How to Download Videos on Safari

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Safari is the web browser of choice used by default by Apple in many of its products since its creation back in the early 2000s. Of all the fancy things that Apple has incorporated into its devices, the ability to quickly and in a user-friendly way, download media to Safari devices is drastically lacking. And this is being said knowing full well that Safari has its own video downloader tucked away in there somewhere. In this article, we’re going to talk about how to download your videos on Safari, including some of the different software and apps needed to help us in this venture.

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Top Reasons Why we Download Videos

There are several reasons why it’s a good idea to download videos onto the hard drive of a device.

things to know

Key Reasons:

  • Less buffering time / save bandwidth
  • Replay ability whether you’re on or offline
  • Uninterrupted, continuous play

The trouble is, Safari can make doing this tricky without some clear direction.

Using Video Keeper to Grab Videos on Safari

AceThinker Video Keeper is considered the best and most user-friendly method of taking videos from online and downloading them to your device. Video Keeper software is specifically designed for this purpose.

Anywhere there’s a video to be seen, including all of the most popular video platforms out there (YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, etc.), Video Keeper can not just download the video to your hard drive. Still, it will also convert the video to the format of your choice.

download the installer

You can copy and paste a video’s URL into the program to initiate a download, or you can search for it through the program, and select it for download in that manner.

download from safari

Another great feature of this program is the ability to download audio from a YouTube video (for example) and save it to your device as an mp3. This is great for lectures, sermons, stories, or music, where you only seek to save the audio, rather than taking up the space that the complete video would consume.

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Alternative Ways to Grab Videos on Safari

Online apps are available as an alternative means to get videos loaded into your system if you’d like to keep the software out of your device and download selected videos. One such browser-based app is called Free Online Video Downloader.

launch the website

To utilize this app, you go to their site, paste the link into the designated area, select the format that you’d like the video to wind up as, and hit the button. It’s a relatively simple process. However, be sure to give the results a quick check before straying too far, as the audio can be out of sync from the rest of the video. This does happen on occasion, but it isn’t the rule.

download from safari

Save Videos from Safari using Documents

As you may have suspected, there are mobile apps that are available to load into your mobile devices, which can serve as an alternate method of downloading videos to your system.

The Documents App is a free app that you can find in the app store, and is on its face a file management and download app for IOS devices. Here’s a step by step list of instructions:

download from safari

User Guide:

  • Simply download and activate the app
  • Open the video or audio file that you’d like to download through Safari.
  • While you have the media opened up in Safari, focus your attention on the address bar at the top of the screen.
  • Add a single “r” at the very beginning of the URL, so that what once said “https” now says “rhttps.”
  • Tap “Go,” and this will initiate the address to be opened in Documents. Again, hit the “Go” button.
  • The file will now be present in the Documents App, and from here, you can rename or relocate the file as you see fit.

save as video file


Of the three different methods presented above, the most reliable and user-friendly of the three would be the Video Keeper software. Yes, free apps are what they are- free & you’ll get what you paid for. Results can be inconsistent, prompting you to download something a time or two. That can get somewhat annoying, especially if it’s a longer-length video file.

Also, the multiple step process that some apps require to get around Safari can be kind of taxing, especially if you’re looking to load up a bunch of videos. Don’t get me wrong, yes it can be done- but not always the first time, and not necessarily quickly.

Video Keeper has a stable platform and makes downloading multiple files a snap in comparison to the fooling around that different apps may require. For these reasons, as well as all of the other options that are opened up through using Video Keeper, is why it should be the number one choice for people who are serious about their downloads.

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How to Download Videos on Safari

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