The Best 6 Sites Like FMovies to Watch Movies Online

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FMovies is one of the leading online movie streaming sites. Users like it for its huge library of movies covering a broad spectrum of genres and for its well organized interface that makes searching very easy. The incredibly large library is updated frequently with the latest movie and TV series releases and you can also search the database of films by genre, country, toplist and more. FMovies is a popular site and therefore many fake FMovies sites have been appearing recently, trying to profit from the domain name. These fake sites can cause possible harm to your computer, so make sure you are always watching films on the original site, linked above. In this article, we will introduce you 5 alternative sites like FMovies that you can use to stream movies online. The sites similar to Fmovies described below are in no particular order.

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how to use yesmovies on mobile

Yes!Movies is an online movie and TV shows streaming site that is similar to FMovies in several aspects. First of all, if you are used to FMmovie’s interface, you will have no trouble finding your way around Yes!Movies’ site as the layout and menu bar are quite similar. Moreover, Yes!Movies also features a large collection of movies organized by different criteria for example genre and country. Movies are well labelled with accurate IMDb ratings and short plot overviews. In terms of ads, the site sometimes redirects you to advertisements and potentially malicious sites, so to be on the safe side, make sure you have an adblock software running while streaming movies.You can visit the official website of the tool by clicking the link above . Make sure to click the “Use the old version” or “home” button to be routed to the homepage.


  • The webpage is very interactive because of the physical appearance itself is pleasing to the eye.
  • The site has slideshow of the latest movies available
  • Tile are organize with good quality picture
  • The site provides HD quality movies


  • Upon visit of the page you have to click home to see the real homepage of the site
  • Not all movies are all on HD quality. Some of them are cam rip.
  • There are on-click ads on each movies redirecting you to another page

Simple tips to view Yes!Movies on mobile

To launch the site, tap the mobile browser, and visit the official site of Yes!Movies. From the main interface of Yes!Movies, choose from the different available movies. Play the one the piques the your interest and enjoy.

how to use yesmovies on mobile

Record online movies with AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

Streaming videos and movies online is become more and more popular as hundreds of hours of content is uploaded every minute. Streaming is an easy way of accessing the most recent films, music videos and news, but the process can sometimes be expensive if your using mobile data or you might not even be able to access these video in the first place if you are constantly on the go and do not have a stable internet connection all the time. The solution to this problem is to download the video or movies you want to watch beforehand and then you will be able to access them anywhere, anytime, any number of times. The software that can do this the best and most efficient is AceThinker’s Screen Grabber Pro. Screen Grabber Pro is a comprehensive multimedia solution for capturing screen activity and editing it real-time while recording. Below we will provide you with a detailed step-by-step guide on how to use Screen Grabber Pro for downloading movies from streaming video websites like Fmovies and similar sites.

Step1 Download and install Screen Grabber Pro

Click the download button below to grab a copy of Screen Grabber Pro. After downloading the program, install it by following the steps in the installation wizard, and finally, launch the program from your computer.

Try It Free

Step2 Open streaming movie

Use your browser to open the movie streaming site from where you want to download your movie. Locate the movie on the website but do not start playing it just yet.

Open streaming movie

Step3 Set up recording region

Click “Record” and from the drop-down list select a recording mode that best suits your needs. The recommended mode for recording streaming movies is the “Region” mode as this allows you to specifically record only the activity of the media player of the streaming site. If the movie streaming site allows you to stream movies in full screen, you can also select the “Full screen” mode for performing your recording.

select region option

If you have selected “Region”, place the crosshairs to one of the corners of the media player, click and hold down your right mouse button and drag it along to highlight the area you want to be recorded. Let go of the mouse button when done.

Set up recording region

Step4 Start recording

After setting up the region to be recorded, hit “Ok” on the toolbar. Click “Ok” again and a 3 second countdown will start which gives you time to prepare for the recording. Use this time to start playing your video.

Start recording

Step5 Stop recording

Use the toolbar in the middle of your screen to control the recording process. You can use the toolbar to pause and stop your recording. When done, you can view the video from Screen Grabber’s main library where you can also rename, upload and edit the video.

Stop recording

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Niter is another popular online movie streaming site that features a decent collection of movies of various genres. Right on the main page there is a special section dedicated to recently added movies and there is also a part for coming soon movies so we can see that Niter is especially keen on new movies. Movies are high quality and every important information regarding the movie is displayed accurately. The only downside of Niter is that it is full of adds. Nearly every click of a mouse opens a new tab with some ad.


  • The webpage is straight forward.
  • It is updated to the latest movies
  • IMDB review is infused to rate how good or bad the movie was to set your expectation.
  • The video is easy to play without pop-up ads


  • The site is deceiving. It does not route you to the official page of the website.
  • Some of the movies does not have good video quality
  • It has only one player, if its not working, you won’t be able to play the movies



WatchFree is an excellent FMovies alternative no matter what type of movies or series you like, you will definitely be coming back to this site over and over again. WatchFree makes sure that you get your daily dose of new movies as its catalogue is updated on a regular basis. WatchFree does not have its own database though, each movie is linked from an external source which means you have multiple sources to choose from for the same film. The sites navigation is fast and simple, and during our 10 minutes of navigating around the site, we did not encounter a single ad or pop-up.


  • The site is updated. it updates the recently uploaded movies or TV episodes
  • The site has huge catalog for it is linked to other sites
  • No registration required


  • The site has a bunch of pop-up ads
  • It requires a download for the advertised tool before watching a movie.



123Movieshub used to be one of the most popular movie streaming sites but recently it has been experiencing a lot of issues and its domain has been changing constantly. Nevertheless, it is still a decent alternative to FMovies primarily due to its large collection of movies and TV-series of various genres. You can search 123Movies’ catalogue by various criteria. Apart from the usual genre and country section, there is a “Hot”, a “Top rating” and a “Top favorite” section where you can find some good suggestions for what to watch.


  • is free. No need to create an account to maximize the website
  • Has massive list of old and new movies
  • You can watch movies and TV series form different countries
  • The site is stable


  • Most newly added movies are cam recorded. So the quality is not satisfactory
  • Ads are all over the place


site like fmovies 6

Moviewatcher have a wide range of contents of movies, both recent and old. With its massive collection of movies, there is no denying that it makes a great Fmovies alternative. What makes the site remarkable is that it show what quality the movie have so the people can expect what they will get. Also, aside from movies, it also have american TV series in its libraries for those who want to binge watch their favorite show. Aside from that, the buttons on the website are all easy to understand and aids in fast sorting of movies. With its ease of navigation and large collection of movies, there is no wonder why it made the list of great sites like Fmovies.


  • The site is easy to navigate
  • It provides HD quality videos
  • It is easy to download videos here
  • Has reasonable amount of ads


  • You must need to register an account to be able to watch


sites like fmovies 7

Last on the list of the best sites like Fmovies is 5movies. Like most sites on the list, its library includes classic films, and even the newly released movies. The site offers high-quality movies in high-definition and standard definition. Aside from movies, its library also includes asian dramas, anime and american cartoons. With the contents of the site, it is fair to say that it’s an all in one online movie website. That is the reason why it makes a great alternative to Fmovies.


  • It possess a very interactive appearance
  • Movies are categorized and arranged in a manner you can easily navigate through the site
  • Series are compiled on one page
  • Has reasonable amount of ads
  • Have several servers
  • No ads


  • Some videos are not playing
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