in browser to directly search for and look for the show that you want to download. Once the tool detected that there is a video being played it will automatically download the video. Just in case it did not download, check “Enable detector” and toggle it to “On”. See picture below for illustration.

Enable detection

Step3 Check the Download Status

To check the progress of the download, switch the tab back to “Download” from there it will display all videos being downloaded.

download status

Step4 Preview

Once the download is complete, choose “Completed” from the left section of the interface, find the name of the video, use your mouse to right-click and finally choose play. All sites mentioned are some of the best alternatives that you can use to substitute the My ProjectFreeTv. Anyway most of them are free so, you can enjoy watching movies and TV shows in a practical way.

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Hence, these are the best 5 sites like Project Free TV you can try to enjoy your favorite movies and TV series at leisure time. Just make sure that you have a quite fast internet connection to stream the videos. If you still worry about these websites disappearing one day like Project Free TV, you can use the video downloader program to save your loved videos to computer. Hope this article will help to fulfill your needs. The list will stay updated and it’s welcome if you can share your idea.

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