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Top 20 Sites Like 123Movies

websites like used to be one of the most popular streaming website that provides a wide variety of movies and TV shows from different genres. However, the 123Movies site has been closed down from the web due to complicated reasons. Though some similar domains appear, some people complain that the sites are slow with ads and not all videos have HD quality. At the same time, the interface is not attractive at all.

The good news is that you don’t need to be frustrated as there are numerous sites like 123Movies that let you watch movies online for free. Some of the alternatives are even much better than 123Movies. Have a look at our list of the best 12 websites like 123Movies that offer similar media content to 123Movies and keep yourself entertained with these free movies and TV shows.

Latest news: 123Movie now has moved to a new domain.



Yes!Movies is the first recommended free movie site like 123Movies as it comes with a large database, quick streaming speed and relatively fewer advertisements. Movies and TV shows in different genres from different countries are available on this site and the site gets updated on a regular basis. All the popular movies and TV series are ready to be seen here. It has a great user-friendly layout that makes it possible for you to find whatever you need quickly. In addition, when you hover on a movie, all the details like the IMDB rating, Country, Year, Length, etc. will be displayed. All in all, Yes!Movies is a totally free and even better than 123Movies. Don’t forget to give this site a try when you want to switch from 123Movies!

starter interface of video master

If you’re going to download the streaming movie or to convert it to compatible format for TV, mobile, iPad and so on, please try Video Master. It’s one-stop solution for you to download, record, convert and edit videos.

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Vumoo can be another top-rated free video streaming website if you’re looking for 123Movies alternatives. It offers a large collection of both movies and TV shows and the database is updated regularly. If you have ever owned a Netflix account, you will find that Vumoo has an interface that quite similar to Netflix. Compared with other sites like 123Movies, we can say that Vumoo really has a quite polished appealing interface, which is one reason that it has gained so much popularity through the site is not very old. On the homepage, you can find Popular This Week, Currently Watching, New Releases, Recently Added, etc. sections to have a general view of the hottest and latest movies. There is also no hassle to sign up or create an account in order to start the online movie streaming on Vumoo. Interested in Vumoo? You can have a look at sites like Vumoo.


VumooWebsite: Showbox Desktop

Showbox is highly flexible. There are no bounds at all upon watching or downloading any number of movies or TV series. Users have the option to either watch the videos online or to download it and save it for a later time. It provides a simple, yet attractive interface with great graphics which make it stand out and at the same time, makes it extremely user-friendly so that anyone can use it without any snags. Users have the option of selecting the desired video quality ranging up to high definition videos suiting their needs and their internet capacities. Quality can be selected from 1000dip to 300dip depending on the compatibility of the device. One of the best features of Showbox is that there is absolutely no need to sign up, register or to complete any survey to use it. All you need to do is just search for your desired movie or episode and get on with the viewing without any hassle. The shows and movies are all catalogued very efficiently which lets you filter through them in a lesser time. With Showbox, you are now open to a whole new world of entertainment to be discovered and explored which can be done suiting the user’s convenience, time and place. So go ahead and enjoy the amazing experience that ShowBox gives.


vexmoves web page Vexmovies is another great alternative where you can watch movies for free.This site is simplicity, from the home page, down to the arrangement of the catalog. What is good about it is that it doesn’t have any ads. You just simply come to your movie, click play and it loads up. You can also adjust the screen resolution of the movie up to 1080p. You can scrub forward and watch it in full screen. It really is a wonderful website. This also works with mobile browser on your iPhone,iPad, and Android device. This site is highly recommended while it is ad-free.



The next one to join the list of 123Movies replacement is Niter, a 123Movies similar website that allows you to watch movies and TV series online for free. However, you will have to spend a few seconds to create an account in order to continue the streaming. The site has a quite clear interface and it claims to have its database updated as soon as the movie is released. Recently added movies are displayed on that homepage so that you can always get access to the latest movies quickly. High quality, large collection, easy interface, etc. all together makes Niter a great alternative to 123Movies and one of the most popular movies streaming site.

Sony Crackle

Sony CrackleWebsite:

Crackle is definitely a great free movie website similar to 123Movies that deserve to be tried. You can find the latest movies, hot TV shows, and even original media on Crackle. However, in order to watch streaming content, you will need to first sign up. But after the simple registration, you will have a great experience in terms of the collection, interface, navigation, etc. Almost all the genres, including Comedy, Action, Horror, Scientific, etc. are covered and new stuff are added frequently. There are millions of people use this free movie site every month. One thing that needs to be mentioned is that there are also the iOS and Android apps for you to enjoy free movies and TV series wherever you go.



