The Best 12 KissCartoon Alternatives

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Young ones love watching cartoons, and a lot of websites are available online in which one can watch these cartoons, but not all are free. Even users have many problems watching these cartoons movies. KissCartoon is a website that transmits both cartoons and anime for free. You can watch cartoons and anime on KissCartoon site without registering. The KissCartoon cartoon series is always updated and classified for users. However, still sometimes not all cartoons and animes are available here. If this page stops working or you cannot locate the cartoon or anime you’re looking for, try similar sites like KissCartoon. These sites do not only serve computers but also provides support to mobile devices for your convenience. Check out these top kissCartoon alternatives and enjoy yourself!

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crunchyroll main page With quality streaming services and great download options, Crunchyroll has become the number one sites people go or their cartoon needs. Crunchyroll is an American site that provides quality links for people to stream and download their cartoons. One thing that Crunchyroll is known for is that irrespective of the cartoon series you want to view; the quality is high across all boards. They offer a free premium subscription for users who wish to access even more impressive quality and streaming options consistently. Crunchyroll spoils users with lots of impressive features and options. Some of the features Crunchyroll possess cannot be found in other KissCartoon alternatives. This anime site grant users uninterrupted streaming services that are cost-effective and readily available at all times. The website offers free premium membership so viewers can catch up on their favorite and unpopular manga series along with other cartoon series in high quality.

Tips to watch cartoon series on Crunchyroll mobile

If you feel a little uncomfortable watching cartoons on your computer, Crunchyroll has a mobile app which is available on mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. Just navigate to your App Store or Google Play. Tap the provided search box at the top of your screen and type the word “Crunchyroll.” From the search results, click the install button to get the app. Once installed, open the Crunchyroll mobile app and have fun watching your favorite cartoons.

crunchyroll mobile

Cartoon Network

cartoon network main interface It is vital as a cartoon fanatic; you should check out the site you intend to use to watch your series. This will let you know if the site suits your needs, and if it is user-friendly. With that said, Cartoon Network is a best seller amongst cartoon lovers. You can be sure to get your favorite cartoon movies and series in impressive quality quite easily. Get access to old Cartoon Network series as well as the new ones. Cartoon Network is hands down one of the best websites like KissCartoon in the market. Get access to unlimited cartoon both on TV and on the web. You have access to original cartoon network content legitimately. You can enjoy some of the best cartoon series on cartoon network. So if you want to enjoy some of the old-timers’ cartoon or the new ones, you won’t be disappointed. 3

Tips to watch cartoons online on Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network’s mobile app is useful if you want to stream cartoons from your smartphone. It provides you the convenience of watching cartoons wherever you are. To take advantage of its mobile app, simply head on to your Google Play Store for Android users. Tap the search icon at the top of the screen, from your mobile keyboard, key in the word “Cartoon Network.” The app then should appear from the list of results. On the other hand, when you are an iOS user, you can search for the same name from the App Store and install it on your iOS device. Now if by any chance, you want to look for more cartoons from the following sites, you can also search for the their mobile counterpart from either App Store or Google Play. However, if you haven’t found their mobile version from the said application store. You may also visit the site using your phone’s mobile browser.

cartoon network mobile app


kissanime main page The best platform to truly enjoy free anime series is KissAnime. This site is a very popular website, in a month, approximately 25 million people visit this website and most of the traffic comes from the US and the United Kingdom. Almost all past and present animes can be seen on KissAnime site. It is devoted to anime lovers. Yes, one can also get a few cartoons here. There are also ads on the site, but if you wish, you can buy your premium rate later. You will not see any unwanted ads on your screen any more. The user experience is exceptional; a user might be confused the first time. The KissAnime website allows you to ask for anime and cartoon titles which are found in KissAnime Library.


kimcartoon main site KimCartoon is right up there as the best cartoon sites similar to KissCartoon in the world. They offer remarkable video quality at no cost to the viewers. KimCartoon possesses a user-friendly interface, and this means users can easily navigate the site and find their favorite cartoon series without any hassle. It is essential as a cartoon fanatic; you should check out the site you intend to use to watch your series. This will let you know if the site suits your needs, and if it is user-friendly. With KimCartoon, you can be sure to get your favorite cartoon movies and series in impressive quality quite quickly, without any charge to you. KimCartoon is a hub that provides cartoon series for viewers to access in high quality, at zero-cost, and in an easy way. The great thing about KimCartoon is that it can be accessed easily on mobile. So, you get the best of both worlds on your PC, and your mobile as well. You can also download your series directly to your local drive of your PC or SD card of your mobile phone so that you can watch at your free time. This is not only convenient, but it also means you can be flexible with how and when you watch your series.


9anime main site 9Anime guarantees viewers attractive options, and that’s part of the reason why viewers love it. Cartoon lovers nowadays prefer to high-quality videos consistently, on a user-friendly platform, and that’s what 9Anime provides. 9Anime provides users a simple way to access their watch list, and view what they’ve seen and not seen. This allows users to spend more time on what they’ve not seen and will enable them to explore more. 9Anime consistently updates their collection, giving you more cartoons to view. 9Anime prides itself in its ability to update their collection on time. Cartoon lovers would love the extensive list of options available to them. Users can watch their favorite cartoons in high quality. In addition, the watch list also helps you filter what you have seen and haven’t seen. You can also export, and import MAL list which can help you keep tabs on the series and movies you’ve watched.

