3 Effective Methods to Convert Netflix to MP4

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Netflix is an excellent video streaming service and is also a great source of entertainment. It allows you to watch your favorite TV series, movies, documentaries that will surely while away your boredom. And if you are thinking about how you would be able to watch the episode that you miss watching on your TV, Netflix is all you need. On top of that, you can enjoy all its videos in HD and Ultra HD quality. Despite that, all of these impressive advantages come with a price. You need to pay a certain amount to avail Netflix services. In addition, it will require you to subscribe every month. Hence, before your subscription expires, saving them onto your local storage would be your best option. In this article, we’re taking a look at the best tools to download Netflix to MP4.

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AceThinker Video Keeper

AceThinker Video Keeper is a powerful program developed to help you download videos from the popular and trending video sharing websites. Depending on your preference, you may use the tool to download using the URL. It also allows you to download using its auto-detect feature, which instantly detects and downloads videos. After the downloading videos, you can export videos to other formats using the built-in converter of the app. Furthermore, you can use it to download Netflix Movies to MP4 through the help of its screen recording function. So, without further explanation, here’s how you can use AceThinker Video Keeper to download movies from Netflix.

Step1 Download and install Video Keeper

Choose from the platforms below and click one of the download buttons to get the installer of Video Keeper. Run the installer and follow the setup guide. Run the program and go to “Record” tab. Then, click the audio source drop down menu and choose “System sound”. This will enable you to record the video along with the audio. This time, click the “Record” button and choose your preferred recording mode between “Region” and “Fullscreen”.

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presets for recording

Step2 Start recording Netflix

To start recording, drag the recording frame onto the Netflix movie and adjust the aspect ratio accordingly. Click the “OK” button to initiate the recording process. A 3 seconds countdown should appear indicating that the recording session is about to start.

recording netflix movies

Step3 Stop recording and check playback

When the movie is finished, you can then end the recording. Click the “Stop” icon, and the video will be added to the preview panel. Right-click on the video, click “Play” to check the playback or rename the file by clicking the “Rename” option.

strop recording netflix

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

Another app you can use to download Netflix to MP4 is AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro. This is a screen recording app that allows you to capture action-packed movies. Also, this works well with Mac and Windows platform to capture your favorite movie from Netflix. Moreover, you can personalize Netflix videos by utilizing the app’s annotation feature. With it, you can add text, figures, drawing markups and change the annotation color as you wish. If you want, you can schedule a recording and leave it running on background. To get started, follow the steps given below.

Step1 Download and install

First off, download the program on your computer. The tool is available on both Mac and Windows. Just select the right platform and click the download button. After that, install and launch the program then setup some necessary configurations. You can start by enabling audio recording. To do so, click the “Audio input” option and then select “System sound” from the drop-down menu.

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audio source input

Step2 Start recording Netflix movie

At this point, you should prepare the recording for the movie. Before recording, go to Netflix and open the video, you are wish to record. Then, click the “Record” button and choose “Region” option. Set the aspect ratio according to the movie you are trying to record. After that, click the “OK” button to begin the recording process.

record netflix with sgp

Step3 Stop record and save the video

Once the tool starts recording, you should see a floating toolbar beneath the recording frame. Using this toolbar, you can pause and stop recording. You can also access the annotation feature by clicking the pen icon. When the movie is all done, click the “Stop” button and the video will be saved on your local drive automatically. You can access the video from the recording list, and it appears first on the list. Right-click on the video and select “Preview”.

finish recording and check video

AceThinker Online Video Converter

If you want to convert your precious videos, including Netflix movies, you can do it without any installation needed. This is possible through the help of AceThinker Online Video Converter. It is a free video converter that allows you to convert Netflix to MP4 online. This tool lets you access a vast of conversion formats. It offers support to AVI, MOV, WMV, WEBM for videos. Furthermore, the tool is packed with conversion formats that are compatible with TV devices. Thus, if you want to play Netflix movies on your television or other devices, converting them would be your best option. All that and more when you follow the given steps on how to use the program.

