Top 5 Alternative Sites like Instagram

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Top 5 Alternative Sites like Instagram

Instagram is one of the social media sites that has a unique design. It can be easily distinguished with its square shape image. It permits the users to edit their photos and videos in different styles. These photos and videos can be shared in either public or private. With Instagram, you are able to browse through other user’s post if you follow that person. This site is now innovated with the messaging function that lets the users share multiple videos and photos in one post. Luckily, there are many sites like Instagram that you can use to share photos and videos from any platform. Here we have picked the best 5 ones for your reference.



Facebook is the first choice when talking about the best sites like Instagram. It’s compatible with any platforms like Window/Mac computers, Android phones, and iOs devices if you are connected with the Internet. This is the most-used social media site worldwide. It is not only for sharing photos and videos but also for messaging. This app is connected with Messenger app that is why you are able to communicate with other people. Likewise, you can market your products online by posting the photos along with the prices and functions of the products by visiting the additional feature known as “Marketplace.” Facebook comes with different emoticons to show what you feel about a certain post such as a happy face, sad face, heart shape, and angry face. Unlike the other applications, you can edit the privacy of your post. With the “Activity log”, you can check your recent actions.


pinterest page

Another interesting Instagram alternative app is the Pinterest With this app, the bloggers can upload and share photos instantly. However, these photos and videos uploaded here are mostly business related because bloggers use to create their own pages here to promote their products. These pages contain various information about different topics such as movie ratings, products’ prices or food recipes. It is now easy to browse through the products because of the Pinterest dashboard. In here, you can also make your own profile by pinning your daily life to the dashboards. The same as the other app, you need to contain a verified account to use this program. Users are also allowed to follow and unfollow the other bloggers of this program.


snapchat pageThe next alternative app to Instagram is the Snapchat that is reliable and has a lot of features in having multimedia messages, where you can upload photos and videos to share with your friends. This app has a built-in feature for editing such as adding auto filters, effects, drawings, and more. A real-time effect can be done through face detection using the “Lens” feature of the app. The captured pictures and videos will disappear automatically after 10 seconds. In July 2016, this app has a newly added feature known as “Memories” that saves the snaps and story posts of the Snapchat users in a private storage. You have the opportunity to look for your friend’s username through customizing the “Snapcodes”. Afterwards, you can communicate with your friends through video chat.


qzoneIn 2005, Qzone was created by Tencent company. This is mostly used by Chinese people to send photos, share blogs, listen to music and watch videos. It is a brilliant app as an alternative to Instagram. However, not all of us can easily use this because this app contains Chinese characters. While using this app, users can set the style of their wallpaper by going to the “My Item” option of the app. The users can also follow up some news about their favorite product brands and the well- known celebrities around the world. Furthermore, this app has two system versions in adding background music. It is either a “Green Diamond” or ‘Yellow Diamond”. For Green Diamond, you can upload background music but with poor quality. It also provides albums that can be created up to 1000 albums. Each of the albums can have 10000 photos in it.


tumblrIf you are looking for sites similar to Instagram, one of these is the Tumblr, which serves as a micro blogging site, in which users can post multi-media and short contents through blogs. With the dashboard feature of this app, the new posts from the blogs that the users follow can be shown. Also through this, they are also allowed to share photos, videos, texts, quotations. Tumblr has an advanced function that lets users message the other Tumblr users through chat. In addition, Tumblr is accessible on any platforms.


While Instagram is one of the best social networking sites worldwide, you still need to look for the other sites that are similar to Instagram that will definitely satisfy your needs in blogging your memorable experience, uploading your favourite scene, marketing products, and communicating with other people. Hope you like our commendations of these Instagram alternatives. By the way, do you know any other websites or apps like Instagram that you think should be included in the list? If yes, please share with us in the comments below. Thank you!

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