Disney Junior

disney junior main site One of the legitimate ways to view cartoons is via Disney Junior. It is an excellent alternative to KissCartoon, and affords users a great way to catch up on their animation series. Disney is the owners of Disney junior, and that’s part of the reasons why lots of people utilize them. They provide users a means to watch original Disney animated series. Disney Junior can be accessed via the website or through the official app. They provide high-quality series consistently on mobile, and PC. Disney Junior offers both free and premium membership to users. Both have access to high-quality videos and some impressive features. However, premium members have access to more features to free users. If you want legitimate cartoons and animation series, then subscribing to the premium Disney Junior package is a worthy investment.

Cartoons On

cartoonson main site This site offers users many favourite cartoons. The CartoonsOn has a small library, however, should your image be available on the Internet, there is an excellent way to view it in this CartoonsOn. The user experience here is relatively poor, as it is often redirected to another website and the ads ruin your movie streaming experience. You can search the site for anime or cartoon. This site is also a popular place and an alternative to KissCartoon. It has around 5 million monthly users; the majority of users come from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and the Netherlands.

Watch Cartoon Online

watch cartoon online main interface This website is, in fact, the first one that looks like the KissCartoon website on our list. Children can operate this website efficiently because there is a navigation bar where you can get another category, for instance, Dubbed Anime, Cartoons and much more. This site will show some friendly ads for children. Therefore, this is also a better option for your children. WhatchCartoonOnilne has an extensive library of various cartoons and anime. Visit now and share your experiences in the comments section. main site is among the best cartoon sites in the world. They offer remarkable video quality absolutely free to the viewers. possesses a user-friendly interface, and this means users can easily navigate the site and find their favorite cartoon series without any hassle. Move easily from page to page and find the animation of your choice. Make use of ratings feature to find the recommended series to watch. If you are on the web for a new cartoon series to watch, then, this site has an impressive array of cartoons to choose from. You can easily access the site and go through the different variety of series available to you. What’s more? It is absolutely free. Check it out regularly to see the updated list of cartoons on offer.


nickelodeon main site One of the legitimate ways to view cartoons is via Nickelodeon. This KissCartoon similar site affords users a great way to catch up on their original animation series. Nickelodeon provides lots of animations that resonate with both the old and the young, and that’s part of the reasons why lots o people utilize them. They provide users a means to watch original Nickelodeon animation series. Nickelodeon can be accessed via the website, TV, or through the official app. They provide original content both on TV and on Web in high quality. Their unique series, along with their own special brand of storytelling, is one of the reasons why Nickelodeon is ranked as one of the top alternatives to Kisscartoon. What they offer resonates with both the old and young, making them a perfect choice. Watch their original content in extremely high quality whether you are on your mobile or PC.


CartoonCrazyCartoonCrazy is also the best alternative to the popular KissCartoon. Here is the set of anime and cartoons. It is the best-synchronized option of anime in English and also has an excellent library for hot anime. The user interface and user experience of this website are beautiful, and one can easily navigate the site. CartoonCrazy is also popular in many countries, especially in the United States and Canada. Each month around 12 million Internet users visit this website. You can watch anime and cartoons in high quality. However, the domain name is not that stable; change from time to time


AnimeRhinaThe AnimeRhina site is also one of the best spots for anime lovers. They offer a lot of animes and cartoons. In the header of this site, you get clear navigation, which gives you the direct link to anime, movies, cartoons, etc. This site offers a pretty good user experience, and anyone who uses the Internet can operate efficiently. You can also search for your favorite anime or cartoons here. If you want to download a cartoon or anime that appears on this site, you can download it. AnimeRhino does not have much traffic, but it is widely used in the United States, the monthly traffic on AnimeRhina is roughly 1 million and that is not too small.

Download Cartoons with Video Keeper

Now you can watch and explore your favorite cartoon movies and series by visiting the sites mentioned above. In case you are wondering if you can download cartoons from these sites, the answer is yes. In this way, you can still watch cartoons without having to depend on the internet connection. A reliable tool that can certainly help you with this is Acethinker Video Keeper. This app features automatic detection that allows users to obtain movies or cartoons even from restricted websites. Through the help of a browser within the app, you are able to stream and download cartoons from your favorite sites directly. Meanwhile, to see how the tool works, follow the steps given below in order.

Step1 Download and install Acethinker Video Keeper

You can visit the Acethinker Video Keeper’s official site to get its installer or click on the “Download” button below. Choose the platform which suits your computer operating system. Launch the tool and register for an account to maximize the features offered by the app.

Try It Free

Step2 Download cartoon videos

From the built-in browser of the app, visit the site where you want to download cartoons. Click on the “Detect” section from the top menu. Then, type in the link of the cartoon website and open the video that you like to download. Make sure that auto detection is enabled so the tool will recognize the video you are trying to download.

download cartoon video

Step3 Check acquired video

Once the download is complete, you can now check the acquired video and be able to watch it offline. Click the “Download” tab and select the “Completed” section to see the downloaded video. Hover your mouse to the video you just downloaded and double click on it to play.

play the video

video keeper

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