10 Excellent Showbox Alternative Apps to Stream Videos and Movies

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ShowBox allows you to stream free movies from your smartphone, desktop, as well as laptops. It’s one of the most popular video streaming apps right now and has a huge fan base. However, there are a couple of problems that you may face because of the sizable traffic that visits the website. The fact that you are reading this is enough indication that you love movies and are looking for some reliable Showbox alternatives. Therefore, we show you a couple of apps like Showbox with which you can enjoy unlimited free videos and movies. That way you could still have great fun if you have any issues with your network or bored with it.

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Megabox HD

This android application is a suitable alternative for Showbox, which is very similar to its notable competitor. Similar to PlayBox HD, Megabox HD is all about low-quality HD content. Though often offers you the opportunity of choosing your preferred quality upon successfully selecting a stream. This app certainly looks very similar to the others, and without any visible distinction, but that equally means there are no glaring issues. It has a simple and efficient design, populating content with good speed, and also with the huge content database. Streaming is hitch-free and seamless, provided you’ve got a good connection.

megabox interface

Movie Box

If you need another reliable Showbox alternative, then you have to pick Movie Box. It allows you to stream movies with excellent quality on smartphones. The application has all the most recent films as well as TV because they constantly update their database to satisfy all their audience for zero cost. The interface comprises the most loved movies that the users can watch anytime on their smartphones. You do not need any registration before you can proceed with the watching of movies. Simply put, Movie Box ranks as the perfect app that you could employ for watching nonstop movies as well as TV shows.


PlayBox HD

This is another fantastic app like Showbox for Android and iOS. It has a look and feel that works pretty well. PlayBox HD contains adequate HD content, making it more suitable compared to Movie Box and how it reacts in newer smartphones or bigger screens. Asides that, it looks very the same. It comes with a simple UI design that promises simple navigation. It streams super-fast virtually without buffering. While the above statement is dependent on network speed, the application should be rated good.

playbox hd interface

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a good Showbox alternative that you can count on for iOS and Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows platforms. This is a torrent type of service that allows you to see movies in HD and SD quality and their subtitles. This project is open source and is backed up by numerous developers worldwide. A VPN is not a bad idea for watching Popcorn Time. The content can be accessed via P2P, and it’s not legal that you watch in your own country. It’s good for watching TV series, movies as well as anime.

popcorn time movies


STREMIO is also a great app similar to ShowBox. This online streaming application can be used through Firestick for watching your best video content. This app contains everything as per Fire TV video content. You can choose to stream, TV shows, movies, live TV or series. It suggests contents to you based on the class of content you have accessed in the past. STREMIO is a definition of excellent online streaming. It also supports web channel streaming such as Twitch TV, YouTube, etc.

stream movies on stremio


Crackle is just practical when it comes to streaming movies as well as TV shows. It offers a reliable streaming quality coupled with a user-friendly interface. You could explore the available content, create playlists, save favorites, and do a lot more with this application. This online streaming application like ShowBox is trendy and works as fine as Showbox. It is equally compatible with smart TV, with steady movie update to keep the database stock with the newest movies and TV show. There are alphabetical order and genre-wise arrangements of their content.

crackle mobile interface


CINEMA APK is an excellent ShowBox alternative app regarding shows and movies. It is useful for streaming and downloading video content. It’s a streaming app that does not need your registration or subscription before you can start enjoying it. Stream your videos in your favorite HD quality. You could save the best videos so you can watch them afterward. There are over 60 categories for you to choose from.

cinema apk movies


This free TV application allows you to enjoy the best of entertainment for many hours. It is compatible with over 100 channels. PLUTO TV with Firestick will allow you to stream highly needed content without any costs. It offers legal content without users getting into trouble. It has a very large database. With its availability for Amazon Fire TV, you could stream whatever you desire with a steady internet connection. So if you have an Amazon Fire TV, Pluto TV is probably the best ShowBox alternative.

streaming movie on plutotv


The Hulu application application has qualified for this ShowBox similar apps list. It’s still as good as any of the apps we have mentioned. Hulu users are never out of the latest movie trends because their database is always updated. If you’re a TV show lover, you will definitely find that Hulu is even better than ShowBox as most of the TV shows running on Cable TV can be found on Hulu. It’s got a simple UI and offers you continuous movie streaming periods with only a few clicks. Though you will need to pay for the subscription, Hulu is still a worthwhile alternative to ShowBox.

hulu movie streaming


There is almost none like this media app. You can access an unimaginable quantity of movies, live TV, shows, sports, etc. Just make sure the Kodi add-ons are installed on your device. Kodi comes with a great advantage, and that is the fact that it isn’t a one developer application. This is an open-sourced platform and has gained its fair share of contribution from volunteers. You can be sure that this tool is updated and monitored constantly. Get started by installing the add-ons. Kodi surely is a good Showbox alternative. This app is different from the others on this list but fits a perfect Showbox replacement. Installation on Firestick can be done in 5mins. It is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, etc.

kodi movie section

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10 Excellent Showbox Alternative Apps to Stream Videos and Movies

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