10 Best Websites Like Buzzfeed

Last updated on October 15, 2018 by Klara Chapman

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10 Best Websites Like Buzzfeed

sites like buzzfeedAs a global media and technology company, Buzzfeed is certainly one great platform which provides coverage on a variety of topics that are able to catch all people’s attention. If you also consider it as a powerful social platform and wish to find out more websites as attractive as Buzzfeed, please read this whole article. Thanks to the internet, it is easy for us to find out any type of news we want. As a result, it seems to be impossible to make a really full coverage of every trending news on a news and entertainment site. Therefore, Buzzfeed is undoubtedly one great website which can be updated in real-time. Apparently, it provides a large amount of attractive and worth reading articles. Do you still bother yourself with haunted boring life? All the enjoyable videos and amazing jokes or stories of Buzzfeed can ensure you a fulfilling life.

All in all, Buzzfeed is definitely a very powerful site. However, if you want to enjoy more interesting information, it is unnecessary to be restricted to one website. We have some other alternatives as well. Here I will list 10 top websites which also provides entertainment, news and other enjoyable contents as Buzzfeed. They are good choices to kill your boring time as well.


reddit mainpageWebsite: https://www.reddit.com/

As a popular social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website, Reddit is a very popular website with entertainment topics. You can enjoy any breaking news, funny story, the interesting video you like on Reddit. It can satisfy all your needs. Reddit is also known for its popularity of the front page which clusters loads of valuable news and stories. This website covers a variety of topics including news, science, movies, video games, music, books, fitness, food, and image-sharing. The most important reason that makes Reddit a popular one is an active community. It possesses millions of user accounts. Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which are then voted up or down by other members. The topic that receives the most favorite votes can be placed on the top, which means you can find all the popular contents on the front page. Reddit has more than 500 million visitors per month, which also manifests its reliability and popularity. It means you can get a good number of an audience by sharing your contents. To sum up, Reddit is really a great alternative to Buzzfeed.

Viral Nova

nova webpageWebsite: http://www.viralnova.com/

Viral Nova is another decent website like Buzzfeed in the list. The number of its monthly visitors can reach more than 70 million, from which we can know how popular it is. Viral Nova is an aggregation of all breaking news, trending information and entertainment on the internet. Without chaotic advertisements, bothering widgets and confusing items, Viral Nova’s interface is very simple and intuitive. What’s more, all the breaking news or trending contents are clearly shown on a Viral home page. You can find your favorite story instantly. There are many different categories included in Viral Nova. For example, OMG, Science, Life, Culture, Videos, Entertainment and others. You can choose your beloved categories without any trouble. Therefore there is no need to sign up if you want to go through the latest news on Viral Nova. Viral Nova is not similar to Reddit, but its operating mode has a resemblance to Buzzfeed. That is why Viral Nova is regarded as one good alternative to Buzzfeed.


upworthy webpage Website: https://www.upworthy.com/

Compared with Buzzfeed and other similar websites introduced in this list, Upworthy is a slightly new one. Since the year of 2012 when Upworthy was first established, it has caught so much attention in a very short time. It is also said to be “the fastest growing media site of all time”.

Upworthy’s stated mission is “to change what the world pays attention to.”
Its users mostly share information relating to a social issue by the form of videos or articles. It is claimed that Upworthy possesses more than 50 million visitors per month.

All these updated contents and daily interesting stories posted on the website make Upworthy a really awesome website that worth trying.

All these daily stories are mainly distributed under the topics such as “Culture”, “Science & Technology”, “Identities”, “Citizenship & Democracy” and “Being a Better Human”.

In a nutshell, Upworthy is worth mentioning in this article and I’m sure that you will be enjoying it.


DiggWebsite: http://digg.com/

The fourth best website in the list is Digg. It is also an alternative to Buzzfeed. Digg is produced to provide the hottest topics and the most trending news for its users. If you are hunting for breaking news or anything enjoyable, Digg is certainly a very wise choice for you. It provides a convenient community for all regular users to share their stories. Users are also enabled to vote the content up or down. those who want to hunt for breaking news and trending contents. However, Digg got its reformation in 2012, since when it started to be regarded as one website like Buzzfeed. After its reformation of 2012, Digg changed into an aggregation of the news website, which is characterized by the features of its homepage. Digg’s homepage contains all the popular stories online. It is the Digg’s editors, not the users, that select the stories. At first, Digg had no options for sharing to a social network. However, after its reformation in 2012, it supports content sharing to other social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Funny or Die

