Best Sites Like Fiverr 2018 for Freelancers

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Best Sites Like Fiverr 2018 for Freelancers

Sites Like FiverrFiverr is one of the most popular Freelance website for micro business that offers big opportunities for job seekers. In fact that this site is free and easy to use, that is why most people use to seek employment here. With over 3 million job offers surely proves that this site is competitive enough to deal with businessman and freelancers. This site act as a bridge connecting the employer and the job seeker with 5% share on every transaction made through the website. The percentage may vary depending on high or low is the earning. Furthermore, if you are in the field of Graphic design, writing and digital marketing these site best suits you. But as the world innovates the demand is also growing. Nowadays several sites similar to Fiverr continuously rise up in the market. So, if this site is not good enough for you here are 10 of the most competitive sites like Fiverr.


FiverrUpwork is formerly known as Odesk . It is one of the leading freelancing sites because of its reliable service. Not only is that, millions of job ads being posted on this site which makes it known for both Freelancers and Employers. The website gives both parties the opportunity to get real-time conversations through live chats for a better and trustworthy business deal. Long after the merger between oDesk and Elance, Upwork became one of the most renowned freelancing sites up to this time. Freelancers here are being paid through direct transfer or wired transfer. Unlike Fiverr who holds limitation and fix the amount to complete your application. See UPWORK website for in-depth review about the cost. With its mass Job offers you can consider this a good alternative fo Fiverr.


PeopleperhourfreelancersitePeopleperHour is next on the list. This site has been existing and in service for a decade now. Over time, it is making noise in the market and gained more support from people most specifically with Employers. This site also acts as a bridge between freelancers and Employers who respectively offers web designing service, card designs, write-ups etc. People per hour have a different approach in gathering applicants for its clients. The Freelancer will sort his/her skills according to category given by the website and apply. The employer then gathers applicants according to the qualifications posted until the employer finds the right person fit in the job. PeopleperHour collects 3.5% of the sales accomplished through the website.


freelancerfreelancersiteFreelancer is another competitive freelancing site that holds 24,848,463 members. It caters over 247 countries that are willing to deal with subcontractors digital services. Just the previous tool mentioned you can consider this a stable site for job seekers and businessman. Hired and get hired as low as 10% of your earnings and subject for lesser percentage if you subscribe and become a Premium member. If you have questions and concerns the sites has 24/7 customer service support, and chat support to answer for you.


gurufreelancersiteGuru is another freelancing website similar to Fiverr. So far, this site has over 1.5 million Freelancers registered which they call “GURUS”. Just like any other freelancer sites this offers more job postings from Employers. The interface is easy to navigate and you will millions of Job posting so finding skilled freelancers is feasible in this site. On the other hand, Free lansers can search for jobs according to their skills and choose after right fitting their capabilities.


Toptalfreelancersite“Quality and Proficiency” matters for Toptal It is renowned for delivering skilled and talented Freelancers to employers. Unlike other sites, Toptal only endorse 3% of the applicants after sorting each applicant carefully. That is why most employers prefer this site because it’s very picky when it comes to choosing the right person for the Job. Furthermore, jobs being offered here are web designs, software and finance. Unlike the previous mentioned tools they have more job offer categories.


project4hirefreelancersiteThis site is another seek and find jobs for people who has knowledge about Information Technology , web design, virtual assistant, consultants and a lot more. Just like any other freelance website they secure all payments and transaction between the applicant and the employer. There is not much difference between the above mentioned sites.


microworkersfreelancersiteMicroworkers has similar concept with any other freelancer sites. They connect people who are in need of work and those who seek for skilled talents. The only difference is that they offer Data related jobs like Application testing , content evaluation , survey, research studies, concerning labeling, analysis, sequencing , transcribing and a lot more .With the Tag Line “ Work and earn a micro job “ they continue to provide services and continuously developing for those over 700,000 freelancers relying on them.


Workand HirefreelancersiteWorkNHire is Free. That means you do not need to register for a premium account. Since it ius for free, you are required to pay 5% of your earning on every transaction made through the website. On the other hand, percentage may vary depending on the membership plan that you are enrolled in. So you have the option to register for an account or not. But if you are a confirmed member there are terms and conditions that n needs to be followed. If you are related on the field mentioned then you can start working and earn money with WorkNHire.


CrowdspringfreelancersiteCrowdspring is another site that you can use as an alternative for Fiverr. This site though is focused on web designs specifically Graphic , print, packaging, and Logo designs. This site guarantees 100% money back guaranty for dissatisfied clients. Moreover, it has been running for several years now so it is safe to say that it is stable now and will continue with its business.


fiverupfreelancersiteLast but not the least, FiverUP . This site has a huge similarity with Fiverr when it comes to service and pricing. If you know how Fiverr works then you probably won’t have problems using this site. To be specific this sites offer jobs in line with Advertising, graphics, and Writing. You can visit the official website for more information and list of jobs being offered.


All in all all sites mentioned above are all helpful for those who are seeking for career change or upgrade. Though Fiverr is a good website to be to find jobs you can also consider checking these sites reviewed to your advantage. As the market changes demands grow and other sites will be competitive to conquere the market . So, prepare to make money from Big companies all around the world through these sites. For any questions or inquiries , please comment below.

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