How to Share Video on Twitter without Retweeting

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How to Share Video on Twitter without Retweeting

If you often use Twitter, then you should be familiar with how people share their stories using this social media platform. Tweet, Retweet, and thread are terms that were often used. Tweeting is the term used when sharing videos and stories on your timeline. At times, there are interesting videos and information that might get your attention. Retweeting is the way to share it into your timeline, however, you won’t be able to alter the content. Do you know that you can share video on Twitter without retweeting? Yes, it is possible. By embedding the video link into your timeline you can share it and even add captions that you might like. Below are the detailed steps to post and share someone’s video on twitter without retweeting.

Share Video on Twitter Without Retweet Using Mobile Phones

Step1 Select a tweet that you want to share

First navigate into your timeline and find something that might catch your interest.

choose the tweet

Step2 Start embedding the link

Next, press and hold the video tweeted until another window pop-ups. From there choose “Tweet Video”.

press and hold to copy the link

Step3 Add captions and Tweet

Afterwards, the embedded video will initiate a new post without the original owner’s profile being shared. From there, you can add captions to personalize it.

add caption before sharing

Share Twitter Video Without Retweet on Computer

Step1 Get the embedded Link

First, open your Twitter Application and look for the video that you are interested in. Next, make sure to click the Tweet first to get the direct link. Look for the drop-down menu beside the caption of the Tweet, click it then choose “Embed Tweet”.

add the video

Step3 Copy the Video Link

Another screen will appear that contains the link to be embedded.

copy the link

Step4 Create a new Tweet

Go back to your profile and start creating a new tweet. To include the video you just saw “Paste” the video link until it appears. You can now add captions about the video.

create a new tweet

Download videos from Tweeter using Video Keeper

In any case that you want to save the video that you saw from Tweeter, it is possible to download them using downloading software like Video Keeper. This tool works both on Mac/Windows computers, it is very accessible. By using this tool, you can download videos almost on all websites including social networking sites, video sharing sites and movie sites. Along with the added features, you can also use the screen recording feature to record important conversation or lecture done online. On top of that, it also acts as a video converter into different formats and extracts audio out of a video. So if you are thinking of downloading the video that you’ve seen on Twitter, try using this tool. Get started with Video Keeper by clicking the download buttons below. Download and install the app until it is launched. Check the succeeding steps to proceed with the download.

Try It Free

Step1 Download Twitter Video

Method 1. Download videos from Twitter manually

The first one is downloading the video by using video links. First browse to your timeline, then click the video. Once clicked, copy the link and go to Video Keeper. Next, head up to “Download” tab and click the “Paste URL” to initiate the download. Wait until the video is downloaded.

Copy the tweet link

Method 2. Grab Twitter video using auto-detection

On the other hand, the tool has more to offer. When you switch tabs from “Download” to “Detect” you will see a built-in browser where you can directly search for the video or the website directly. By default, the detector is on, so once the video started to play, the tool recognizes and downloads it. You do not have to do anything just browse then the tool will do the entire job for you. To check the download progress just go to the “Download” tab to see the process progress.

autodetect tweet

Step2 Check Acquired Video

Lastly, once the video is successfully downloaded you will find the file under “Download” tab then, “Completed”. Double click the video name to play it using the built-in browser.

check the file after download


That is a simple trick on how to post video on Twitter without retweeting. Also, as we all know the use of Twitter continues to expand, more and more people use this kind of social media to whatever purpose they have when using it. Along with it is a solution on how to download videos specifically in this site. If you find the trick helpful or insufficient, do not forget to leave a message under the comment section. We love to hear from you.

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  • On computer, Step4 Create a new Tweet: The copied text is too long. Which part you keep to include just the video in your tweet?
    • Hi, for you to tweet only the video, copy the link of the embedded video. Then, paste the entire link and start a new tweet. Prior posting, shorten the text message by removing the format and caption links text from the tweet after copying it. This way only the video will appear on your timeline. new tweet
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