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Top 12 Popcorn Time Alternatives to Watch Movies and TV Shows

sites like popcorntimePopcornTime is a media app that you can install on your computer to stream from torrent files. Alternatively, you can use this app to watch movies online with the help of BitTorrent Technology. Though this app is not available in all countries, most especially in the UK, you need a VPN to be able to use it. For countries that do not ban torrent, this will be accessible. Equally important to that is, the quality of each video is on Full HD 1080p. The interface is cool, a lot better, cleaner and a lot nicer compared to others. In case you are looking for Popcorn Time alternatives to get the best of media content online, here some apps and sites like Popcorn Time for online movie streaming are introduced.

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The first recommended Popcorn Time alternative is CouchPotato, a software where you can stream and directly download movies. This software is compatible with multiple platforms. Aside from the movies available on the platform, you can also get movies from different sites and add it to your playlist and download. In addition to that, most movies in this site are of high quality. It also supports interface change of language (multiple languages) for the benefit of the user. Furthermore, this has a chrome extension if you don’t want to download the software. It is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

couchpotato featured image


Kodi is one of the best open source media and entertainment software that can be used to replace Popcorn Time, that supports any type of media in one tool. You can stream Music and Movies in a different format, even watch streamable media online. You can create your own catalogue list of your favourite movies. Aside from that, you can also import photos, browse, make a slide show and add filters by simply using a remote. Another interesting feature this software has is the ability to play videos from your PVR or Personal Video Recording tool.



We can't miss GoMovies when talking about sites like Popcorn Time. Gomovies is by far one of the most recommended online video streaming sites. This site has a wide variety of movies. After the re-branding, it is becoming more stable now. It updates to the newest and most popular movies played in the theatre. Though the first few weeks will be a cam recorder copy, soon enough will change to HD when it is available. Just like when Infinity War was released in theatres, it only took them few days to acquire a copy. You can use the search bar located in the middle of the website interface, to choose for the movie that you want to watch. There are times using a web free online service is more practical than downloading an app. On the other, if you want to use the old version of the website you can also choose “Use the Old GoMovies” button to see a list of movies available.



Flixtor is another website like Popcorn Time that should be included in the list of Popcorn Time alternatives. Flixtor is one of the free movie streaming site with the most interactive and user friendly interface. Upon landed on the page, you will see the latest movies flashing on the screen. When you scroll down you will that each movie and TV shows available are organized by category. To start watching, just hover your mouse to the movie then, just like a card it will flip so you will see the “Watch now” button. Lastly, if you are interested to know some Flixtor alternative. Check the link provided.

Flixtor is another site that you can consider visiting to watch movies online for free. It said that this site has one of the biggest catalogs of movies. Whether we are talking about old or new movies, the site provides both. Notice that from the main page of the tool, you will see the latest movies shown in theaters. It is being flashed on the main page as slide shows to let you know what the newly acquired movies are. It is one of the reasons why this site is viral. Also, the website is arranged per tab according to categories.They are categorized per tab as Movies, Genre, TVseries, Music, Games, Books, and sports. This way it is easier to find what you are looking for.

movie.netflix24 main webpage

You can stream and watch all you want with AZMovie. The site has a very interactive interface, and buttons are animated that makes it easy to distinguish which buttons that need to be clicked. However, to take advantage of the website, you must register to have an account with them. Anyway, it is for free and won’t make a while to create one. It is a website where you can see the latest movies in this generation along with subtitles for not native speaker of the language of the film. Similarly, the site has an organize webpage. Also, videos are categorized per tabs according to genre and year. You can click the "Year" tab to see all movies released during a specific year. That way it is easier for you to find the film you want to watch back.

azmovies main webpage


ASATV24 has a similar interface and website design with Movie.netflix24. If you see both sites for the first time, you will think that they are just the same site, from the slide show to the theme color of the website down to the tiles design of each movie. ASATV24 does not require any registration process to be able to access and use the site. When it comes to the main page of the website, it is clean and straight forward. Just keep scrolling to the bottom to see all movies offered by the site. On the other hand, you can use the tabs above. They are created for easy navigation to movies.

