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alternatives to letmewatchthis Many people say that is a great movie streaming website. On the homepage, you will see a vast number of movies in its library that you can watch. On the other hand, the excessive amount of pop-up ads are the downside of Apart from that, whenever you try to play a movie from the website, it'll redirect you to a different tab asking you to install a program. There are also instances where a window asking for credit card information appears when you click on a movie title. All these factors are a significant cause of dissatisfaction with the website, and that is why we can't blame others if they look for an alternative. With that being said, we listed some of the sites like LetMeWatchThis that you might find worthy of visiting.

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Why is it a nice alternative? Popcornflix is one of the safest ways to watch a movie online without having to deal with suspicious ads.

User-friendliness: Popcornflix viewers can easily share their favorite movie on Facebook by posting the link on their social media account.

Popcornflix provides movies just like LetMeWatchThis. However, the contents are not identical, because Popcornflix provides classic films like The Score starring Robert De Niro and Edward Norton and newer movies at the same time. Aside from that, it has an extensive collection of TV series like Popeye The Sailorman and more. In its recent update, Popcornflix has added a "Viral Video" section for those who seek trending videos. Popcornflix's page is clean without any ads on the homepage compared to However, ads will appear while watching the movie because that is how it stays free. On the other hand, it does not require any suspicious program on your computer.

popcornflix interface

Tubi TV

Why is it a nice alternative? Despite being affiliated with many film outfits, you can be sure that you won't need to pay any monthly subscription on Tubi TV.

User-friendliness: Watching on Tubi TV feels like watching a free TV channel because of the in-between ads.

If you prefer western films, then you should check Tubi TV. Unlike LetMeWatchThis, Tubi TV doesn't open ads when you click anywhere on the page. Aside from that, the library of Tubi TV is categorized neatly to make searching easier. Aside from movies, Tubi TV also hosts various TV dramas and TV comedy series. Content ratings are also shown for each movie to guide users about the contents of the film.

tubi tv interface


Why is it a nice alternative? If you get tired of watching movies, you can switch to the live TV shows offered on Hulu.

User-friendliness: Hulu is available on mobile. You can watch from anywhere, which makes it very convenient.

Hulu is a subscription-based streaming service owned by The Walt Disney Company. The service provides various TV programs and movies from different Disney affiliated companies. Although it's different from, because it's not free, it is cheaper compared to other mainstream streaming services like Netflix. On the other hand, it provides a trial period for 30 days, which gives them unlimited access to the service. Despite being a paid service, the contents of Hulu are still far superior compared to LetMeWatchThis' library. For fairness regarding the topic, paying at least $6/month is not too bad, especially if you will get high-quality TV series and movies every time.

hulu website


Why is it a nice alternative? Video buffering on the website is seldom. Unlike on, the minimum internet speed required on SnagFilms is at least 1Mbps.

User-friendliness: SnagFilms has a free app that is available on various devices, including Xbox 360, Roku, and Amazon Kindle.

If high-quality, independent films are your preference, then SnagFilms is the website for you. The site hosts more than 5,000 films and documentaries together, available for free. It provides content different from LetMeWatchThis, from independent films to eye-opening documentaries from The National Geographic Channel. One provides different links for mainstream films, while the other hosts their library of independent films. The site is proud of its vision, which is called "Filmanthropy," that is why it focuses on streaming eye-opening documentaries. Mainly, the site wants to promote community action through its eye-opening documentaries.

snagfilms homepage

Classic Cinema Online

Why is it a nice alternative? Locating timeless classics is easy with Classic Cinema Online. This is why you won't need to spend minutes or hours deciding what to watch.

User-friendliness: You can interact with fellow viewers using the built-in chatroom within the website.

As its name suggests, you will find classic western films here. In this website, movies from the late Frank Sinatra, Steve McQueen, John Wayne, and Audrey Hepburn are all available. Hard to find movies from as early as the 1920s like "The Canary Murder Case," are also available on the website. Classic Cinema Online also has a wide range of silent movie collections that are sorted in different categories. From action to horror and sci-fi, this website got you covered. The video quality on the website ranges from 360p to 720p resolution, depending on when it was first released. Some movies are too dark, especially when watching in full screen, which is typical for old movies.

putlocker alternative


Why is it a nice alternative? If you like watching foreign-language films, then MoviesJoy is perfect. It has a dedicated international section with lots of foreign films from different countries.

User-friendliness: The website doesn't have cookies that can store your personal browsing information.

Another ad-free website that you can visit instead of is It has a mix of movies and TV shows in its library, which makes it a great LetMeWatchThis alternative. Every movie uploaded to the website is categorized according to their quality. There are also movies in 1080p, which is the most desirable resolution next to 4K. You can easily find a movie that you like from the "Trending" list of MovieJoy. On the other hand, you can also browse by genre and country to find specific movie titles.

webpage moviesjoy


Why is it a nice alternative? You can watch lots of movies and sporting events as well.

User-friendliness: Few ads, and always updated with the latest movies. Aside from that, the interface is clean and well organized.

Unlike, Soap2dDay offers not only movies but also reruns of major sporting events like the FIFA World Cup, FIBA World Cup, and UEFA Champions League. Aside from that, it is among the sites that update their library frequently. This means that you will be able to watch a movie in high definition, as soon as it's available. If you are struggling with what movie to watch, you can check the "Recommendation" and "Popular" lists from the website's home page. Aside from movies, you can also watch TV series on Soap2Day. Browsing the library of Soap2Day is also easy because you can browse by year and genre. You can also sort the movies from the newest to the most popular or other categories.

webpage soap2day

CMovies HD

Why is it a nice alternative? CMovies HD ensures that its movies are updated in HD quality whenever possible.

User-friendliness: TV shows are updated, a few hours after they premiered, which is very fast.

CMovies HD is one of the websites that you should check on your next movie night with family and friends, and you can even sort them by country of origin. The site provides movies without requiring and accounts registration, which is convenient. There are no ads before and in-between playing the movie. Instead, the ads open on a new tab every time you click something on the website. There is also a section where you can request a movie to be added to the website. There are also multiple servers within the website in case the original video fails to play. Movies from different countries are also available within the library of CMovies HD, like Japan, Korean, Taiwan, and Thailand.

cmovies interface


Why is it a nice alternative? User ratings are present for every movie within the library.

User-friendliness: There are some click-bait advertisements on the web page, which makes it not very suitable for younger audiences.

M4UFree is a free movie streaming site that can take the place of LetMeWatchThis. It has all recently released movies that you can think of, and other gems as well. The ads appear before watching the movie, opening a new tab that you can immediately close. A section on the home page shows the most played movies on a particular day, week, and even month. Aside from movies, you can also find Anime series on the website. There is no account registration required here, so no worries about providing personal information.

m4u movie site


Why is it a nice alternative? HD, Cam, 4K resolutions are all available within the website.

User-friendliness: Some inappropriate ads are present on the web page, so parental guidance needs to be practiced.

Lastly, we have LookMovie on this list. The website requires no account creation to watch a movie. All you need to do is visit the website and choose the movie that you want. Aside from that, there are a lot of recommended movies that you can watch instantly. There are a few ads within the homepage, and every time you click something, a new tab will open. LookMovie depends on these ads to keep its service free of charge to users to the website. You can search for a specific movie, or sort out the movies by genre, year, and rating. HD-quality movies are assured here, which makes it a great option.

lookmovie webpage

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