Step1 Launch the tool and upload file

You need to visit the AceThinker Online Video Converter to access the online tool. On the homepage, click the “Select files to start” button. Then, select the downloaded Netflix movie from your folder source and upload it into the tool.

upload video to online converter

Step2 Select output format

When the video file is uploaded successfully, choose the format that your prefer. Click the “Format” option at the bottom right portion of the window. From the list of available formats, select the format that it supported by your device.

select output format

Step3 Convert video to MP4

At last, click the “Convert” button located at the bottom right corner of the window. After that, select a folder where you want to save the converted video. Then, check the video from the chosen file location.

netflix to mp4 conversion

Best 10 Netflix Movies 2019

True enough, Netflix offers a great movies to watch and stream. It has all the genres and categories that are perfect for every type of viewer. However, due to so many titles available on its catalogue, it’s quite difficult to look for the film that suits your preference. To simplify your work, we find the 10 of the best Netflix movies in 2019. See the recommendations below and find the movie that suits you the most.

1. Fractured

Fractured is a Netflix movie starring Sam Washington, Lily Rabe, and Stephen Tobolowsky. This psychological-thriller film has a plot which is about Ray who conducted a panicked search to find his wife and child in a hospital after their road family trip tragedy. This is a type of movie where the main character is facing questions whether the scenario is real as he experiences it or not. You would definitely keep watching it and see how the story will come up with a resolution.

thumbnail of fractured

2. Perfect Date

If you are fond of watching romance with a taste of a comedy, then you should consider watching Perfect Date. This is a teen romcom where Brooks created an app named Stand-In where teen girls can customize their dating experience. He can be anyone who they want him to be as long as his customer has got the cash to pay him for his service. This is his way to enter a prestigious institution, Ivy League. If you want to go all, laugh and enjoy, this movie is a much watch.

thumbnail for perfect date

3. El Camino

Another Netflix movie you should check out is El Camino. This is more like a sequel movie of Breaking Bad about what happened to Jesse Pinkman(Aaron Pinkman). The film will immediately bring you to the Breaking Bad world which makes its storyline promising. And, the character’s (Pinkman) bold and powerful performance justifies El Camnio as Breaking Bad’s extended epilogue.

video thumbnail for el camino

4. The Red Sea Diving Resort

The Red Sea Diving Resort is an American thriller film starring Chris Evans. The story the movie is about undercover agents who run a covert operation by opening up a fake hotel and bring Ethiopian refugees to safety. This film is inspired by true events of Operation Moses and Operation Joshua. The movie will remind you of human courage and selflessness.

video thumbnail for red sea diving resort

5. Sextuplets

Sextuplets is another great movie if you want to have fun watching. The film stars Marlon Wayans who was able to portray 6 characters, each with unique personality and quirks. Each sibling is introduced in funny scenarios and as soon as they get their moment, they will make you laugh even harder. On the side, its message is talking about the reality of acceptance and embracing differences.

thumbnail for sextuplets

6. BirdBox

BirdBox is an exclusive Netflix drama/thriller movie starring Sandra Bullock. The plot goes like this. There’s a strong force decimating the world. Once a person sees it, he will take his life. Malorie(Sandra) along with her children needs to go the place where sanctuary resides. But getting to the sanctuary place is a daunting task as they have to cross a treacherous river while being blindfolded. The movie is effectively thrilling and you are at the edge of your seat the whole time watching it.

birdbox thumbnail

7. Always Be My Maybe

The next must watch Netflix movie is Always Be My Maybe. This is another romantic comedy film with the story of Sasha Tran and Marcus Kim who were childhood friends and grew up together in San Francisco. They lost touch and reconnect a decade later. The film depicts Asia-American culture and reality. The best part here is the subtle nuances of Asians expressed in a relatable and funny way for all.

thumbnail for always be my maybe

8. Malibu Rescue: The Movie

You can also watch Malibu Rescue: The Movie. This is a film intended for teen audiences and is also fun to watch together with your family or friends. Tyler was sent by his stepfather in Malibu Junior Rescue Program after getting trouble at school many times. The film is also action-packed as you will be able to witness things like boat chases, potential drowning, and para-sailing accidents.

video thumbnail for malibu rescue

9. Polar

Polar is an action thriller movie that is worth watching. It gives you the highlights of powerful and edgy performances of Mads Mikkelson. The movie is engaging and its core concept is about an unstoppable soul who is determined to accomplish his mission. Also, majority of the action are neatly executed and it carries the film well.

thumbnail for polar

10. Triple Frontier

The last recommended Netflix movie you should definitely watch is Triple Frontier. This is an American film with a story of a group of former Special Forces operatives reunite to undertake dangerous mission for themselves and not for the country. But situations come where there are unexpected turns and their skills, morals and loyalties are put in to test which lent to an epic battle for survival.

thumbnail for triple frontier

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