Funny or DieWebsite: http://www.funnyordie.com/

If you are still leading an insipid life and have an eagerness to have some fun. Funny or Die is a good one for you. Just like Buzzfeed, Funny Or Die is also a website for entertainment. Unlike those websites that mainly focus on contents, Funny or Die is a comedy website that congregates user-generated and original videos. What’s more, all these excellent contents can only be seen on this website. Furthermore, other funny stuff like articles, images, pictures is also helpful for you to get rid of your boring time. Just as the name of it, Funny or Die is a place where all regular users can find stuff that they think is funny. At the same time, you can vote on what videos are funny or what videos deserve to die. The one which gets the most likes will be shown on the site and the one which has most ‘die’ votes might be eliminated. What’s more, other funny items like articles, images, pictures are also helpful for you to get rid of your boring time.


MashableWebsite: http://mashable.com/

If you are a keen reader of updated news and trending issues online, you might have probably heard about Mashable. As a most welcome digital website, Mashable is considered to be a One-stop solution among the social media websites. Mashable is known for its trending news and good entertaining contents online as what Buzzfeed provides. It provides many categories, including culture, science, business, video, technology or many others you expect. Mashable is such a popular website that it has already got a few awards since its first appearance. It not only has millions of monthly visitors but also possess a large number of followers. Mashable gets more than 6 million followers on Twitter and 3.2 million Facebook fans. After reading this brief introduction about Mashable, it must be clear that why Mashable is listed as one substitute to Buzzfeed.


CrackedWebsite: http://www.cracked.com/

If you are eager of finding a humor website like Buzzfeed, Cracked is definitely a right one. Cracked was founded as a magazine in 1958. However, in October 2005, Cracked.com launched as a separate website. Although the magazine folded soon after launch, the Cracked website gained popularity with over 300 million monthly page views, especially for these people who love humor. Its contents mainly focus on entertaining and humorous. Cracked also contains a blog, forums, videos, a writer’s workshop, five weekly Image-Manipulation competitions called Photoplasty, and small, one kick articles called “Quick Fixes”. Moreover, aside from the displaying of hilarious articles, Cracked provides opportunities for its users to post their own contents as well. If you are really good at writing and love humor, it is undoubtedly a good choice to select Cracked.

The Verge

The VergeWebsite: https://www.theverge.com/

Another website that worth mentioning in the list is The Vere. It is an American entertainment platform operated by Vox Media in 2011. The network possesses news items, long-form feature stories, podcast, product review, and an entertainment show. It was claimed that the site had 4 million tremendous and unique views per month and 20 million total page views. That is a really large number. What’s more, The Verge Site is designed to be very functional and attractive. All in all, if there is not still a favorite website like Buzzfeed, you can select The Verge. If the contents provided on The Verge cannot be able to satisfy all your requirements, we still have another two websites below.

College Humor

College HumorWebsite: http://www.collegehumor.com/

College Humor will definitely not disappoint the users who want to seek amusement, especially those teenagers or people age from 18 to 49. It is a comedy website, which features daily original comedy videos and articles created by its in-house writing and production team, in addition to user-submitted videos, pictures, articles, and links. All these humorous contents are selected elaborately by its own staff to make sure the quality of the information. College Humor’s traffic averages approximately 15 million monthly unique visitors and more than 100 million page views per month. Therefore, College Humor is also a wise option to make your plain life full of excitement.


PlayBuzzWebsite: http://www.playbuzz.com/

PlayBuzz is another website that occupies the last position on the list. It is a very popular social media platform like Buzzfeed as well. The content generated on this platform is associated with viral media, it can also be posted to social media or even embedded elsewhere on the web page. All these contents can hook its use for several hours. What’s more, the engaging contents of this online publishing platform make Playbuzz be a commercial community. It gives help to those agencies, brands, and publishers to get their audience for the products, stories or contents. Thanks to the good popularity and dependability, a lot of brands have built up the trust in Playbuzz and assign it as their content publisher. It is sure that they get very good returns as a result of the big coverage and shares of its users. To sum up, Playbuzz is definitely a very great alternative to Buzzfeed. I am sure that it will not let you down.

Moreover, some other websites such as Fark, Bored Panda, PPCorn are also excellent ones like BuzzFeed.


All mentioned sites are really informative that is worthy of your time. Take time to read to be informed. The world is more than what you see. There are more to discover. Just like when you read articles from ViralNova, your awareness of things that you thought does not exist will blow your mind while you discover them. That is just one of the 10 sites that you might be interested with. Though all of them has their own unique approach to inform people. If you find this collection of interesting or have more to suggest feel free to drop a message.

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