Movie25 is another replacement for 123Movies to watch movies online for free. However, you will need to register and create an account. Once you have signed up, you can enjoy your favorite movie or show immediately. Currently, Movie25 has 70000+ movies and the number is still growing on a regular basis. The site is quite clean without disturbing directions or ads. Movies are categorized by genres on the homepage for you to browse. Sections like New Releases, Latest Added, Top Rates, Alphabet, Release Year, etc. and a search bar is provided for you to pick your favorite content quickly. If you like Hollywood and Bollywood movies, this site can be your alternative option to 123Movies and it will not let you down.

Note: this site is currently not available.



The next popular site similar to 123Movies to watch all types of movies as well as TV shows is WatchFree. As its name suggests, you can enjoy the desired media content for free. The same as most other websites like 123Movies, you don’t need to sign up or register: visit the site and directly watch whatever you like. Though there is a great variety of films and TV series in WatchFree, the site itself doesn’t own a database. Instead, it provides the links from the Internet. In this way, you can get all different resources on this site. watch free has an intuitive interface and you can easily navigate or search to find the movies or TV episodes you prefer.



GoMovies is a decent alternative to 123Movies that allows you to enjoy HD streaming movies online for free. This website even allows you to download the movies for offline viewing. We can say that GoMovies is an enhanced version of 123Movies in terms of its easy layout, large collection of movies and TV series and the browse experience. All the newly released movies and TV shows are displayed on the homepage. And you can also search or navigate by categories to find the media you like. If you’re one of those who like to watch top-rated HD movies, the GoMovies can be your first option to replace 123Movies. Because it’s free, there are many ads on the site so as to gain income to maintain the server.


sites like 123moviesWebsite: MyDownloadTube

This is yet another free movie website similar to 123Movies. This site allows you to watch movies and TV shows online and download the videos to your computer. You don’t need to register for streaming. But if you want to download the movie, you will be required to sign up first. Just note that this website contains only links to other legal movie streaming sites instead of hosting its own media. Nevertheless, the server provides enough content and you can find media resources from different sites in one place. Moreover, the same as PopcornFlix, MyDownloadTube doesn’t have any disturbing ads and offers a much better viewing experience. It’s worthy to try MyDownloadTube if you’re a movie lover.



PopcornFlix, the same as 123Movies, is one of the best free movies streaming sites. It allows you to watch movies and TV series without having to sign up or register. The videos are wisely sorted by genres like Drama, Action, Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi, etc. so that you can quickly navigate to find the movie or TV shows you prefer. PopcornFlix updates its database every day so almost all the latest movies can be found here. Note that PopcornFlix offers the iOS and Android app, which means you can enjoy free movies online anywhere you go on your portable devices. And the no-ads environment makes it a well-deserved 123Movies alternative.



Zmovies shouldn’t be ignored when talking about free movie streaming site and it’s definitely one alternative to 123Movies. There is a large database of amazing movies and TV shows and more are added regularly so that you don’t need to look for stuff on other sites. Movies in various genres are provided and you can also search to find whatever you like. Zmovies doesn’t require you to sign up but in order to get access to all the features, it’s recommended that you register an account first. Meanwhile, you can follow its social media page like Facebook, Google+ etc. to keep abreast of all the newly released movies.



Another recommended 123Movies equivalent streaming site is HDO. This site provides a large number of high-quality movies as well as TV series. For the newly released movies, they are mostly cinema copy. All the detailed information like the plot, characters, duration or the movie, actors, etc. are offered and there is even a hover effect on the home page, allowing you to quickly get the movie info. The clear navigation and search function together make it easy for you to find your favorite movies and TV shows. Besides, this 123Movies alternative site loads quite fast so you can have a better watching experience. The bad part is that it runs ads as most free sites do.


webpage appearance

Fmovies is one of the alternative site when I think about when it comes to the latest movies out on theater. Also, the site has organized movies upon landed on the page. It is not only a catalog of movies but also TV shows. What makes it different from other free sites, you do not need to register for you to be able to use the site. It is for free as it says. However, we cannot disregard the fact that not all videos here are HD. Most especially for those movies that are recently shown on cinemas. It will be available after a day in the site yet on “Cam” quality. Once HD is acquired then the site will update it. When it comes to downloading permission, you can download yet with chosen software that works with the site like Video Keeper.


webpage appearance Cmovies is also a good alternative. It is recommended to use an ad blocker. You might find the annoying because of ads. On the other hand, it is also for free. You do not have to get a premium subscription to be able to use the site. This site is concentrated in providing movies and TV shows majority from USA, India, UK, and Canada though it caters other countries as well. One thing that you will also notice with the site is very interactive and user-friendly. You can see what is new and what is hot because of the carousel/slideshow of movies. Hence, if you hover your mouse to the movie you will see the details of the movie. Information like synopsis, ratings, duration and the characters of the movie will be displayed. From there you will also find the play button to start watching it.


yomovies webpage appearance YoMovies is a site concentrated majority in Bollywood and South Indian dubbed Movies and TV Shows like Tamil, Telugu and Punjabi and a lot of adult movies. Although they provide movies from the USA, it is lesser compared to Hindi films that they have. The site is also user- friendly and interactive. Since this is a site that links to other movie sharing site, they do not store any of the movies being played on this site. Also, if you are looking for a fast loading site this is one of them. However, if you experience slow loading or buffering, consider checking your internet connection. This site requires a higher speed internet for a better experience.


