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TOP 10 Sites Like Movie4K

sites like Movie4KMovie4K is one of the most popular free online movie streaming service that boasts a large connection of TV shows and movies. The simple interface displays the most recent additions on its homepage but you can use the searching interface on the right-hand side to browse by year, genre or quality. You can get a general overview of the films by hovering your mouse over its covert art to have a short description and the official IMDB rating displayed. And each movie can be shared via Facebook or Twitter. However, Movie4k’s functions are not the most complete and many people complain of the service’s quality, sometimes the internet stumbles, movies are loaded for a long time, instead of smooth videos, we get choppy ones or other issues come up. Therefore in this article, we collected the best 10 sites like Movie4K as alternatives. Read on to get to learn more about each alternative.


putlockerThe first recommended free website like Movie4k is Putlocker, one of the most popular streaming services that is relatively safe to use. You can find a lot of movies, TV shows and new releases by searching its large collection of productions. Its search interface is a lot more detailed compared to Movie4k’s. There are a lot more criteria to be set to find exactly what you are looking for and movies are accurately labeled, displaying even the official IMDB rating for each film. Just search for Putlockers new site on Google to discover Putlocker, which is one of the best alternative sites like Movie4K.

starter interface of video master

More movie sites will be reviewed after the jump, if you’re looking for a way to save any film video for watching offline, then you may check Video Master. This tool has a comprehensive solution for downloading and converting videos to desired format. With this, you can easily enjoy movies on your TV, iPad, mobile or other devices offline. Moreover, it also lets you record comptuer screen, edit video files or create animation alums easily.

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Video Streaming Websites like is another good Movie4K alternative to watch free movies easily. You can find star ratings, views near the videos. The signing up is free and then you will get access for High Definition videos. The best thing is that your videos can be downloaded or saved for your system, which is a feature that not many other streaming services, such as Movie4k, offer. Each film has a number of external links provided to the content so in case the main link is broken or you are not satisfied with the quality, you will have other sources to stream the video from.


YifyYify is another site similar to Movie4K. It’s the easiest movie streaming websites due to its simplified interface and the number of parameters (genre, year, country etc) you can search its massive database by. Searching is thus easier and faster compared to Movie4K. After clicking on a movie, all relevant information regarding the film will be displayed in a neat way and you can even watch the trailer of the movie. On this Movie4K alternative website, you will see many informative parameters about the movie that you are looking for, such as the videos year and topic.


123movie websiteWhen talking about alternatives to Movie4K for watching free movies, you shouldn’t miss 123Movies. It enables you to watch anything from all of the new brand and the latest versions. This website features a well-designed and modern interface which makes browsing its large database a lot less hassle-free. Its search criteria is a lot more complete than that of Movie4k and movies are well labeled with accurate IMDB ratings. You can even request the addition of movies currently not featured in 123Movie’s collection.


5movies webpage screen shotOne of the other available sites like is called TinklePad. On the home screen you will see it is easily working. It looks like a search engine. Just type into the searching zone the movie or TV show that you want to stream online. Remember, you do not have to register on it. The proxy allows you to search for the latest movies to watch online in a High Definition. TinklePad’s domain has recently changed to, so be aware of this when you are searching for the official website.


filmyanju webpage screenshotFilmyanju is a torrent site where you can watch movies from different countries. But since this is an Indian torrent site, mostly movies are concentrated on Hindi films. Also, this site is very popular because it provides a large catalogue for Bollywood movies. All movies can be viewed with a max resolution of 1080p. Moreover, all movies listed have full description, video quality information and genre for your information. However, as we all know, when we play movies from torrent sites we download and upload and share the movie. So you watch at your own risk. You can consider downloading a VPN to protect your IP address and surf anonymously.


snagfilms websiteSnagFilms is a popular free online streaming service that has a collection of over 5000 documentaries and films and it can be considered as a decent Movie4K replacement. The site received a number of awards since its release in 2008. The service is ad based but considering that all films are available free of charge for all users, it is definitely worth it. The way SnagFilm’s collection is built is somewhat revolutionary since it organizes its movies into clusters based on similarities between the different films. The site is safe to use, but a good ad-blocker will be needed if you find pop-ups annoying.


Vumoo Most film lovers have come across this site as it has an endless collection of movies, TV shows and series. If you are annoyed of having to switch back and forth between 3 or 4 streaming sites to watch your favourite TV show’s episodes, Vumoo will be a site you will love. Unfortunately, if you ran out of things to watch and are looking for new movies to discover, Vumoo’s design is not the best for this purpose since searching by the common parameters (year, genre etc) is not available on Vumoo. With Vumoo, you will be able to download movies, which is something you cannot do with Movie4K.


niter website Niter is one of the most popular and reliable online sources when it comes to watching and downloading movies. Its library is somewhat smaller than other streaming sites, but still, you can find some of the newest additions here apart from the old classics. One feature of the site that should be highlighted is that registered users have the option of uploading and submitting their own content to Niter, provided they pass Niter’s filter. The interface is well-designed and thus easy to navigate yourself around. Movies are accurately labelled and you can find all relevant information related to the movies.


hulu new webpageHulu is a good alternative site like Movie4K for premium movie streaming. It is similar to Netflix, so bear in mind it is not a free service, but it gets you the latest movies or TV series. There are no ads pop-ups if you signed up for Hulu free trial therefore this website gives you a great balance and a good experience when you are looking for the best place to watch your videos. Hulu focuses mainly on TV shows but the site has partnerships with some of the biggest film studios so some high-quality movie productions are also available for users. If you want to download videos from Hulu, you can refer to Download Hulu Movies.

Download Online Movies with Video Keeper (Win/Mac)

Video Keeper interface Just like any other tools, they have their own advantages and disadvantages upon using them. Though, all of them will allow you to download videos from community sites, but not on every websites of your choice as part of their limitations. AceThinker’s Video Keeper is something that you can consider using because of its versatility and flexibility when it comes to video downloads, formats and conversion. Not only that, you can also screen record important live stream videos on your computer. To learn more on how to use this software continue reading the guidelines below.

Step1 Downloading Video Keeper

Video Keeper can be downloaded either from AceThinker’s official website or by clicking on one of the links below. After installation, launch the program.

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Step2 Download Preparation

First, find the video or movie on the web that you wish to download. Then copy the video’s URL to your clipboard. Next, launch Video Keeper and choose “Detect” tab and paste the URL copied.

vk detect the video to download

Note: You can also directly search the site or video from the on the URL box. By default, all videos are being downloaded on download tabs. But, if the video link can’t be downloaded, another pop-up window will appear asking you to switch to “Detect” to download the video.

Step3 Turn on Enable Detection

To initiate the download, make sure that the “Enable Detection” is turned on located at the bottom left-hand side of the interface, then a notification window will show up on the opposite side of the interface.

Vk turn on detector

Step4 Check Status

Lastly, check the status of the download by switching tabs from “Detect” to “Download”. Once the download is complete go to “Completed” then find the name of the file. To play the video double click or right click then, choose play.

Vk download video progress

Get Free Trial Now


As you can see, these are the most searched websites. Take a look for all of them to choose the best site for your needs as each of them have their advantages and disadvantages in terms of collection size, searching methods and special features. Good to know that anything you will select is well-chosen as a Movie4K streaming website alternative to watching films online. As online video streaming’s popularity is ever-increasing, more and more streaming services will be available in the future, but whether the ability to also download these movies will be made a more common feature of these sites, we do not know. For now, AceThinker’s Video Keeper seems to be the best option for downloading videos and movies quickly, safely and reliably.

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