Top 8 Comedy Video Sites Like Ebaumsworld

Last updated on March 25, 2020 by Mary is indeed one of the best online sites for funny videos. It offers a lot of variety sites similar to Ebaumsworld, including flash-based video games, funny pictures, and funny videos. But there may be some stuff you’re looking for, which are not in the site. Whether you are bored at work or maybe you want to find a new website every day to laugh, you will fall in love with these sites like Ebaumsworld. Our team searched online for the best eBaumsworld alternatives to play games, watch funny pictures, and enjoy funny videos on your computer or your mobile devices.

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cracked image is a very good website like Ebaumsworld. It’s a web-based online platform designed specifically for those who love viral content and know trends. Jack O’Brien founded the platform in 2005 and is currently owned by Scripps. The platform comes from a cracked magazine from the year 1958. Cracked includes various services such as blogs, videos, forums, a workshop for authors, five weekly image manipulations and much more. This website includes articles, online publications, and videos on topics ranging from video games and television to technology and history. publishes 2 to 4 articles daily (2,000 to 3,000 words each) as well as video content, short formats, and competitions. The most important articles are the most popular ones and Cracked usually attracts around 1 million visitors in the first week. Cracked is known for its popular lists, including titles such as The 7 Basic Things You Do not Believe They’re All Wrong. In fact, Cracked supports mobile app and is compatible on both Android and iOS devices. To know how to use it, check out the steps listed out below.


BuzzFeed image is an American Internet-based online media platform based in New York City. It’s quite popular and is among our chosen sites similar to Ebaumsworld. It is the leading and independent digital medium that provides news and entertainment to millions of people around the world. BuzzFeed strives to establish a deep connection with the audience and to provide you with the latest news and entertainment that is worth sharing with friends, family and the people who are important in your very own life. The platform is originally known for online funny vids, lists, and pop culture articles. The company has evolved into a global media and technology company that cover a variety of topics, including politics, home improvement, businesses, and animals. BuzzFeed generates daily content in which employees of reporters, members, and designers of collective boxes work, BuzzFeed will make your day in case if you’re looking for websites like Ebaumsworld. If you want to stream BuzzFeed on your mobile device, you can simply follow the steps outlined below.

thechive image

TheChive is the largest image site in the world and is one of the top websites like Ebaumsworld, featuring original galleries with tons of fun photos and videos, epic flaws, amazing girls, innovative digital photography and art from around the world. The CHIVE is truly a great site for viral videos and photos that are hot, fresh, crazy, stunning and just incredible. What makes TheChive stand tall among the sites similar to Ebaumsworld? The images displayed on this site are selected by staff members from research on international and national websites. So if you’re going to find quality hilarious content, I’m sure you will love TheChive. Actually, TheChive supports mobile app. Following are step-by-step procedure on how to use it.


collegehumor image is a Los Angeles-based viral and comedy website owned by InterActiveCorp. The site is also considered as one of the best sites similar to Ebaumsworld. CollegeHumor shows daily original comedy videos and written articles created by its internal writing and production team, as well as pictures, and also links sent by the user, etc. The best features of the CollegeHumor website are daily video clips, as well as articles developed by their internal editorial staff and production. CollegeHumor is indeed a leading online entertainment company targeting the main audience of people between the ages of 10 and 49. The platform has more than 15 million users worldwide.


funnyordie image is an award-winning comedy video site, as well as the film/TV production company founded by Will Ferrell, Chris Henchy, and Adam McKay and is recommended as one of the best sites like Ebaumsworld to have fun. The FunnyorDie website is made of a unique material used by several well-known contributors. For example, Judd Apatow, James Franco and also his own FunnyOrDie team who created original material for the site. The site was released on January 24, 2007. The producer produces television programs, many of the videos on the site show well-known actors (such as Steve Carell, Nina Dobrev, Charlie Sheen, Patrick Stewart, Ryan Gosling, Daniel Radcliffe, Mila Kunis, Sophia Bush, Sophia Robb, Hilary Duff, Jim Carrey, Selena Gomez and Ariel Winter,). Michael Kvamme, a young and funny candidate who is also the son of Mark Kvamme, the venture capitalist who financed FunnyOrDie, developed a concept for a new kind of comedy site, and that what makes FunnyOrDie one among the sites similar to Ebaumsworld.

wired interface

Wired is a US based magazine which is both published in print, and online. Similar to eBaumsworld, Wired contains tons of videos with various topics ranging from news, science and technology and human interests. Since the launch of the website in 1993, it has reached more than twenty million visitors, and counting. Wired has news articles incorporated into their website as well, to cater to the needs of more audiences. Also, the site is not only available in the US, because it is accessible all over the world, which contributes to its popularity. Subscription to is subscription based, which means users must create an account, and pay subscription fees monthly to continually receive updates and enjoy its contents.


BoredPanda is another site that hosts videos similar to eBaumsworld. It has a lot of available videos, that can be viewed anytime thanks to its extensive and organized library. Ever since the website was launched, it has reached a total visitor of over twenty-five million users. Additionally, BoredPanda has a lot of articles in their library for those who prefer written contents. In terms of the videos, it has more than one-hundred thousand videos in its library, which is enough to keep users busy. The videos on the site ranges from instructionals news and other interesting videos.


uberhumor website

Last on the list is Uberhumor, which is very similar to eBaumsworld because it hosts thousands of funny videos. Due to its popularity, advertisers have flooded the site with various ads, which is why it keeps on going. The site is free to use, thanks to the fundings from individual ads that pop-up on the web-page. Also, the tool has a unique chart that shows the name of the most frequent visitors of the site, in ranking. Another selling point of the site, are the funny pictures uploaded on UberHumor. There are literally thousands and thousands of different funny pictures, mostly memes and GIF images. This and more are available on UberHumor which is why its frequently visited by users.

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Top 8 Comedy Video Sites Like Ebaumsworld

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