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The Best IceFilms Alternatives to Binge-Watch Movies

sites like icefilms One of the best movie streaming websites you can rely on nowadays is IceFilms. The site streams countless movies from different categories. Additionally, other movies are available to watch in HD quality or 720p resolution. Moreover, IMDb ratings of each video are provided and their synopsis so viewers can get a brief gist about the movie. Also, you can get the embed code of the movie if you want to download it using a third-party downloader. However, the major drawback of IceFilms is that the website is littered with ads anywhere. Although other movie streaming sites also have it, IceFilms went overboard in placing ads on its pages. So, if you don't want to be interrupted by these annoying pop-up ads, read the article to learn the best sites like IceFilms to watch movies.

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How to Identify a Good Movie Site

First of all, let us learn some criteria we need to consider so we can effectively choose the best movie streaming site nowadays. Read the list provided here to learn more about a good movie site.

Things to Consider:

  • The movie site should have no ads, or it is at least limited, so the viewers would not be disturbed when they are trying to browse and watch a movie.
  • It should let the viewers watch movies for free and without any limit.
  • The site must contain thousands of movies you can choose from different genres.
  • Trending and blockbuster movies must be available so they can catch the attention of multiple users.
  • Some of the movies provided on the website must be available to download using software.

best sites

TubiTV - Best Alternative to IceFilms

What is it for? Watch free movies using almost all devices available, including computers, mobile phones, tablets, and game consoles.
Distinctive Feature: Contains movies and TV shows from prestigious and bonafide movie producers and entertainment companies like MGM, Lionsgate, Paramount, and more.

When talking about the best alternative site like IceFilms, TubiTV is the one who sits at the top. Aside from providing thousands of movies available, you can also watch binge-worthy TV shows on this site. The primary advantage of TubiTV compared to other websites is that you would not see even a single advertisement on its pages. Additionally, it lets you browse movies easily since the films are appropriately organized according to their genre. Moreover, it even streams child-friendly shows from BabyFirst TV. Lastly, it also shows the content rating of each movie, so you are aware in case your kids are watching with you.

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  • The site streams movies from multiple genres like Horror, Thriller, Romance, and more.
  • It allows you to create a user account so you can sync and continue watching a movie you left.

  • The only drawback of Tubi TV is that it doesn't stream the movies that were just shown in theaters.


What is it for? Watch hundreds of Bollywood movies or other films produced in India.
Distinctive Feature: Streams popular Cricket matches, including games from the Indian Premier League.

Hotstar is home for most of the famous and award-winning Bollywood films released in recent years. Also, this IceFilm alternative focuses on several Indian shows, documentaries, musicals, and more. The site has a pro version called Hotstar VIP. Its pro version allows you to stream the most-anticipated Bollywood movies that were just released in cinemas a few months ago. Aside from Bollywood films, it also shows sports streams and other movies from different countries. Additionally, it also streams eSports games for Dota2, CSGO, PUBG, and more. Finally, Hotstar also followed the trend nowadays since it developed a mobile version which is available to download for Android and iOS mobile phones.

watch movies


  • Also streams other movies produced in Hollywood.
  • Hotstar also offers live stream videos from some Indian TV channels.

  • Hotstar is not available to other regions or countries.


What is it for? The site is known for streaming popular TV series from different TV channels.
Distinctive Feature: Solarmovie collects and ranks the top-rated IMDb reviewed movies and series.

As one of the pioneers of movie streaming online, Solarmovie is another reliable site similar to IceFilms. A good thing about this site is that it shows some of the movies recently seen in theaters but in camrip quality, which is not that good. However, some movies are available to stream in HD quality or 720p resolution. Additionally, it has a "Feature" section that shows the selected movies recommended by the developers of the website. If you want to follow the trend, you can check its "Top viewed today" option to view the movies that were streamed most by other users.

watch movies


  • You can access and watch all of its content for free.
  • Developers of the site ensured that each movie has no malware.

  • It contains limited ads that might annoy users.


What is it for? Streams videos from Asian countries like China, Korea, and Japan.
Distinctive Feature: As its name suggests, it streams videos in HD quality for up to 1080p.

HDonline is the perfect movie site for you if you are a big fan of Asian dramas produced from Korea and Japan. It features one of the most popular shows in Korea, which is "Running Man." You can search for movies on this website according to their genre, released date, the country where it was produced, and more. If you are also fond of horror movies, HDonline provides more than hundreds of them that can add thrill in your Saturday night. Lastly, you can also watch "Xmas" shows and movies to lighten up your day.

watch movies


  • Streams updated episodes of popular US TV shows like American Idol, Good Girls, and more.
  • It provides a search bar so you can easily find a movie you want to watch.

  • When you try to play a movie for the first time, a pop-up ad will appear, but you can close it anytime.


What is it for? It also recommends other websites to choose movies in case FMovies doesn't have it.
Distinctive Feature: Provides a "Requested Movies" section that allows you to send a request to its developer, and they will try to upload it on the site.

FMovies is one of the most popular movies streaming websites available nowadays since there are videos that you can watch in 4K quality. This is possible if you create or register a user account on the site. Aside from trending and binge-worthy films, you can also watch Anime as it is affiliated to a famous Anime streaming site named 9Anime. Additionally, the movies are appropriately organized alphabetically so you can quickly find a movie you want. If you prefer, you could also follow FMovies' official Twitter account if you want to get updates on their new uploads.

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  • FMovies allows you to connect some of your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to log-in and add comments to each movie.
  • The site has a community so you can interact and communicate with other movie lovers registered to it.

  • There is a tendency that the site will redirect you to a new tab when you try to watch a movie.

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