asatv24 main webpage


StreamCR is a not a non-profit website that provides free service for movie crawlers out there. Likewise, to be able to watch movies here, you have to create an account by linking an active email address. The site provides HD quality videos that make it very satisfying to watch whether you are using your PC or using your phone. Yes! This site is also compatible with mobile devices, as long as the browser that you are using is supported by it. Compared to the previous sites mentioned this site has a noticeable number of ads on the website. On click ads on the main page, before and after the movie played or whenever you became idle on the website. Since it is a non-profit site, it is accepting donations and ads to continue maintaining their free service.

StreamCr main page


MoviesJoy is another alternative for Popcorn Time, which allows you to watch many movies and TV series online for free. In fact, you can start watching videos without signing-up on this website. Also, most of the videos on this website can be watched in HD quality, which means you can clearly view videos. Furthermore, you can read a detailed synopsis of each video that you are about to watch. Besides, this site organized all the movies and TV shows, so choosing new films to watch became much more accessible. This web-based movie site doesn’t require you to pay anything to watch videos online.

moviesjoy cover


SpaceMOV is somewhat different from the StreamCR, ASATV24, and Movie.Netflix24 when it comes to the webpage appearance. You may find this more detailed than others. As soon as you landed on the page, you will see moving tiles of the most recently added movies along with the rating. You can also easily sort the movies you want to watch by clicking the Alphabet on the top part of the screen. Also, on the right side of the page, you will see genres and year the movie was released. One thing that you need to be aware of this site is Ads. Pop-up and On-click ads are everywhere. Every click on your computer mouse opens another tab for the product endorsed by the website. So make sure to be vigilant when clicking on the site.

spacemov mainpage

Sony Crackle

Another good Popcorn Time alternative is Sony Crackle. The platform provides free TV shows and movies to watch. This means you don’t have to register for an account to watch your favorite TV shows. The only concern though is the quality of the videos. You will find that most of the quality of the videos is quite low. In spite of this, Crackle makes original contents named as Crackle Originals. Although it is not well-known, other users are enjoying this as you will find here premium TV shows such as SuperMansion, The Oath and Snatch featuring Bryan Cranston, Keegan-Michael Key, Sean Bean, and other Hollywood Stars.

sony crackle main interface


If you wish to stream the latest TV Shows, movies, and like TV streaming under the same roof, Stemio is worth measuring. Provided here are HD videos from all kinds of video sources including Amazon, YouTube, NetFlix and stream movies or videos from several genres. Yet to enjoy most of the content including the media content on Stremio, you need to use a Stremio VPN which is designed to keep your identity undetected. Beyond all these, it has a subtitle facility available in multiple languages that you take benefit of.

stremio main interface

Try It Free

Step 1 Download and Install the App

Download and install the Screen Grabber Pro by clicking the download buttons above. Then follow the installation wizard after until the app is launched.

screen grabber pro

Step 2 Start Recording

Before using the tool, adjust the tool’s settings according to your preference. You can check the “Settings” or “audio” tab to set the video and audio quality of the video output. Begin the recording by clicking “Record”. Choose whether you want to record the whole computer screen or a specific part of the screen. Supposed that we are going to record partial parts to demonstrate how the tool works. Next, click “OK” to begin the recording.

start recording

Step 3 Annotate and Save the Recording

While recording, you can also add annotations like shapes, lines, arrows, and even text. This way if you want to emphasize some parts it will be a lot easier. You do not need any video editing apps to do this. To see the tools for annotation, click on the “Pencil” icon from the floating tool bar. Once done with the recording, click the red square “Stop” button to end the recording. If you are wondering where the video is saved, it is in your computer’s drive. If you want to preview the video, you can play it from the shortcut on the primary interface of the tool.

add annotations

Tip: On the other hand, if you want to know on how to record streaming video, you can consider checking the link provided.

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