Pureflix webpage appearance has one of the largest catalog of movies and TV Shows. If you are familiar with Netflix, they are on the same wavelength. Although, you have to pay for the subscription after the 30 days trial it is worth subscribing. Here you can find movies and TV shows from all genre including Educational and motivational for kids and adults. It is also considered as one of the most updated sites and adopts some of the most popular TV shows. However, the only drawback that you may find with this site is that it is not supporting downloads.


bmovies webpage appearanceBmovies is another one great source of free movies and TV shows online. Just like Fmovies and Cmovies it does not need registeration to be able to use the service. Just stream and search for the movie you want to watch. Also, the quality of each movies that you here has competitive video quality . Similarly with CMovies you have to use a AD blocker if you want to avoid annoying ads while watching. You may find them a lot since it is a free source that depends on ads. When it comes to features, the site is also organized and categorized by country, ratings, most watched, Year released and Genre. That way it will be easier to find movies.


movies4u webpage appearance Movie4u is also considered one of the best alternative form 123movies. Aside from the fact that the site is organized neatly for first time users, the site had a competitive screen resolution for the better viewing experience. You can sort by date, genre or by country to get into the movies you prefer watching. Also, if you are up to watching Hindi Dubbed Films, this site also provides. You won’t have to visit YoMovies to do so. In addition, there is a direct link from site if you want to use a converter or if you want to change into other sites, Putlocker has a direct link you can click all the way down of the website. The site is a little unstable since it changes its domain address frequently. It Is recommended to download each video you might like using a reliable tool that works with it. You can try this tool below. Download and start your free trial now.

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Couch Tuner

couchtuner webpage appearance Last but definitely not the least is Couch Tuner. Others find the site dull because of its website. The site’s design is a bit outdated the others, yet it is worth using. Instead of movies being flashed on the screen, you will see TV series new episodes. So, if you want to see more click the new releases to see the latest. You can also have a short tutorial on how to maximize the tool properly. You might find that TV shows is dominating the site more than movies because the site concentrates on that field. If you have a TV series you miss watching then this site is perfect for you.

Record Streamed Movies with Screen Grabber Pro

record streaming moviesWith today’s technology, streaming movies and shows online is not a difficult task, but it can be expensive if you want to watch your favorite films on the go as this would require constant mobile data usage. To overcome this, you can download the movie you want to watch beforehand to your computer and copy it to your device and watch it anytime anywhere without the need for an internet connection. You can do this quickly and easily with AceThinker’s very own desktop recorder called Screen Grabber Pro, a program that can be used to capture any activity on your screen. Moreover, Screen Grabber Pro’s special built-in task scheduler lets you create automated recordings when you are not in front of your computer. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to download movies using Screen Grabber Pro from any of the above-mentioned movie streaming sites.

Step1 Download and install the program

Grab a copy of the program from the download button below. After downloading the program, install it with the help of the installation wizard and finally, launch the program from your computer. Meanwhile, switch to the movie streaming site from where you want to record a movie.

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Step2 Select recording mode

Since movies can be streamed in full screen, recording in “Full screen” mode is the most suitable option. Click the drop-down list next to the “Record” tab in the menu across the top and from the list select “Full screen”. If the movie streaming site does not have a full-screen option, then choose “Region” and set up a custom section of the screen to be recorded.

start the recording

Step3 Start Recording

After clicking “OK” on the pop-up window, a 3-second countdown will begin to let you prepare for the recording. Use this time to open the movie in full screen and start playing it. As soon as recording starts, a compact little control bar will appear on your screen which you can use to pause, stop and make annotations to your recording.

annonate the video

Step4 Save recording

When you want to terminate the recording process, press the red square on the control bar and your recorded movie will be processed and saved automatically to Screen Grabber Pro’s library from where you can view, share and edit your recordings.

stop the recording and preview the file

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See, this is the list of the best 12 websites like 123Movies you can try to watch movies online for free. Each of them has its own pros and cons. You can just compare to find the one you prefer and enjoy movie streaming right away. All these applications mentioned are all helpful to satisfy your craving for movies and TV show surfing. But nothing is better than having these movies saved on your computer and watch it wherever you are.

If you know any other great 123Movies alternatives that are not mentioned in this post, feel free to leave a comment and let me know. Thank you!

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